Top 22 healthy snacks for weight loss

We love to snack and we love to lose weight too, but can the two things go hand in hand? Many snacks that we eat just pile on the pounds and have very little nutritional value, but when you snack on the right kind of foods, it will keep your body energized, boost your metabolism and help you to lose weight.  If you want to snack and lose weight, here are our top favorite healthy snacks for weight loss for you to try:

1. Fruit and milk

Just about any fruit is going to make a healthy snack for weight loss, but try drinking a glass of milk with your fruit snack to give you some protein too. The protein in milk will make you feel less hungry for longer and provide you with a more sustained energy boost.

2. Fruit and oatmeal

Many say that oatmeal makes an excellent breakfast, but did you know that oatmeal can also be a wonderful snack? Boil some water (or milk) and pour it into the bowl with oats, wait for 5-10 minutes, add fruit slices, berries, nuts and honey. Only make sure to keep your portion quite small, especially if you want to lose weight. This quick and easy snack will fuel you up with energy and will help you fill full for longer.

3. Fruit and cottage cheese

Another good way to add dairy to your fruit is by mixing it with some cottage cheese. Try avocado and cottage cheese for smooth, creamy, savory snack or pineapple and cottage cheese to get the benefit of both the protein and the carbohydrates without the calories.

4. Tuna

You don’t need dairy in every snack to provide you with protein. Tuna is another great source of protein and it contains healthy Omega 3 fatty acids too. For a quick snack, try tuna on wheat crackers to get the fibre as well.

5. Shrimp

Easy and quick to prepare and a great source of protein, mix some pre-cooked shrimp with some Greek yoghurt and avocado and pop it in a small pot for a healthy, low calorie snack on the go.

6. Peanut Butter and Banana

When the craving for a peanut butter cookie comes over you, try this healthy alternative instead: smear a small amount of peanut butter onto slices of banana and you get a great tasting snack that’s relatively low in calories and high in slow release protein too.

7. Peanut Butter and Apple

Slightly lighter than a banana version, peanut butter and apple also makes an excellent snack. Apples are rich in fiber and will keep you full for a long time.

8. Trail mix

Nuts are nature’s own portable snack food; nuts are one of the easiest and healthy snacks for weight loss for when you are on the go. Just mix some nuts yourself or buy an already made trail mix and carry it in your purse for a quick and easy bite. Rich in vitamins, protein and carbohydrates, nuts will make a satisfying and healthy snack at any time of the day.

9. Yoghurt

Plain, low fat or light yoghurt makes another great snack on the go. Add some fresh fruit of your own or some low fat granola for another high protein, low calorie snack.

10. Dried fruit and nut mix

The combination of nuts and dried fruit in a trail mix make it tasty and brings you the needed carbohydrates with a small number of calories. Try and avoid the ones with chocolate chips in and those that contain sesame sticks or dried banana which may contain hydrogenated oils. Mix almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds (and other nuts you can find) with dried figs, apricots, raisins and cranberries, and enjoy a healthy, nutritious snack that will boost your energy levels and make you feel full.

11. Raw Vegetables

Raw vegetables are also included in our list of healthy snacks for weight loss. Get your veg on the go with raw carrots, celery sticks or make up a salad of raw veggies and dress with a low fat salad dressing.

12. Avocado toast

Avocado makes a list of world’s healthiest foods. Well, it’s true that avocado is rich in fatty acids, but actually avocado fats are very good for you and eating avocados can even help you with weight loss. Here is how you can make a tasty avocado snack: mash half avocado, add a pinch of salt, and spread it over a wholegrain toast. Yummy, healthy and filling!

13. Fibre Bars

For a ready made and conveniently packaged snack, just visit your local health store for a wide range of high protein, low fat snack bars. Watch out for some of the big brand ‘health bars’ – they may not be as healthy as they first appear, that’s why it’s important to check the other side of the package.

14. Blueberries and raspberries

This beautiful and colorful snack is not only very delicious, but also will give you an instant energy boost! If you feel tired and you lack energy, mix fresh blueberries and raspberries in a bowl and snack on them when you want. You can also mix lemon/lime with honey in a separate bowl and pour it over your berries, it will add an extra taste to you natural healthy snack. Rich in vitamins and nutrients, these healthy snacks for weight loss will make you feel energized and thanks to berries fiber content, you’ll also feel full.

15. Blueberries and plain yogurt

Not only blueberries taste amazing, these little berries are also very rich in antioxidants. Mix them with a portion of plain yogurt (add some honey if you like) and enjoy wonderful, healthy and tasty snack.

16. Strawberries and whipped cream

Strawberries and whipped cream (or simply a plan yogurt) make another healthy snack on the go. Just mix the two together and add a little bit of honey. Rich in vitamin C, strawberries will give you an instant energy boost on the go.

17. Strawberries and milk cocktail

Mix one cup of milk with half a cup of strawberries in your blender, add a touch of honey according to your taste and enjoy wonderful and healthy ‘cocktail’ that tastes delicious and will make you feel full for a long time.

18. Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are rich in vitamins, nutrients, magnesium and zinc; roast them at home or buy already roasted version and chew them when you feel hungry.

19. Mozzarella and tomato

Mozzarella and tomato – perfect snack à l’italienne! Slice up one or two tomatoes, add slices of mozzarella and top it with some olive oil, sea salt and basil. Yummy!

20. Cashews and dates

If you are looking for healthy snacks for weight loss, cashews and dates can become an excellent substitute of unhealthy candies and sweets. Carry these energy bites in your bag for a healthy, nutritious and tasty snack on the go. Try placing a cashew nut inside a date, this healthy candy will help you satisfy your sweet tooth the healthy way!

21. Greek yogurt, honey and berries 

High in protein greek yogurt also can be your healthy snack. Eat it plain or mix it with honey and some fresh berries (blueberries, raspberries or strawberries), enjoy a boost of energy and explosion of vitamins.

22. Small Portions

Experts agree that the healthiest and best balanced snacks are those created from smaller portions of an ordinary healthy meal, for example, half a sandwich. Eating half a chicken pita sandwich will give you all the protein and the goodness that you need in a snack but only half the calories.

There are loads of ways to enjoy a satisfying and healthy snack that will keep you going through the day. To gain the maximum benefit from your snack, a good tip is to always eat it slowly and give it some time before you decide that you are still hungry. It takes around twenty minutes after eating for your brain to get the message that you are full, so don’t go reaching for that second snack right after the first.

We hope you liked these healthy snacks recipes for weight loss.

Feel free to share your own healthy eating tips and weight loss tips in the comment section below.

What are your favorite healthy snacks for weight loss?

Stay beautiful!


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