10 How To Eat Healthy On A Budget

Eating healthy is the order of the day. Rather than binge on cheap junk food, such as processed burgers and hot dogs, we’d all much rather live on a healthy diet that sees us trim our waistline, whilst living a longer, better life.

But doesn’t eating healthy cost money?

Sure, swapping fattening, chemical-laden junk for fresh fruits, vegetables and high quality seafood does seem to put a strain on our pursestrings. But the good news is that there are ways to eat healthy on a budget. So let’s take a look at 10 tips on how to eat healthy on a budget!

1. Plan Your Weekly Meals Ahead Of Time

One of the reasons that our spending on healthy eating gets out of control is that we indulge in impulse buying. We browse through a recipe magazine, spot a tantalising meal, and decide that we’re going to make it right that day.

The problem is that it requires a million ingredients.

But who cares? It looks awesome!

It is this kind of impulse buying that you need to cut out. If you want to eat healthily on a budget, you really should think about planning all your meals ahead of time. This means that you can use the same ingredients twice in different meals, and it also means that you will have leftovers that you can use for something else.

2. Don’t Go Shopping Hungry

Another tip on how to eat healthy on a budget is to never go shopping hungry. Hitting the supermarket whilst you’re literally dying from hunger is a big no-no. It will only ensure that you raid the entire store, grabbing everything that looks immediately appetising.

Then, when you arrive home and fill yourself up, you’ll quickly realise that you’ve bought way more than you actually need. 7 blocks of kale?! Come on! Instead, we suggest that you make a list (whilst not hungry) and stick to it when you go shopping.

3. Grow Your Own Vegetables

Growing your own vegetables is another great tip on how to eat healthy on a budget. This might sound like a big ask, but more and more people are growing their own gardens. Why? Because not only does it save them money in the long term, but it’s also easier than people assume.

If you grow your own vegetables, the money you will save in the long-term will be enough to make it feel worth it. Moreover, you’ll get greater satisfaction from knowing that you have your own organic store of fresh vegetables, and you’ll take even more pride in your cooking.

4. And Grow A Chicken Too!

Okay, obviously you can’t grow a chicken. But if you invest in a few chickens, just think about all the money you’ll be saving on eggs.

If you consume a lot of eggs (and a lot of people do), growing your own chicken might be one of the best things you do. Although purchasing the chickens at first might cost a few dollars, but they will bring lots of rewards in the long-term. Plus, they’re super cute! And you can even give them names. Like, “Chick” … and…okay, you might be better at this than us.

5. Go For Beans

Next good tip on how to eat healthy on a budget is to incorporate beans into your diet. Beans are great. Not only do they come with a whole wealth of super health benefits, but they’re also inexpensive, wholesome, and they fill you right up.

Whether you want to bulk up a meal with beans, or eat a dish based entirely around them, beans are your friend, if you’re eating healthy on a budget. Black beans are really good for stretching meat, and you can buy a pack that is enough to last for ten meals. Doesn’t that sound great?!

6. Broaden Your Horizons

Many people assume that it’s hard to eat healthy on a budget because healthy food costs money, right? Good meat costs a fortune, whilst fresh and organic food always costs more than processed, junk food.

Whilst this all true, there is a really simple solution: broaden your horizons. The Indian’s and the Mexican’s use largely inexpensive ingredients in their meals, such as beans and rice, and the world absolutely loves it. Even better, their grub is healthy! Indian and Mexican food represents the best value to flavour ratio, which means that you could do a lot worse than check out their recipes. Get on it.

7. Forget About Brand Names

How to eat healthy on a budget? Forget about brand names! It’s very easy for us to go with the brand items, simply because their colours are more enticing, more “professional” and therefore better. Right? But the reason that “no-frills” products are cheaper than their brand counterparts is because they don’t even try to advertise. Being non-brand does not mean they are somehow unhealthier.

8. Buy Frozen Or Canned

There is nothing wrong with buying canned or frozen fruit and vegetables, particularly if something happens to be out of season. In fact, buying canned or frozen is a great way to save money, and it means that you won’t be left with waste if you decide not to eat these veggies and fruits that week.

You’ll also find that most canned and frozen items are just as healthy as their fresh alternatives. The downside is that they do tend to come with more salt, preservatives and sugar, which is why we recommend that you check the ingredients first.

9. Cook!

Another great tip on how to eat healthy on a budget is to cook your own food. One of the ways money just leaks out of our purses, when it comes to food, is when we eat out quite a lot.

Not to mention the takeaways.

Dining out or calling up the local pizza parlour is very tempting, especially, if you’ve had a long day at work and don’t fancy cooking anything. But cooking your own food is the number 1 way to save money. And the more you do it, the more you’ll enjoy it! Which is a good thing, because not eating out is really something you’ll need to get used to.

10. Forget About Drinks

You’re eating healthy now, so you’ve already cut out the soda, the canned drinks and the processed fruit juices, right?

You haven’t? Well, now is the time!

Not only are sodas and canned drinks really unhealthy for you, but they also cost a lot of money each week. We suggest that you scrap these from your shopping list. You’ll feel healthier and you’ll save some cash too. Then, if you find that you have a bit of cash left at the end of the week, you can use this for something healthier, like buying fresh organic fruits and berries, and eating them instead of dessert, for example. Win!

And if you’re not sure what to swap sodas for, we suggest pure water. If you want to add some flavor to your water (or sparkling water), then add some sliced fruits in it, like apples, pears, nectarines, as well as berries, then add some lemon juice and a touch of honey or coconut sugar, and enjoy wonderful natural drink, that is not less delicious than store bought soda.

How to eat healthy on a budget? What are your best tips?

Stay happy and healthy!

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