How to stay fit? 10 Diet tips from Victoria Secret models

The Victoria’s Secret models are some of the most beautiful women in the world, but even they have to watch their weight. They may well have access the best beauty treatments in the world and a huge team of makeup artists, but they still need to be in tip top shape before they walk out on that runway. In fact they train hard to stay fit and healthy, and they stick to rigid diets too. Here are ten of the diet tips and secrets that Victoria’s Secret Angels use to keep in shape.

1. Drink green juice after workouts

It seems that, although Victoria’s Secret models don’t use green juices as a replacement for meals, they do use them to rehydrate after a workout. Vanessa Packer, the nutritionist who takes care of models headed for the runway, says that a daily green juice is just like eating a nutritious salad after a workout and it’s super-hydrating too.

2. Eat plenty of protein

Jasmine Tookes says she likes to eat plenty of protein in the months leading up to a show, because it builds up her muscles. As well as making sure that she eats a generally healthy diet, she has lots of grilled fish, chicken, and vegetables with her meals. She also drinks a protein shake after every workout to fuel her muscle growth.

3. Don’t deprive yourself of anything

Elsa Hosk says that if she wants pizza or can of Coke, she has it, and she doesn’t deprive herself of anything. Mind you, she also says that she only eats these things as an avocational treat. She works out a lot and she works out hard, so she believes that her metabolism is working at such a high rate that it will soon burn off the calories from her occasional indulgent treats.

4. Adopt the 80/20 rule

Another tip on how to stay fit is to use the 80/20 rule. Miranda Kerr takes a similar approach to her diet as Elsa Hosk and she says that, so long as 80% of your diet is healthy, organic food, 20% indulgence won’t hurt. She also drinks hot lemon water every morning and makes sure that she drinks plenty of mineral water during the day. It seems that everything in moderation is the main diet message we get from Victoria’s Secret models.

5. Oatmeal for breakfast

Another piece of advice from the Victoria’s secret’s nutritionist, Vanessa Packer, is to eat oatmeal for breakfast. That sounds like a sound advice to us too, because oatmeal gives you long lasting energy to fuel workouts and plenty of fibre to fill you up, but not too many calories.

6. Cut out the sugar

Next tip on how to stay fit is to cut out sugar. When Doutzen Kroes was breastfeeding, she couldn’t cut back drastically on her food, but she says she did cut out all the sugary foods, like chocolate, cakes and candy. Nutritionists Vanessa Packer agrees that sugar is a no-no, if you want to make it to the runway at a Vitoria’s Secret fashion show.

7. Cook your own food

Vanessa Packer’s advice to everyone is to not get into too much of a habit of eating out or buying in fast food. Restaurants and fast food outlets use processed foods that contain way too much salt, fat and sugar. Cook your own food and then you’ll have full control over what goes into your food and you can make sure that only the freshest ingredients are used.

8. Eat scrambled eggs and avocado

Behati Prinsloo says that scrambled eggs, avocado and toast provide her with the perfect balanced breakfast. You get protein from the eggs, fibre from wholegrain toast and the avocado provides you with healthy oils, folic acid, and vitamins B and E. Of course, as you would expect, all of the Victoria’s Secret models advocate eating a healthy diet all day long and this sounds like a wonderfully nutritious way to start the day.

9. Drink green tea

Drinking green tea is another diet tip on how to stay fit from Behati Prinsloo, who says that she always orders iced green tea whenever she goes to a Starbucks. Green tea is certainly healthy choice of beverage, it contains a very high concentration of antioxidants and it boosts the metabolism as well. Another great tip from Behati Prinsloo is to carry a packet of almonds with you. They make a great, satisfying snack for when you feel the need for a bit of an energy top up.

10. Don’t arbitrarily eliminate certain food groups from your diet

So, there are no fad diets, or weird and wonderful ideas on diet from the Victoria’s secret girls, just good sound advice about eating a varied and healthy mixture of foods. In fact, Vanessa Packer advises the girls not to eliminate any food groups at all, but to balance out what you eat. She says that you should understand what it is you need to eat and don’t just eat for the sake of eating.

How to stay fit? What are your best tips?

Stay beautiful!

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