Top 10 cooking tips and tricks for those who are new to cooking

Not everybody is a born cook and some are quite intimidated by the thought of cooking their own food. But, here’s a little secret for you: it’s not as difficult as some people like to make out! If you are new to cooking, here are a few basic tips to get you started. Read on and you’ll soon be rustling up your own tasty, healthy dishes in your kitchen.

1. Start with the basics

Don’t jump straight in and try and cook a three course meal for all your friends! Start off with some really simple recipes and test them out for yourself first. Some of the tastiest dishes are the least complicated and have few ingredients in them. Making simple dishes, to start with, will help you learn what flavours go together well.

2. Don’t be put off by failures

It will happen. You will put your heart and soul into a dish that frankly, looks and tastes utterly revolting. Don’t let that stop you trying though, because every cook has their failures.

3. Buy in the basics

You can turn any dish into a flavoursome dish with just a few basic ingredients. It doesn’t cost much to buy a selection of herbs and spices, for example, and then you can begin to experiment with flavours, by adding these to any dish that you cook.

4. It doesn’t all have to be fresh food

Fresh ingredients are the best, but not everyone has the time to prepare everything fresh. Frozen vegetables and some pre-prepared ingredients are fine to use and they take a lot less preparation, when you are first learning to cook.

5. Buy the right tools

Another one of useful cooking tips and tricks is to buy the right tools. You won’t need all the equipment of a professional kitchen, but you will need some basic tools to start you off on your cooking adventure. At the very least, one or two quality chef’s knives are a good idea. They make food preparation far easier, than trying to cut things up with a small, blunt knife.

6. Do use recipes

Buy some basic recipe books or look up recipes online. Everyone has to start somewhere, so don’t be shy about getting help. There are loads of hints and tips online: from how long it takes to soft boil an egg, to how to cook like a Michelin star chef.

7. But, don’t be afraid to experiment

Another one of great cooking tips and tricks is to play and experiment with your cooking. Use recipes for inspiration and for guidance, but, don’t be afraid to try your own twists on them. If you think a bit of garlic would go well with a dish, then try it. You are cooking for you and everyone’s tastes are different.

8. Don’t over-cook things

A common mistake that many people who are new to cooking make is to overcook things, especially vegetables. Many ingredients can be ruined by overcooking, so check your times carefully and, in most cases, less is best, both for flavour and for nutrition.

9. Ask friends and family

Everyone has their own little cooking tips and tricks, and you can learn a lot by asking around. And, don’t forget to give your mother a call; she’s been doing this cooking stuff a lot longer than you have!

10. Enjoy your cooking

The best piece advice to the new cook has to be: have fun! It isn’t that difficult to learn the basics and you will learn as you go along. Throw a few ingredients in a pan, then add a few herbs and spices and you’ll be amazed at what you can come up with.

What are your favorite cooking tips and tricks?

Stay happy!

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