Top 10 tips on how to gain weight

With all the advice that is bandied about how to lose weight, anyone would think that everyone is overweight! But, guess what? Some people would actually like to put on some weight. What they don’t want to do though is to go on a diet of fast food and chocolate, they want to gain weight healthily. If you want to put on a few pounds, and stay on a healthy diet, then read these ten tips on how to gain weight:

1. The basics

Essentially, to put on weight, you need to consume more calories, than you are burning. This is not to say that you need to sit at home and binge eat! You need to start consuming more of higher calorie foods on a regular basis to gradually gain more weight.

2. Eat five or six meals a day

If you eat smaller meals, more often, then it will help you feel comfortably full all the time. If you are trying to get all your nutrition in one or two meals a day, then your stomach will be adjusting to large portions and telling you that you are full, too soon.

3. Add more calories to your food

Another good tip on how to gain weight is to add more calories to your food. By changing the ingredients in your food, you can increase the calories, without feeling bloated. Try adding a slice of cheese to a sandwich or using whole milk, rather than skimmed. It will all add up, without you having to drastically change the amount that you eat.

4. Don’t be tempted by junk food

Even when you look for tips on how to gain weight, don’t be tempted into eating junk food. It will help you put on the pounds, but it will also fill you up with useless calories and bad fats that will ultimately be worse for your overall health.

5. Snack on high calorie, healthy foods

If you are not used to eating large meals, then making a sudden change will make you feel bloated and uncomfortable. Try, instead, snacking regularly between meals on healthy snacks like nuts and fruit, or toast and peanut butter.

6. Keep your diet balanced

Even though you want to take on board calories, it’s still important to maintain a healthy, balanced diet. Don’t give up on the low calorie foods altogether; you still need a balance of food from all the different food groups.

7. What you drink will help too

What you drink will help you to gain weight too. You need your regular intake of water, but try drinking more calorific drinks like almond milk, fresh fruit juices and freshly made smoothies as well.

8. Exercise

The right kind of exercise will help you build up your muscle mass. Avoid endurance training and high intensity interval training, that will make you lose weight, but weight training and aerobic exercise will help to convert your food into muscle, so long as you are eating enough.

9. Stay hydrated

You still need to stay hydrated, and even if you are drinking more almond milk, fruit juice and other drinks, you still need your eight glasses a day of water too. Try not to drink water just before a meal, though, or the water will fill you up and make you eat less.

10. Be consistent

And finally, another good tip on how to gain weight is to be consistent. Just as with a diet, you need to stick at it to gain weight too. It can be useful to keep a food diary, so that you can keep a track of the calories you are consuming. Give it some time though, it could well take several months before you start to see a difference in your weight.

What are your favorite tips for gaining weight?

Stay happy and healthy!

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