What is raw food diet and what are its benefits?

There are various types of raw food diet, but the main thrust of the idea is that you consume mainly uncooked, unprocessed, organic food. Some people follow a 100% vegan, raw food diet, while others follow a diet that mainly consists of raw food and can include dairy, fish or meat. What all people who follow a raw food diet agree on is that raw food contains living enzymes that would be destroyed, if the foods were to be heated above 47 degrees centigrade and that the higher the proportion of raw food you eat, the healthier you will be. Here are ten benefits that proponents of the diet say that you will gain by following a raw food diet:

1. Higher quality of sleep

Generally, people who eat more raw food say that they get a higher quality of sleep. Most people say that they need less sleep every night and, when they do sleep, they sleep more soundly. As a good night’s sleep is so vital to many of the body’s processes, this would obviously be one big advantage of a raw food diet.

2. Less sugar, salt and artificial additives

Another one of important benefits of raw food diet is that people who follow this lifestyle consume significantly less sugar, salt and artificial additives. Most adults in the Western world consume far too much sugar and salt, and most processed food contains artificial additives that can cause disease and side effects. By making most of the food you eat, raw food, you immediately cut down on your intake of all of these.

3. Lower cholesterol levels

Lower cholesterol levels is another one of health benefits of raw food diet. Eating more raw vegetables and fruit has been proven to lower the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood stream. If 70% of your diet consists of raw food, then the concentration of cholesterol in your blood will reduce significantly.

4. Enhanced energy levels

People who follow a raw food diet also report far greater levels of energy, which is due to the lower levels of toxins that are being consumed with their food. In fact, some athletes do follow a raw food diet to help boost their energy levels.

5. It can help with weight loss

Another major attraction of a raw food diet is that it can be a great help with weight loss. The high fibre, low fat content of a diet consisting mainly of raw fruit and vegetables means that you can lose weight naturally, and you will still be getting all the nutrition that you need.

6. Improved digestion

Better digestion is another one of great benefits of raw food diet. Cooking food destroys some of the natural enzymes that it contains. These enzymes help your body to digest your food, so the more raw food you eat, the more efficient your digestive system becomes and, therefore, the more nourishment you take on board from what you eat.

7. Improved clarity of thought

When you eat only raw food, you are more likely to eat more of nature’s superfoods. The nutrition that you gain from these foods, not only boosts your physical health, it will also boost your mental health too. Followers of a raw food diet say that it has cleared their mind and it helps them to make better, faster decisions.

8. It boosts the immune system

Immune system boost is another one of important benefits of raw food diet. Raw food contains higher concentration of vitamins and nutrients than processed food, and it may also contain more bacteria, but that can be a good thing. Exposure to bacteria boosts the immune system and reduces allergic sensitivity.

9. It can reduce cravings

Interestingly, a side effect of following a raw food diet would appear to be reduced cravings for things like alcohol and coffee. Followers of the diet report that they no longer need caffeine to wake them up or alcohol to relax them. And, if they do get a craving for something sweet, they reach for some fresh or dried fruit, instead of for candy.

10. It may help to ward off cancer

Eating raw food will have a beneficial effect on your health, because you will be eating less fats and processed food. Raw food lifestyle has also been found to have a positive effect on women’s health in particular. A German study, conducted in 2003 found that women who ate raw vegetables had a lower chance of developing breast cancer. It is thought that it was because that cooking vegetables destroys some of the phytonutrients in them.

Do you know some other benefits of raw food diet?

Stay happy and healthy!

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