8 Healthy eating habits that will change your life if you use them

Nutritionists agree that, despite all the claims of super-foods and diet fads, the only real road to healthy eating success is to eat a balanced diet and to eat in moderation. Much can be achieved, for the better, by simply modifying your eating habits both in terms of what you eat and when you eat it. As you truly are what you eat, read our eight healthy eating habits; if you adopt them, it could change your life and make you a healthier and happier person:

1. Only eat when hungry and eat what you need

Emotional eating is very popular, especially in Europe and in United States, many people eat out of boredom, rather than necessity. Your body knows when it needs food and it will tell you, that’s what we call hunger; so eat, only when you need to, only when you feel hungry and when you do eat, eat solely what you need to satisfy the hunger. Ultimately, weight gain is caused by one thing and that is that you are taking on board more calories, than you need, so your body stores the excess calories as fat.

2. Eat regular meals

One of the great healthy eating habits is – eat regularly and, overall, you will eat less. Skipping meals can give you that ravenous feeling and cause you to overeat to compensate for it, so that over the course of the day, you will actually eat more, because you skipped a meal. Also, don’t skip breakfast, it really is the most important meal of the day, as it helps kick-start the metabolism and avoids you feeling the need to snack before lunch.

3. Cut down on portion sizes

If it’s on your plate, you will eat it, so cut down on the portion sizes that you cook and serve up. Just a small reduction in portion sizes will make a difference and you won’t even notice it. Try smaller portions, but with more variety, it will make your food more interesting, as well as give you a better balance of diet.

4. Increase the variety in your diet

One of the greatest healthy eating tips is – add more variety in your diet. Did you know that your body needs over forty different nutrients for you to maintain a healthy diet? These different nutrients come with many different foods, so vary your diet to balance things out. Vegetables, fruit, dairy, fish, meat, they all contain some of the nutrients that you need, but not all of them, so the key to top health is a mixture of them all. Remember that you eat to fuel your body with energy, not just to fill you up.

5. Plan ahead

Plan your menu a week in advance, that’s the only way that you can really ensure that you get a broad enough mix of different foods in your diet and shop a week in advance too, that will help you to avoid the temptation of popping out for a takeaway or a less than healthy ready meal.

6. Take time to eat your food, enjoy it!

Take your time over your meals, enjoy and chew your food thoroughly, as this will help you to digest it better and make you feel full sooner. You can help this by eating without distractions like the TV or computer, so that you concentrate more on what you are eating and you will notice sooner when you have had enough to eat. Remember, it takes around twenty minutes for the message that you are full to reach your brain, so if you eat fast, you’ll eat more than you need.

7. There are no good or bad foods

There is no such thing as good food or bad food, so long as you eat any one particular food in moderation. It’s all about balance, so if you do have a sweet tooth, there’s nothing wrong whatsoever in you indulging yourself with your favourite dessert, so long as you don’t eat only dessert every day! Everything in moderation, and you will be providing yourself with a healthy variety of nutrients.

8. Don’t try to change your eating habits overnight

Don’t read this article and decide instantly that you are going to start eating healthy tomorrow or you will probably fail! You are far more likely to succeed, if you make small changes to your diet over a longer period of time and then, you won’t even notice the hard work and transition to the healthy eating, you will only enjoy and reap the rewards!

Do you have some other healthy eating habits or tips that you’d love to share? Please, do so in the comment section below.

Stay healthy and happy!


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