What Happens When You Stop Drinking Soda For A Month?

Soda. It’s tasty, right? As kids, we were brought up on soda because it tasted good, was wonderfully colourful, and helped to quench our thirst. It didn’t matter that it was carbonated, loaded with sugar, and could be directly responsibly for heart disease, bad teeth, loss of focus and an irritable bladder. That’s just not something kids think about!

The problem is that it isn’t something us adults tend to think about either, and many of us will admit that we still enjoy cooling down with a refreshing glass of soda drink – morning, noon and night. Drinking too much soda can actually be harmful to your body, and it can actually be as addictive as cigarettes or alcohol. If you find that you can’t go a single day without drinking it, it might be time to take a step back and consider the kind of damage soda could be doing to you.

Let’s take a look at what happens when you stop drinking soda for a month.

Your Heart Feels Better

A study carried out by Harvard University back in 2012 found that sugary drinks can increase a person’s risk of heart disease by a whopping 20%.

That’s high, and it’s a pretty surprising piece of research. After all, many of us know all about the dangers that alcohol and smoking can cause to our heart; but we rarely stop to think about soda.

Yet soda is connected to chronic heart disease, and even heart attack. So, what happens when you stop drinking soda for a month? Your heart will certainly be thankful.

You’ll Stay The Same Age

Soda can speed up your cells ageing process. At the start of the month you might look 27.

By the end of the month, you could end up looking more like 32.

If you give up soda for a month, you will start and end it looking 27.

Okay, we’re clearly exaggerating, but soda does quicken the ageing process. And that is not cool.

Your Long-Term Focus Returns

In the hectic, demanding world of work, many of us turn to caffeine for a pick-me-up. We need that shot of adrenaline, that boost in our mental faculties. In short, we need something to help us regain our focus and productivity.

Sugary drinks loaded with caffeine are not the right answer, though. In the short-term, you might feel more focused and more alert, but the long-term effects could actually damage your memory, learning and behavioural plasticity. It’s just not worth it.

You’ll Have A Whiter Smile

We’re not suggesting that you’ll have a set of totally shiny pearly whites just a month after giving up your soda addiction, but bit by bit, your white smile will return.

See, what happens when you drink soda frequently is that it rots your teeth. We’re not going to mince our words here: Soda rots your teeth.

In fact, if you drink soda excessively, your mouth could end up looking as bad as that of someone who abuses drugs. Eew.

So to kick the teeth erosion and get your winning smile back, it’s time to pour that soda down the drain.

Your Headaches Will Disappear

If you drink soda regularly and have been suffering from a series of headaches recently, there could be a direct correlation. What happens when you drink too much soda is that the chemicals found in the artificial sweeteners can alter your brain chemicals, as well as the nerve signals. This can lead to anxiety, sleeplessness – and headaches.

So, what happens when you stop drinking soda for a month? It can cause those nasty headaches to disappear. Even better, your anxiety may be reduced, and you might find that you can actually sleep much easier. Try it!

You Can Actually Taste Your Food

Okay, so soda doesn’t completely suppress and destroy your tastebuds, but it does lessen their ability to taste the subtle nuances of food.

See, soda is jam packed with artificial sweeteners. These sweaters are so powerful that they actually decimate your tastebuds with their sweetness so that everything else you eat tastes pretty bland by comparison.

Of course, it shouldn’t taste so bland, but it does because the artificial sweetener is a whopping 200 times sweeter than even table sugar. Crikey!

So here is what happens when you stop drinking soda for a month: you will find that your meals have so much more flavour. Meal time will become enjoyable again! Yay!

You’ll Shed Some Weight

Soda puts on weight. It’s loaded with sugar, which is basically empty calories, and this causes your belly to bulge.

The thing is, a lot of women turn to diet soda in a bit to lose weight. But this doesn’t actually happen! Diet soda only helps to increase the amount of fat around your belly, and it can also exacerbate metabolic syndrome, which is basically obesity.

This in turn can lead to type-2 diabetes and heart disease.

By saying No to soda for a month, you might see that the scales finally begin to swing the right way.

You Save Money!

As mentioned earlier, soda is very addictive, and can easily be as addictive as alcohol and cigarettes.

The thing is, we don’t acknowledge that we have an addiction simply because we’re not told that soda addiction exists. We know all about alcoholism and smoking, but no one ever discusses addiction to sugary drinks. This despite the many health problems that it comes with!

And just like addiction to beer and cigarettes, addiction to soda can wreak havoc with your purse. If you cut it out for a month, you may well find that you suddenly have a few $$ left over to buy a nice new dress with. Win!

Your Bladder Infections Go Away

Soda is diuretic, which basically means that it makes you pee more. Too much peeing, though, can irritate your bladder, which can in turn lead to bladder infections. And these are not nice!

Simply going without soda for a single month can reduce your bladder issues. And if you stay off the soda for the rest of your life (hey, it’s a goal!), you may never experience a bladder infection ever again.

So, what happens when you stop drinking soda? Now you know…

Stay happy and healthy!

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