Let me share with you some easy tips about how to fall asleep and how to sleep better, as well as some effective tools and techniques that will bring you quality results.

Restful and deep goodnight sleep is very important not only for the overall wellbeing of your body and your beauty, but also for the performance you have during the day.

1) Open your window.
The simple habit of opening the window before sleeping will help you fall asleep easier and will improve the quality of your rest.

2) Meditate.
Meditation can help you to relax and to fall asleep naturally. It also helps you to reduce stress and get better rest. Start by breathing deeply and focusing your attention on the way air gets in and out. You won’t notice how quickly you will relax and fall asleep.

3) Regular sleep schedule.
Go to sleep and wake up at about the same time every day.
Following a regular schedule of sleep phases can dramatically improve the quality of your sleep and also it will put your brain on a healthy sleep-wake cycle. Eating your meals at set times is as effective, by the way, as sleeping on a schedule.

4) Warm drink before sleeping.
Green tea with honey, a cup of chamomile tea or just a warm milk can help you to relax and get into the resting mood easily.

5) Never go to bed hungry.
Empty stomach is not a friend of our restful night sleep. Just like eating a large meal right before sleeping, going to bed hungry can stop you from falling asleep. Some people don’t eat after 6pm, but I don’t compleately agree with this concept, because it really depends on time when you go to sleep. It’s recommended to avoid eating at least 4 hours before bed time.
If you feel really hungry just prior to bed, have a small snack, for example: an apple, or 6 almonds and an orange, or a plain yogurt, or few sticks of celery…Finish any snack at least an hour before bed.

6) Use caffeine the right way.
Caffeine has been called the most popular drug in the world and it’s found naturally in over 60 plants. Caffeine is a stimulant and drinking coffee in the morning is a great way to start up the day and feel awake.
But as soon as the clock strikes 2pm – avoid caffeine by all means, if you want to change your sleep routine for the better, because caffeine blocks sleep-inducing chemicals in the brain and increases adrenaline production. Once in the body, caffeine will persist for many hours: it takes about 6 hours for one half of the caffeine dose to be eliminated. If you have a persistent insomnia, I would even recommend to exclude the caffeine completely for sometime.


If you are having troubles with falling asleep at night and are wonder how to fall asleep easier, let me recommend you some gadgets and tools that can help:

1) Nightwave Sleep Assistant

Nightwave Sleep Assistant

This piece of technology can help to quiet your mind and body and to guide you through a pre-sleep relaxation routine to help you fall asleep easier. Silent and completely natural, this simple equipment is a safe and effective way to help you fall asleep. How does nightwave work? It silently guides you in a pre-sleep relaxation session in the privacy of your own bedroom. It’s like having your own personal sleep coach. Nightwave projects a soft blue light into your darkened bedroom, the “luminance” of the light slowly rises and falls, you lie with eyes open and synchronise your breathing with the wave of soft light as its movement becomes slower and slower. After a short time, nightwave shuts off and you roll over and fall asleep. Nightwave takes the thought and anxiety out of the sleep hygiene by using relaxation techniques taught by clinical psychologists. Nightwave calms the body by activating the relaxation (parasympathetic) branch of the nervous system. It does so, using the only non-drug method known, deep breathing. This ancient relaxation technique was first validated in western science by Dr. Herbert Benson from Harvard medical school in the 1970s. Proper breathing also reduces the levels of the stress hormone in the blood and it is the master key to vibrant health.

Phillips also has an equivalent:
Philips Hf3321 Golite

Philips Hf3321 Golite

2) Air-O-Swiss AOS 7146 Travel Ultrasonic Humidifier – Cool Mist

Air-O-Swiss AOS 7146 Travel Ultrasonic Humidifier Cool Mist

This gadget can help you to take quality air with you wherever you go and enjoy healthy air anywhere! The Travel Ultrasonic AOS 7146 is compact enough to even fit into your travel bag. Just add your own water bottle, plug the unit in and enjoy clean, moist air in your room. You can ensure room humidity is just the way you like it. Efficient ultrasonic technology uses high-frequency vibrations to generate a micro-fine cool mist, which is blown into the room where it immediately evaporates. The air we breath and the vibrance of our health are deeply connected.

3) Zeo Sleep Manager Pro

Zeo Sleep Manager Pro

This is a sleep management system, a device for tracking the quality of your sleep and then giving you personalised advice to help you improve it. By wearing Zeo’s headband, you can measure how much restorative deep sleep you are getting, which is critical for mental clarity, physical wellbeing, and performance.
How Does It Work?
With this tool you can find out how much you REALLY slept.
The sensor of the headband tracks your nightly sleep patterns and sends the data wirelessly to the free smartphone app. The app graphs your sleep data showing your time spent in Deep, REM, and Light sleep. It also shows how often you were awake, and how long it took you to fall asleep.
After receiving your sleep assessment, Zeo Sleep Manager offers expert sleep advice to show you how you can improve your sleep quality by recommending specific changes to your lifestyle, daily habits, and bedroom environment.
Special smartwake alarm wakes you up naturally at the optimal point in your sleep cycle so that you wake up feeling refreshed.
Zeo app is available for download on iTunes App Store and Google Play.

4) Philips HF3510 Wake-Up Light

Philips HF3510 Wake-Up Light

This simple lamp is the simulated sunrise, which provides a more natural waking experience and improved morning energy levels. The warm yellow light begins 30 minutes prior to your alarm time, increasing in intensity as your chosen waking time approaches. The Wake-Up Light offers the option of waking up to your favorite FM radio station or to one of three pre-programmed nature sounds. Offering 20 brightness settings and includes the dimming light for relaxing before bedtime.

The Wake-Up Light provides a pleasant start for your day and clinical researches of the company have shown that the Wake-Up Light leaves users with an improved mood and higher energy levels throughout the day.

5) Sobakawa Cloud Pillow

Sobakawa Cloud Pillow

This contoured pillow is filled with over 13 million micro-air beads that adjust to your head and neck for ultimate comfort and support. The unique beads won’t break down or lose their shape, and they allow air to flow through the pillow for stay-cool comfort. You’ll feel like you’re sleeping on a sea of clouds-and wake up relaxed, rested, and refreshed every day. No more tossing and turning!

6) Revolutionary, Patented SLEEP MASTER Sleep Mask

Patented SLEEP MASTER Sleep Mask

This sleep mask combines the conditions necessary for deep sleep: light elimination and sound reduction.
SLEEP MASTER is made from a soft, cool satin fabric, that is comfortable, light weight and breathable. The ear area is padded for sound muffling. It stretches or constricts for the fit you desire. This sleep mask is a simple, all-in-one, one-size-fits-all product, which eliminates light and reduces sound, giving you a deep, refreshing sleep by shutting out the world in an immediate, intimate way.

I hope you found some new tips for yourself about how to fall asleep and how to sleep better. What are your favourite tips on this topic?

Stay healthy!


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