6 Amazing Health Benefits Of Agave Nectar

Healthy food has been attracting a lot of interest of late. From whole grains to super foods, there has never been this much attention paid to fixing up our diets.

And for good reason, too: More people than ever are being diagnosed with diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

And more people than ever are dying from these debilitating illnesses.

A new obsession in the health food world is agave nectar, a natural sweetener that tastes a bit like honey and which is found in the agave plant.

Used to produce tequila, agave nectar is also used to sweeten other beverages, as well as food, and acts as a healthy alternative to sugar.

A sweet syrup, it tastes delightful! And for anyone who was starting to think that everything that is good for you tastes bland, agave nectar is here to change your mind. Let’s take a look at its amazing health benefits.

It’s Rich In Calcium

Calcium is an important part of our diet. Many of us get most of our calcium intake from milk and yogurt, but agave nectar presents an interesting alternative.

Calcium comes with lots of health benefits: It can regulate your blood pressure, curb PMS, maintaing a healthy body weight, as well as strengthen bones.

Calcium can also prevent certain cancers from developing, which is why it’s important to consume as much of it as possible. And a great way of getting more of it into your diet is from the succulent agave nectar.

It’s Low In Calories

We’re all watching our calories in 2016. I literally can’t buy a piece of food anymore without checking out its calorie content first.

The problem is that most of the foods many of us eat are crammed with calories!

Especially sugar.

Agave nectar is as sweet as sugar; it can improve the taste of your tea and coffee, as well as your food.

The best thing? It’s so much lower in calories!

Indeed, it’s reckoned that cup for cup it contains some 300 less calories than sugar. Get on it!!

It’s Largely Organic

Organic food and drink really is the way to go if you want to be healthier.

But not all food – even fruit and vegetables – are labelled as organic.

Why? Because so much “healthy” food produce has been chemically contaminated somewhere down the production line. So although you might well be munching on a piece of fruit at work, you might also be getting a mouthful of preservatives. Eew.

Agave nectar, conversely, is a lot easier to label as organic because it comes from natural desert vegetation.

Indeed, most agave nectar produce you’ll find in a supermarket is organic, which essentially means that this is a 100% natural sweetener that has not been spoiled by chemicals.

Which is not something you can say about a bag of sugar.

Glycemic Index Value

Diabetes is a condition that forms whenever there is too much sugar in your bloodstream. Although diabetes are not advised to cut out sugar altogether from their diet, they are advised to at least cut down on it.

But how about swapping sugar for a healthier, more natural alternative, such as agave nectar?

Agave nectar is a better choice for diabetes because it has a lower glycemic index value.

This index (GI) measures how foods that are rich in carbs affect our blood glucose levels.

Although agave nectar is certainly rich in fructose (a form of sugar), this type of sugar does not massively influence our blood sugar levels. Therefore, the GI value is low in comparison to sugar.

According to Diabetes Forecast, agave nectar contains around the same amount of carbs as sugar.

It’s Sweeter Than Sugar

Okay, I hear what you’re saying: If agave nectar is sweeter than sugar, how in the world is it healthier than sugar?

It’s a good question, but think of it like this: We’re inclined to fill our hot beverages with sugar because we want to make our drink taste sweet. The sweeter the tooth we have, the more sugar we dump in.

If agave nectar is even sweeter than sugar, it means that we fill our cups up with less of it.

This is healthier.

According to Nibble, agave nectar is some 1.5 times sweeter than its white rival, which means you don’t need to pour as much of it into your food and beverages in order to give them a kick.

This also means that you’re consuming less calories. Win.

It Contains More Fructose Than Sugar

Sugar can be divided into two types:

  • Glucose
  • Fructose

Glucose is the so-called evil twin, while fructose is less unhealthier. If sugar could ever be termed good for you, fructose is as close as it gets.

And agave nectar contains more of it than regular white sugar.

As long as you consume fructose in moderation, you’ll be totally okay. The trick is to not overdo it.

Although agave nectar is very much the nectar of the gods, it still has its flaws. After all, it’s still a sweetener, and it still continues sugar. So although it comes with health benefits, that isn’t to say that you should start pouring ample amounts of it on your food and drink.

Moreover, the agave nectar we consume doesn’t contain as many antioxidants as it does in its original form, thanks to the fact that it is processed by heat.

There are alternatives to agave nectar should you decide this natural sweetener isn’t natural enough for you. Honey is one such alternatives that has even less fructose than agave, and it also comes with other health benefits, such as anti-inflammatory, heart-healthy and anti-microbial effects.

Honey can also reduce the symptoms of the common cold, too.

Should you decide to introduce agave nectar to your diet, you will love its sweetness as well as its versatility.

It can easily be drizzled on your porridge in the morning, poured into your midday cup of coffee, or even included as part of your cake recipes.

Stay happy and healthy!

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