Many people wonder how they can start to eat healthier and detox their diet…Today, let me share with you some simple tips that will help you to incorporate healthier eating habits into your everyday life:

1) Avoid the can

If you want to eat healthy, I suggest that you completely ban canned foods, because they are packed with chemicals and preservatives to keep them looking and tasting fresh. Various ready meals, such as canned salads and boxed pastas aren’t healthy, nor beneficial for your wellbeing. Instead prepare your own food, as often as possible!

2) Ban the soda

I suggest to ban soda entirely from your diet, if you want to look and feel healthier! Soda is packed with sugar (low calories soda is packed with artificial sweeteners, which might cause cancer!). Do you need empty calories and unnecessary chemicals? No. This is why, skipping soda is a very healthy choice! Switch to water instead!

3) Foods to avoid: junk food and fast food

Your health is precious and you have only one, therefore, think long term and avoid buying unhealthy, junk food! Not only eating junk food leads to obesity, but also, this type of food affects your energy levels (not for better) and contributes to poor performance, because, even though you might feel full after eating junk food (or fast food), your body doesn’t receive nutrients it needs for healthy functioning. Also, consuming junk food on a regular basis can lead to diabetes, arthritis and heart disease. Junk foods and fast foods are high in sugar, sodium and fat. Follow this rule when buying food: if you can’t grow it – avoid eating it!

4) Read the ingredients

The front side of the package is only advertising! Don’t even look at it! Flip around the package and read what’s on the back, this way you will find out the real story! Food that is packed with unnecessary ingredients, such as artificial sweeteners, preservatives and various chemical add ons shouldn’t end up in your shopping basket!

5) Add some color to your world

Buying more of fresh colorful fruits and vegetables is not only very healthy and beneficial choice that can help boost your immune system, but also, it can be very fun to invent various colorful salads, by mixing together your favorite fruits and veggies. Experiment, play and enjoy! Healthy eating habits lead to healthy life and make you more productive and happy!

6) Go for whole grains

When grains are processed to become white bread and cookies, the essential, beneficial parts of the grains are removed! Go for the whole grain bread and brown rise instead. Rich in fiber and beneficial for health nutrients and vitamins, whole grain stamped foods are, definitely, a better choice!

7) Get your sugar from natural sources

Instead of buying processed foods packed with sugar, go for natural alternatives. There are so many fruits and vegetables with naturally sweet taste: grapes, figs, bananas, dates, mangos, peaches, cherries, nectarines, beets, etc. Rich in nutrients and vitamins, fruits are also are wonderful cleansers! Therefore, throw away all your bonbons and candies and use the great source of nature – fruits! Replacing your desserts with fruits is, definitely, a great and beneficial for health decision!

I hope you found those healthy eating tips useful and you are ready to implement them straight away!

What are your tips on how to eat healthier? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment’s section below.

Stay healthy and beautiful!


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    September 24, 2013 at 7:49 am

    Fantastic blog! I am loving it!! Will be back later to read through some much more.

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    September 21, 2013 at 7:00 am

    Wow such great tips!

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    September 20, 2013 at 4:07 am

    Super site! Love everything!

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    September 18, 2013 at 8:42 pm

    I admire your work, great tips as always!

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