What is the mediterranean diet? 10 Secrets of the Mediterranean diet

Heath experts all around the world agree that the Mediterranean diet is the healthiest diet on the planet. The people who live in the Mediterranean region suffer fewer heart attacks, less strokes, less dementia and they live longer, more active lives than many other people from other regions of the world. So what is the secret of Mediterranean food that makes it so healthy and why is it such a great diet to follow? Here are ten of the secrets of the Mediterranean diet that help to make it the healthiest food you can to eat and the easiest diet to follow.

1. It is all fresh food

The first thing that makes the Mediterranean diet so healthy is the freshness of the food. Loads of fresh fruit and vegetables, and certainly no pre-packed or fast food means that people who follow the Mediterranean diet get all the goodness from their food, just as nature intended. Fresh fruit and vegetables are much higher in nutritional value than processed food and they don’t contain anywhere near the same number of calories.

2. It’s low in saturated fats

The Mediterranean diet contains very little of the saturated fats that we know to cause cancer and heart disease. Instead, they use monounsaturated fats, such as olive oil, in their food, which is great news for your heart and your cardiovascular system.

3. You won’t need to be counting calories

If you were to switch to a Mediterranean diet, you would see the difference in your waistline as well. You won’t need to cut out food, or count up the calories, because you will be swapping all the bad foods for the good ones. Butter is replaced with olive oil, high calorie desserts are swapped for healthy fresh fruit and you will be eating your fill of fresh vegetables, nuts and wholegrains too.

4. It does include wine

A glass of wine is common with a meal in Mediterranean countries, so you won’t need to cut out that either if you want to follow a Mediterranean diet. Many experts now agree that a glass of wine a day for women, and two for men, is perfectly healthy and could do you some good, especially red wine, which is the preferred wine in Mediterranean countries.

5. You will never feel hungry

A diet that is good for you, that can help you lose weight and that will also never leave you feeling hungry sounds too good to be true, but the Mediterranean diet provides you with many options for rich tasting food like hummus and sweet potatoes that will fill you up and keep you feeling full for longer. If you do get hungry during the day, then you can always snack on olives, nuts or low fat cheese.

6. It will provide you with loads of fibre

All that fresh fruit and veg will also provide you with all the fibre you will need to. Fibre fills you up, gives you a sustained source for energy and it’s also good for flushing toxins from your body and keeping your heart healthy.

7. You will feel more alert and awake

All that same goodness that has given the people of the Mediterranean lower rates of heart disease than anywhere else is also good for the brain too. Unlike food that is high fats and processed ingredients, which can cause inflammation of the brain, the antioxidant rich foods of the Mediterranean will keep improve your alertness and concentration.

8. You will never get bored of the Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet is based upon the fresh ingredients that are found in the region surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, not a long list of what you can and cannot eat. That means that you have thousands of recipes available to you from countries including Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain, and Morocco, so you are really spoilt for choice and there will always be something new and delicious to try.

9. Bread isn’t off the menu

You won’t have to give up bread either, because bread is a staple part of the Mediterranean diet. The difference will be, that you won’t be eating processed white bread, which can give you spikes in your blood sugar levels, you will be eating much tastier and wholesome, wholegrain bread with olive oil instead.

10. It’s delicious

The main big secret about the Mediterranean diet that is no secret at all if you have ever visited the region is that food is absolutely delicious. Amazing fresh ingredients, plenty of fresh fish and lean eat, along with all those spices and herbs from the region, combine to give you an incredible tasty menu that will that will benefit your whole body, hold back the signs of energy and it could extend your life too.

Stay happy and healthy!

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