How To Stop The Nighttime Munchies?

We know what it’s like. It’s late at night, you’re still awake – and you’re hungry.

The problem is that this keeps on happening. And the only solution in sight seems to be to keep raiding the snacks cupboard at 1am.

And when the snacks cupboard is empty, all you have to do is simply re-fill it. Problem solved – you’re no longer hungry!

This is all very well and good … until you start putting weight on.

Yep, the nighttime munchies are a chief cause of weight gain, primarily because we tend to snack on bad stuff – cheese, jam on toast, cookies and milk, and so on.

You could trade unhealthy snacks for healthier ones. That’s one way of getting round things. Or you could stop the problem at its source by preventing the nighttime munchies altogether. Is it possible? Can we help? Yes and Yes! Let’s take a look at a few ways you can stop the nighttime munchies.

Go To Bed Earlier

Okay, so you might be calling us Captain Obvious at this point. But as our moms used to say to us, “you can’t munch while you’re asleep.”

Well, you could – but the only thing you’d be biting on is your blanket!

Going to bed earlier is an obvious solution indeed. But if it’s so obvious, why haven’t you implemented it yet?

Lots of people in 2017 are busier than ever. We live by the ethos that sleep is for the weak. We’ve no time to drift off to dream land just yet – we’ve got way too much stuff to do.

But this why we get hungry late at night.

If work is making it impossible for you to go to bed earlier, take a look at ways you can use your time better. If you’re too busy, find things of low-value that you can eliminate.

Everyone has a right to go to bed at a decent hour, and everyone can make the time to do so if they really wanted to.

And if the reason you go to bed so late is that you’re catching up on your TV shows, it’s time to catch up on them some other time.

Have A Late Dinner

Sometimes, we get a serious case of the munchies late at night because we ate dinner too soon.

How soon is too soon? Any time before 6. Eat your dinner after six, and you stand a better chance of it keeping you full for longer.

Eat it too early, and it will definitely catch up with you later in the day.

Eat Lots Of Fibre

Fibre is a type of carb that you won’t find in animal products. You’ll only get it into fruit, vegetables and grains, such as apples, avocados and oatmeal.

Do you need it? You sure do! You need fibre for health reasons, such as better digestion. But fibre also makes us feel full for longer because it’s just so satisfying. And this is why you need more of it.

Fibre keeps you going for longer, so that you don’t feel the need to reach for the snacks cupboard too soon.

Drink Water

Sometimes we only think we’re hungry. The reality is that we’re actually just thirsty.

The reason for this is that our body’s are so used to getting their water intake from food that, when they need H20, they make you think you’re hungry so that you’ll give it to them.

This causes us to over-eat, and can lead to weight gain.

Throughout the evening and at night, stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. You may find that it curbs your late-night hunger pangs.

Stay Busy

If you go to bed at a decent time but still get the munchies, it might be that you’re just not finding ways of staying busy throughout the evening.

For example, if you’re spending most of your time lazing in front of the TV, it is of course really tempting to snack. We’ve all done it.

To remedy this, it’s a good idea to find something that keeps you occupied throughout the night. Take up a new hobby. Find something that distracts you from walking into the kitchen and opening up the snacks cupboard.

Skip The Commercials

For a lot of people, a commercial break is the trigger they’ve been waiting for to go and make a cup of tea – and grab a snack. Perhaps you’re the same. But how do you prevent this from happening? Commercials are everywhere!

They are. They’re literally on every TV channel. The best thing to do is pre-record your favourite shows or movies and watch them later. This means you can skip the commercials.

Either that, or you could watch a DVD.

Plan Your Meals

One of the reasons why nighttime munchies get so bad is that we just haven’t planned our meals.

We had one piece of toast for breakfast because we woke up late and had to rush out of the house. We had a quick lunch because we had a meeting. For dinner, we ordered a takeaway because we got sidetracked on our way home and had no time to cook.

And now it’s midnight and we’re starving.

If you plan your day properly, you can start eating proper meals at proper times. This reduces the chances that you’ll end the day really hungry because you ate junk and empty calories.

Plan, plan, plan!

Reduce Stress

Perhaps you aren’t even hungry but still find yourself getting the munchies. What gives? Are you just unlucky?

The likelihood is that you could be stressed.

Stress and anxiety causes a lot of people to find ways of escaping their problems rather than facing up to them. This is how addictions can easily start.

And a lot of people find solace in food – especially at night.

If stress is your trigger, it’s important that you find ways to reduce it. Practice yoga, take long walks, take a break from work, go travelling.

Stay happy and healthy!

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