Is Sugar Bad For You? 10 Worrying Side Effects Of Sugar

Without being overly dramatic, added artificial sugar is the worst ingredient on the planet. Yet, rather worryingly, we as a collective are addicted to the stuff. This is because sugar works in the same way as nicotine and cocaine in that it plays on our brain’s reward system, making us feel happy and comforted, and making us want more and more of the stuff, so that we can keep on feeling happy and comforted. Yay for sugar!

No, wait. Boo! for sugar. See, added sugar basically stores loads of calories in our body until eventually turning them into bad fats. These bad fats are then allowed to run rampant, ruining our metabolism and leading to all kinds of chronic diseases. Put simply, we’re pretty much screwed unless we take action. Let’s take a look at 10 worrying side effects of sugar.

1. Sugar Contains No Nutrients

You could try to argue that sugar contains “some” nutrients. You could say, “Yeah I know sugar doesn’t contain as many nutrients as almonds, but it contains a few, so it’s cool.”

No. Sugar contains zero nutrients. Zilch. Nada. Non. This means no essential fats, no vitamins, no proteins, no minerals. Nothing.

Instead, it is packed with empty calories that are very bad for you.

2. Sugar Is Bad For Your Liver

Next one of bad side effects of sugar is that sugar can be very bad for your liver. Before sugar busts into our bloodstream, it is divided into two sugars, glucose and fructose. Glucose is very good for us, and every single living cell that exists has glucose. Yay for glucose!

The problem is fructose. Now, fructose is not a problem if we consume it moderately and in it’s natural state – in fruits. Indeed, our bodies don’t really need artificial sugar. But the problems come around when we consume too much to it. Because fructose is only metabolised by our liver, we do some serious liver damage when we ingest too much sugar. This can lead to complications, such as a fatty liver. Eew.

3. Sugar Created Obesity

Another one of worrying side effects of sugar is that sugar makes people fat. Adolescent obesity rates are three times what they were 30 years ago, whilst childhood obesity rates have also shot up. The blame firmly falls at a bag (or two) of sugar.

Pop to the cinema, a theme park or anywhere else that is aimed at families with children and you will quite literally see sugar everywhere. 100 years ago these places didn’t exist, and the amount of fatties milling around was much less. But sugar is dirty cheap and easy to get hold of, with sweets often costing a cent each. The problem is that little to nothing is being done about it, with experts saying that our future looks MASSIVE. At the (diseased) heart of all our fatty woes is sugar, which basically creates the foundation for a big belly.

4. Sugar Is A Silent Killer

If you asked someone how they think they might die, their answers won’t surprise you. You’ll hear the usual: heart disease, cancer, car crash, bad accident.

If you ask how they’d like to do, they’ll probably say they’d like to die peacefully in their sleep.

The reality, though, is that sugar is killing more and more of us. A decade ago, salt was public enemy number 1, but focus has shifted. Too much fructose leads to leptin resistance. And because leptin (or satiety hormone) is the hormone that politely tells us we’re full, leptin resistance means we just keep on eating, because our leptin has been destroyed by sugar. Consequently, people start to overeat, get fat and get ill. Bad times.

5. Sugar Can Lead To Alcoholism

Sugar plays on the same reward system that alcohol does, with both sugar and alcohol causing the same neurological effects. For this reason, scientists have linked sugar addiction to alcoholism, and say that it is possible that sugar-addicted kids could go onto developing an alcohol problem.

6. Sugar Is Bad For Your Teeth

Another one of side effects of sugar is that sugar is very bad for your teeth. Way on back in 1967, sugar was called the “arch criminal” when it came to poor dental health. Sadly, too many of us have failed to register this warning and have chosen to do business with said arch criminal on an hourly basis.

See, this particular arch criminal is as cunning as they come. They tell us they’ve got something to show us that will make us feel great, but what they don’t tell us that they steal bits and pieces of our teeth each time they get inside us. After a few years, they’ve stolen the whole tooth! Master criminals!

7. Sugar Is Linked To Diabetes

Diabetes cases in the U.S. have increased 128% since 1988, with 25 million American citizens currently laid up with the disease. To put that into perspective, that’s nearly 10% of the whole population.

Studies have connected an increased risk of diabetes with a consumption of sugar-sweeter drinks, including soda, iced tea and sports drinks. Sugary drinks, then, are linked to both weight gain and type-2 diabetes.

8. Sugar Is Linked To Pancreatic Cancer

Perhaps the scariest side effect of sugar is that a diet rich in sugar can lead to pancreatic cancer. The outlook for anyone diagnosed with this cancer is extremely bleak, with many folk not expected to live longer than just 10 months.

So to make sure that you’re doing all you can to guard against such a terrifying ailment, it’s time to cut down your sugar intake.

9. Sugar Makes Your Organs Fat

One of side effects of sugar is that sugar doesn’t just make you look fat on the outside, but it also makes you fat on the inside. This is worrying, not just because you can’t see your organs accumulating fat, but because fatty organs are very, very bad for your overall health.

What happens is that sugar causes your body to store fat in some very odd places. Over time, globules of fat form around your liver, which in time can lead to fatty liver disease. Before 1980, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease was extremely rare – but not anymore.

10. Sugar Causes Your Blood Vessels To Tense Up

Too much sugar produces too much insulin, which in turn causes your arteries to tense up. Excess insulin basically causes the muscle cells around your blood vessels to grow more rapidly than usual, which leads to tense artery walls. The consequence of this is high blood pressure, which puts you at a greater risk of stroke.

Do you know other side effects of sugar?

Stay happy and healthy!

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