How to detox your body? 10 Important things everyone should know about a detox

There is an ongoing debate as to whether or not a detox of the body is necessary, or if the body’s own natural detox system is sufficient to rid us of the toxins that we accumulate in our body over a period of time. What is for sure is that never before have we been subjected to such high levels of toxins as we are today. Toxins are in our food, our water and in the air we breathe, so it is perfectly understandable why so many people do say that following a detox diet once in a while will help the body’s natural detox process. If you are considering a detox, here are ten tips on how to detox your body that are important for you to know.

1. The body does have its own detox system

The body does have its own, very efficient, detox system that, with a healthy diet and an active lifestyle, will do the job of detoxing for you every day. The main organ in the body that is responsible for detoxing is the liver, which breaks down toxins into water soluble chemicals, so that they can be passed from the body in sweat or in urine.

2. So why detox?

Many people believe that, because of the high levels of toxins that we are exposed to today, the liver and other detoxing organs can become overloaded and need a little help doing their job. A detox supports the functions of the liver and helps to bring the body back to its natural balanced state.

3. What’s the difference between a detox and cleanse?

A detox is a long term process designed to bring the body back to its natural balanced state and keep it there. A cleanse is a short term, possibly just a few days, process of cutting back on foods that contain toxins and eating more raw food to temporarily rid the body of more toxins. A cleanse is more like giving your body a break from toxins.

4. Do talk to your doctor before you detox

Another important tip on how to detox your body is to talk to your doctor first. Although detoxing has many fans and a whole list of apparent health benefits, you should ask your doctor about the health implications of the particular detox diet that they are proposing to follow, especially if you are being treated for any existing medical conditions. A detox changes the physiological environment of the body and this can have a detrimental effect on some people.

5. Change your diet gradually

Next useful tip on how to detox your body is to change your diet gradually. It’s important that you don’t suddenly change your diet overnight or your body could go into shock, so make the changes step by step, over a period of a weeks, months or more. If you were to suddenly change from 100% junk food to 100% raw food diet, overnight, you could experience mood swings, skin irritation, severe fatigue and headaches.

6. Wean yourself of coffee and alcohol

Two of the things that people generally want to cut out during detox are coffee and alcohol. Your body may have come to rely on these stimulants and you will feel withdraws symptoms, if you stop drinking all in one go. Our next tip on how to detox your body is to wean yourself off alcohol and caffeine gradually, by cutting down, before you quit altogether, and you will gradually feel the benefits, without the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

7. Exercise

Regular exercising is another important tip on how to detox your body. As well as promoting the detox through your diet, exercise will also speed up the process. Exercise stimulates the flow of blood around the body and promotes sweating, both of which will help the body to detox faster. Be careful not to overdo it, though, especially if you are eating far fewer calories than you are used to.

8. Keep yourself well hydrated

One of the most important ingredients for a successful detox is water, so make sure that you are drinking lots and lots of it while you detox. Water will be needed to flush out the toxins from your body and, if you are not properly hydrated, those toxins could just re-accumulate in your body again.

9. Try not to get stressed

Our next tip on how to detox your body is to detox yourself from stress. Try to get as much rest as you can during your detox and avoid stress as much as possible. A detox will work much better when you are relaxed, because stress uses up vitamins, such as vitamin C and B, which are also needed to cleanse the body. Get some time during the day to relax for a while, and get a good night’s sleep too, because the body does a lot of its detoxing when you are asleep.

10. Take it easy the first time

Everybody is different, so just because your friend sailed through a detox with no side effects, don’t assume that it will be that easy for you. Take it easy to begin with, work your way into a detox slowly and listen to what your body is telling you. If you start to feel unwell, you can always stop and try again another time.

How to detox your body? What are your best tips?

Stay happy!

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