How to break bad eating habits? 10 tips

It’s easy to get into bad habits of all kinds and bad eating habit is just one of them. Whether it’s gorging on late night feasts, phoning out, when you should be cooking in, or smothering your food with extra salt, these habits can be hard to break. If your waistline keeps on expanding, and you don’t know why, then the chances are that you’ve developed a few bad eating habits, so here’s ten ways to help you break them:

1. How to break bad eating habits? Make a list of the habits

You can’t solve a problem until you admit that you have one! You already know what these bad eating habits are, but writing them down will help you admit to them and, it will give you a list to start working on.

2. Take it one step at a time

It’s unlikely that you will break every single bad habit at the same time, so try taking them, just one at a time. It’s not easy to break any kind of habit, so take it easy. Introduce new healthy eating habits, like reducing portion sizes and increasing the amount of fresh food that you eat. Replace the bad with the good.

3. Become more mindful of what you eat

Another tip on how to break bad eating habits is to start to think more about what you are eating and why you are eating it. Are you really hungry, is there a healthier alternative and take the time to read a few labels, so you can see exactly what you are eating.

4. Keep a food journal

Next great tip on how to break bad eating habits is to keep a journal, every day, of what you eat and when you eat it. This will help you keep track of your progress, make you more mindful of your eating and, it might even identify a few habits that you haven’t yet admitted to!

5. Set small, achievable goals

Adding is easier than subtracting, so try and set yourself small, positive goals. For example, never eating French fries again is a big thing, but trying one new vegetable with every meal is not. One extra portion of vegetables will leave less room on your plate for the fries and it will help fill you up, so, ultimately, you will eat less fries.

6. Don’t eat when distracted

Habits can become unconscious, so if you are not concentrating on what you are eating, you will eat more. Make mealtimes an event in themselves and sit at a table, with the TV switched off, laptop shut down and the book closed. Eat the food slowly and savour the flavours and the textures and then you will be more aware of what you are doing.

7. Don’t skip meals

Stick to a regular schedule of eating regular meals. Skipping meals is sure fire way to making you eat more of what you shouldn’t, later in on the day. If you have eaten properly during the day, then you will be less likely to overindulge on treats later.

8. Clean out your cupboards

If there are cookies in the cupboard, then they will be calling out to be eaten! So our next tip on how to break bad eating habits is: anything that you habitually eat, throw it away! You might miss it at first, but, if it’s sitting in the cupboard, the temptation will probably be too great.

9. Plan your meals in advance

When you’ve thrown out all the food that you know you shouldn’t be eating you’ll have the space to stock up some healthy food. Plan your meals in advance and buy in the ingredients that you will need. That way your healthy food will be there waiting for you, just when you need it.

10. Find healthier replacements

Finding a less harmful replacement for a habit can be much easier than quitting cold turkey. Smokers, for example, will often take to chewing gum or electronic vapor cigarette, as an alternative to smoking. If you need something sweet to eat in the evening, try fruit, instead of candy or, eat a muesli bar in the afternoon, not chocolate!

How to break bad eating habits? What are your tips?

Stay happy and healthy!

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