What Is Essene Bread And What Are Its Benefits?

The Essenes are a Jewish religious group that were big in numbers way back in the 2nd Century BC. Back then, they were also pretty good at cooking, and they knew a thing or two about bread. Their speciality was sprouted whole grain bread, a type of loaf that is chocked full of healthy nutrients. Using their culinary skills, they created the basic recipe for Essene bread which is still in use today.

Essene bread, which is sometimes referred to as Eziekel Bread, is a type of sprouted grain bread that is known to be very, very primitive. Made from sprouted wheat, it is prepared at a low temperature and is even eaten uncooked. It is also made up of raw, perfectly natural foods. If that hasn’t whetted your appetite yet, let’s take a look at 10 benefits of this ancient bread.

1. Essene Bread Is Rich In Minerals And Vitamins

When seeds, nuts and grains germinate, their nutritional content actually gets better. Essene bread is baked at low temperatures, and this is responsible for their rich vitamin and mineral content. If it was baked at a high temperature, many of these healthy components would be destroyed.

Commercial bread manufacturing, for example, uses a system that destroys the vitamin and mineral content. Because commercial companies mill grain into white flour, the bran and the germ is removed. Consequently, so too are numerous minerals and vitamins. Essene bread, conversely, retains many of its nutrients.

2. Essene Bread Contains Natural Plant Enzymes

Essene bread germinates grains, including rye and wheat. Once these grains are finely ground, they are mixed with water and cooked for up to 12 hours. Due to this way of baking the bread, the grains remain partially raw and Essene bread has become known as a “living loaf”. Moreover, the enzymes are still in great condition. These enzymes are great for digesting fibrous materials, nuts and seeds.

3. The Ingredients Grow Better

Grains are at their best nutritionally when the sprouts are germinating. Water-drenched wheat berries germinate in just a few days, and as they grow, the seed is broken down to prepare the wheat’s germ so that it can nourish the plant.

This process enhances the production of vitamins A, B and C. It also helps to release more iron, calcium and potassium and boosts the protein content.

4. Essene Bread Is Loaded With Antioxidants

Antioxidants help your body to combat pesky free radicals that wreak havoc with your cells. They can cause cancer, as well as a whole host of skin conditions.

Essene bread, which is made up of grains, seeds and nuts, contains plenty of protective antioxidants. These compounds helpfully eradicate by-products of oxidation in your body (free radicals), and thereby lower your risk of cancer, premature ageing, and irreversible tissue damage.

5. Essene Bread Can Reduce Allergic Reactions

Some of us are allergic to wheat, which can make meal time very frustrating. You have to be careful with what you eat, and one wrong move could spell disaster for the next few hours, or even days. Highly cooked wheat can also cause mucus congestion, as well as constipation.

Essene bread, which is made from sprouted wheat, reduces such symptoms and reactions with wheat intolerant people. The starch is converted to sugars, which is what allows wheat intolerant people to consume Essene bread with few worries.

6. Essene Bread Also Contains Little Gluten

As well as folk who are wheat intolerant, people who are gluten-sensitive also have to adjust their diet to make sure they don’t eat something which could see them laid up in bed for a day or two. This can make eating bread difficult.

The good news is that Essene bread was clearly conceived by people who catered for folk with allergies and sensitivities, because Essene bread contains less gluten than whole wheat. Therefore, gluten-sensitive individuals should be able to eat this bread without any issues.

As a side note, Essene bread should not be consumed by Celiac patients, or anyone who has extreme gluten allergies.

7. Essene Bread Contains Plenty Of Protein And Not Much Fat

Sprouted grain is the way forward if you’re looking to lose weight. Essene bread contains just 75% of the carbs found in whole grains, and they contain more protein too. Moreover, they contain just 40% of the fat content of whole grans. Get on it!

8. Essene Bread Tastes Sweeter Than Whole Wheat

One of the complaints people have about bread is that it just doesn’t seem to taste of anything. But while you can probably deal with bread that tastes of nothing when you’re eating it with a delicious filling, it’s certainly off-putting whenever you take a bite out of bread that tastes quite sour.

Because sprouting converts some of the starch content to sugar, Essene bread has a sweeter taste than most other loafs.

9. Essene Bread Is Made Naturally

Commercial bread is all well and good, but it isn’t exactly made from a natural process, is it? Pesticides are added, as are herbicides and highly processed flours.

Not so Essene bread. Essene bread qualifies as a “live food” because many of the ingredients are still raw. There are no highly processed flours added, and no nutrients are removed from the grain only to be re-added later in the process. Moreover, many sprouted grain companies grow their ingredients without any pesticides or herbicides. Fantastic!

10. Essene Bread Is Rich In Fibre

The whole grains and sprouts that comprise Essene bread are chocked full of fibre.

There are two types of fibre in plant-based foods: soluble and insoluble.

You’ll find soluble fibre in foods such as fruits, oats, barley and dried beans. It helps to slow down digestion, and helps you to feel full for longer. In this way, it can help you to lose weight.

Wheat, conversely, is rich in insoluble fibre, which works as a natural laxative. It shakes up the movement of food as it travels through your stomach, and helps waste to travel speedily through your intestines.

Do you know other health benefits of essene bread?

Stay healthy!


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