Amazing Benefits Of Barley Grass

Unlike traditional barley that your grandmother put in a stew when you were a kid (if she was anything like my grandmother anyway), barely grass is a green food. Green foods should really be an essential part of anyone’s diet, yet so many of us pretty much ignore this food entirely.

But green food nutrients are vital because they support proper blood circulation among other things. They are rich in all kinds of minerals and vitamins, including vitamin C, vitamin B12, iron, folic, acid, protein, calcium, and much much more.

Barley grass is one of the most nutritious green foods that you can eat. It has all the good stuff your grandmother found in traditional barley, plus some added bonuses, too. It contains a whopping 18 out for the existing 20 amino acids, including all the essential amino acids. This makes it a complete protein.

If you’re still not convinced as to why you should be including barley grass in your diet, let’s take a look at 6 amazing benefits of this delightful green food.

Barley Grass Gives You A Boost Of Energy

One of great benefits of barley grass is that it gives you a boost of energy. I was talking to a friend recently who was complaining that she suffered from insomnia. Because she worked as a freelancer, it didn’t matter too much what time she stumbled out of bed in the morning, so her insomnia wasn’t as damaging as it would have been if she worked 9-5.

When she told me that she drinks energy drinks throughout the day to keep her going, I raised my eyebrows. Energy drinks are loaded with caffeine; if you drink too many too often, your body will become so tolerant to the effects of caffeine until eventually all it can do is keep you awake. Which can lead to insomnia.

Here’s the thing: Consuming lots of caffeine via energy drinks to give you energy is not the right way to go about things. Moreover, it isn’t natural and offers only a short-term fix. If you want to get energy the natural way and the healthy way, you could do a lot worse than consume barley grass. It makes you more awake and alert and doesn’t come with any nasty crashes later in the day.

Barley Grass Slows Down The Ageing Process

Another one of the fabulous benefits of barley grass is that it can help slow down the aging process.

None of us look forward to getting older. When we turn 30, we love it when people mistake us for 21. When we turn 40, we love it when people mistake us for 30. When we turn 50 … okay, you get the picture.

Although the thought of everlasting is scary, many of us would be perfectly happy if we could just slow down the ageing process. It’s not so much that we don’t want to turn 100; it’s more that we don’t want to look or feel like we’re 100-years-old.

Slowing down the ageing process is often just a case of adjusting your diet in small ways. Introducing barley grass into your weekly shopping is a fantastic way of retaining your youthful glow for as long as possible.

Bear with me while I just go and apply mine …

Barley Grass Makes You Regular

One of great benefits of barley grass is that it can make you regular.

It doesn’t really matter how old you are when it comes to digestive problems because anyone of any age can suffer down there. Whether you’ve got bad flatulence or whether you’re constipated, digestive troubles are just a matter of life.

Although digestive issues are in no way life threatening, wouldn’t it be amazing if we could alleviate all our embarrassing and annoying problems? If you eat more barley grass, you can do just that!

Barley Grass Can Make Type-2 Diabetes Less Bothersome

Type-2 diabetes is a pretty horrible debilitating disease that we wouldn’t wish upon anyone. Sufferers often have to undergo a daily round of pills and injections, while working hard to control their blood sugar levels and making sure they eat and drink the right things.

While no one would ever say that anyone living with diabetes has it easy, what we will say is that there are adjustments you can make to your diet to make you feel better. Because barley grass improves insulin resistance and stabilise blood sugar levels, it comes highly recommended for diabetes sufferers.

Indeed, it is often sharp blood sugar spikes that causes most of the complications associated with diabetes, such as gangrene. By eating more barley grass, you would be managing your condition better.

Barley Grass Eliminates Toxins From Your Body

One of fantastic benefits of barley grass is that it can help eliminate toxins from your body. Our body is supposed to be our temple. Perhaps we often believe that it is. But did you know that your body is riddled with nasty toxins that can make you feel fatigued or, worse still, really, really ill?

This is largely down to your diet. The more junk you eat, the more your body will fill up with toxins. When your blood is swimming in too many toxins, it will let you know, either in the form of a migraine, exhaustion, brain fog, or even skin complaints. And when this happens, it’s time to detoxify your body.

Barley grass is a natural detoxifier that we always recommend to people. It assists your liver in eliminating pesky toxins from your body, improving your physical and mental wellbeing.

Barley Grass Can Help With Weight Loss

And finally, benefits of barley grass also include weight loss. People who are overweight want to shed a few pounds for different reasons. Some just want to get in better shape in order to gain more confidence; others want to lose weight in order to reduce their risk of developing diabetes or heart disease.

Weight loss is all down to your diet and your exercise routine. If you eat the right foods during the week, you can go some way to shedding the pounds and getting into shape.

Barley grass can help you lose weight because it is rich in insoluble fibre. This means that it can make you feel full for longer, ensuring you don’t overeat or gorge on fattening snacks. Moreover, because it stabilises blood sugar levels, it also means you won’t be prone to strong cravings at the wrong time.

Do you know other benefits of barley grass?

Stay happy!

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