10 Must-know benefits of Himalayan pink salt

Himalayan pink salt is one of the purest salts that can be found on the earth. Millions of years ago, sea salt beds that have now been raised up in the Himalayan Mountains, were covered over by a layer of molten lava, which protected it from pollution in the air. Himalayan pink salt is packed full of minerals, which is what makes it so much better for you than regular table salt. Here are ten of the amazing benefits that you would get if you switched to Himalayan pink salt.

1. A regular serving of Himalayan pink salt contains less sodium

When you use Himalayan pink salt in cooking or you sprinkle it on your food you get less sodium per serving. This is because, even though it contains the same basic ingredients as refined salt, its larger crystalline structure means that you will use less.

2. It is a good source of minerals

Over 14% of Himalayan pink salt is made up of minerals other than sodium chloride. Other minerals contained in the salt include magnesium, calcium, zinc, copper, manganese, iron, potassium, etc.

3. You can use it in a detoxifying bath

Add Himalayan pink salt to your bath water and your skin will benefit from over 80 different minerals. It will help soothe tired muscles, stimulate your circulation and it will nourish and cleanse your skin too. When dissolved in water, Himalayan pink salt becomes an ionic solution that will help to flush toxins out through the skin.

4. You can use it as an antacid

Himalayan pink salt works well as a treatment for excess acid and heartburn. This is due to its alkalinity. If you are suffering with excess stomach acid, then just mix a teaspoon of Himalayan pink salt to a glass of water and it will effectively neutralise the acid in your stomach.

5. It strengthens bones and teeth

Another one of wonderful Himalayan pink salt benefits is that, when you add this salt to your food, all those wonderful minerals that it contains will help strengthen your bones and your teeth. It also helps blood circulation and muscle regeneration too.

6. It purifies the air

You can also use Himalayan pink salt to purify the air in your home. A chunk of pink salt in your home will absorb the moisture from the air. When it warms up, it will release that moisture back into the air again, but without all the impurities in it.

7. It can clear the sinuses

Himalayan pink salt benefits are very numerous. Mixed with hot water, Himalayan salt emits negative ions, which can be of help with respiratory problems like asthma and it will help to clear up blocked sinuses.

8. Using Himalayan pink salt is better for your blood pressure

If you suffer from hypertension, then switching your table salt for Himalayan pink salt will help to lower your blood pressure. The body can absorb the more natural Himalayan pink salt far easier, than it can absorb refined salt, so it will pass through your system quicker.

9. It can help you sleep better

Another one of great Himalayan pink salt benefits is that it can help you sleep better. People have reported that when they have switched to Himalayan pink salt, they started to sleep more regularly and they experienced a better quality of sleep. It is thought that it’s due to the muscle relaxant qualities of the minerals that are contained in the salt.

10. It improves the digestion

Here is another one of fabulous Himalayan pink salt benefits: adding this salt to your food can help you to digest that food better. The nutrients in the salt improve the absorption of nutrients in the gastrointestinal tract, so you gain the benefit of the food faster, and you will feel less hungry for longer too.

Do you know other Himalayan pink salt benefits?

Stay happy and healthy!


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