Most of us are aware that we should take good care of our heart, lungs and, even, our teeth. Our bodies are complex though, and are made up of many more parts than that. Our overall health is the sum of the specific health of all of our body parts, so it’s important that we do our part to give each and every piece of us the attention and care it needs.

Here are three parts of your body that are important to care for, but that you may not be providing with enough attention:

1. The Skin.

Our skin is our largest organ and it also takes the hardest beating. It’s what protects everything on the inside from the harshness of our environment. Not all skin is created equally, however. People have various skin types and tolerances to stressors.

If you aren’t going to do anything else to care for your skin, invest in a high-quality, daily sunscreen — and wear it every single day. Even if you never sunbathe a day in your life, part of your skin is exposed to the sun at some point every day. It doesn’t take long at all to begin causing sun damage.

Beyond sun care, you should focus on cleansing and exfoliating your skin regularly. You don’t have to scrub with the vigor of cleaning an oven, but you do want to remove dead skin cells and dirt so that the new skin can breathe and flourish. Moisture is also important to skin health, so be sure to apply a good moisturizer consistently.

2. The Liver.

Look at the word “liver.” “Live” is right there in the word. We can’t live without this vital organ, so ignoring its care and health is an act of folly. The liver is responsible for aiding in digestion and metabolism, as well as for filtering toxins out of our blood.

Many things can bog down the liver and make it unhealthy. Heavy drinking, excessive sugar consumption, smoking and, even, caffeine can put a large strain on the liver and lead to disease. Try to give up habits that are unhealthy for this organ. Get help for addictions, such as alcohol detox, if you can’t do it alone.

As for daily things you can do to help your liver stay healthy, start with drinking lots of water and keeping a close eye on your fat consumption. Give it plenty of protein, so that it can function at its best, along with a good dose of vitamins from fruits and vegetables. Try to incorporate foods that aid the liver in detoxification, such as garlic, mushrooms and broccoli.

3. The Feet.

We are all guilty of taking our feet for granted. But our feet are the cornerstone of our body and our primary mode of transportation, therefore, taking proper care of our feet is imperative.

Wearing ill-fitting or non-supportive footwear, for example, can lead to chronic back pain along with aching feet. Purchase shoes because they fit comfortably and provide adequate support, not only because they look pretty.

You should also deal with wounds on the feet right away and care for them diligently, until they heal. Feet, after all, can be dirty places, so injuries in this area can quickly lead to infection or other problems. Even when not injured, however, you should take care in cleansing your feet daily lest you run into problems with fungus.

Finally, respect the feet. They can tell you a great deal about the overall health of your body. If you have diabetes, foot care is all the more important, because improper circulation can lead to major complications.

Don’t neglect any part of your body, no matter how insignificant you think it may be to your overall health. Where one part is unwell, the whole is unwell. Love and nurture your body — it’s the only one you’ll ever have!

Stay beautiful!


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    Cool post! I was wondering what are those 3 body parts…:)

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