Healthy food and harmful products for the beauty of your skin

How to get clear skin naturally? Just as ourselves, cells of our body love to ‘eat’ vitamins and minerals. In this article, let’s talk about healthy food and harmful products that cells of our body literally eat.

Actually, its very simple, they eat the same food as we do! If your skin starts to become dry and irritated, for example, then it’s a sign that your skin might need some vitamins.

Balanced and healthy eating.

What is the cause of most health problems? Often, wrong eating habits, therefore, I think it’s vital to reconsider your eating and cooking habits.

Let’s talk about some products worthy of direct rejection without any further consideration. First of all these products include canned food, products of long storage, the semifinished foods that contain various preservatives, as well as dishes with excessive amounts of salt. Even the favourite canned fruit, compote or canned tasty cucumbers are useless delicacies, and eating this unnatural and ‘life free’ foods frequently can harmfully influence our youth and beauty.

The products beneficial for your skin :

This list can be big, but let’s talk about main things. The skin can become dry, if there are no carbohydrates in your food, and lack of fats can deprive the skin of elasticity and smoothness. In fact, fats help vitamin A to be accepted by our body; if there is not enough fat, then even the spring sun can’t make your skin better, but only ages it. There are a lot of sources of vitamin A, here are some of them: bright (red, orange) vegetables and fruits.

Why some people age very quickly? It’s happens because radioactive substances from the pollution of our environment can get into the organism and the heavy metals can easily destroy skin cells. Formed under action of these substances, free radicals are deduced from the organism by antioxidants from bright and dark-green vegetables and fruits, for example.

Vitamins A, Е, C and РР have antioxidant properties. They protect our skin from oxidation and over-drying, as well as from influences of aggressive environment. You can find this vitamins most of all in green salad, broccoli, carrots, green onions, tomatoes, olives, in many natural vegetable oils, as well as red berries, honey and green tea. This is why the green tea became one of my favourite drinks (I will talk about it more in depth in other articles). So, the green tea with one spoon of honey is not only delicious drink but it’s also a treasure of antioxidants, which helps to maintain beauty from within.

Most of vegetables and fruits are very rich in fibre and can also slow down the ageing process, improve digestion and metabolism (better to eat them raw). But anyway, it is not necessary to consume too much of fibre, moderation is a good thing in everything!

If your skin is subject to frequent inflammations and wrinkles appear too quickly, it can mean the deficiency of polyunsaturated fat acids in the organism. Many polyunsaturated fat acids can be found in the fat of a fish: salmon, mackerel, herring, tuna, as well as in nuts, sunflower seeds, and vegetable oils, especially grape seed oil is very rich.

Premature wrinkles can be also caused by the lack of vitamin C. Probably everybody knows that it can be found in oranges and lemons. That’s why, one of my favourite drinks is 1 table spoon (or more) of lemon juice mixed with spoon of honey and water, not only it’s amazing vitamins’ mix, but it’s very tasty as well.

For example, in order to get more even skin tone and healthy coloured face – vitamin H can help. It can be found in fresh nuts and eggs (yolk), liver, milk and beer yeast.

Enzymes are vital protein molecules which are nessessary for a normal process of digestion. The enzymes in the stomach, for example, make sure that the food is cut into small particles which can be converted into the energy of the body. Without these enzymes systems of our body can’t work properly. Lack of enzymes leads to diseases and even can reduce the length of life.

What kills enzymes in the organism? Aggressive ecology, stress, alcohol, as well as excessive consumption of coffee and black tea.

Frequent redness occurrence on the skin can be caused by eating smoked and fried dishes.

Try to eat properly during the winter and in summer provide all necessary vitamins for your body by eating fresh fruits and vegetables in abundance.

Your health and beauty depends on your eating habits, as well as your mood. 😉

What is your favourite healthy food?

So stay happy and healthy!


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