10 Yummy and healthy food swaps that will change your life

Often, when people decide that they want to start living healthy, they make such drastic changes to their diet that it makes it difficult to actually stick to the new way of life. It needn’t be that way though, because there are plenty of simple things that you can do to change your diet, without having to make sweeping changes to your lifestyle. If you want to eat healthy but you don’t want to change your entire menu, then try these healthy food swaps that really could change your life:

1. Swap snacks for a piece of fruit

One of the greatest and easiest to make healthy food swaps is to eat fruit instead of high-calorie snacks. This swap is really easy, but it can make a huge difference to your health. The next time you feel the urge for a between meals snack, grab an apple or a banana, instead of a store bought snack. It will be much better for you, and it will help you lose weight.

2. Swap red meat for salmon

Just swapping red meat for salmon, one meal a week, will help cut down the amount of saturated fats that you are eating and it will also provide you with some of those healthy Omega-3 fatty acids that are so good for your body.

3. Eat whole grains instead of white bread

White bread has much of the goodness stripped out of it, to make it white, so one of very simple healthy food swaps is to choose wholegrain bread instead of white. Whole grains contain much more fibre and greater nutritional value too.

4. Change from whole milk to semi-skimmed milk or almond milk

If you love your milk, but want to cut down on the fat, then swap from whole milk to semi-skimmed or go for almond milk, if you are lactose intolerant. Look out for the low fat options for other dairy products too, such as cheese and yoghurts.

5. Opt for the no added sugar breakfast cereals

Breakfast is an important meal that you should not miss. But you could be eating as much as 50 or more sugar cubes that have been added to your breakfast cereal. Opt instead for plain oatmeal with added fruits and berries or go for shredded whole grain, for a healthier sugar free breakfast.

6. Use more herbs and less salt

Another one of great healthy food swaps is to use more herbs and less salt. If you find that food is too bland without slat, then try adding more herbs and spices to your cooking. It’s a much healthier way to bring more flavour into your food.

7. Eat soup or salad for lunch, instead of a sandwich

Sandwiches, especially the store bought ones, can be very high in calories, fat and salt. So, make the easy change to a salad or a bowl of soup instead. Just be careful about the dressings that you have with your salad though!

8. Try replacing sugar with cinnamon

Cinnamon can make a great, natural sugar replacement. Try using cinnamon in coffee, tea or added to breakfast cereals or baked goods. It has virtually no calories and it tastes fantastic.

9. Swap fruit juice for whole pieces of fruit

Store bought fruit juices often contain added sugar and other additives and is nowhere near as good for you, as whole fruit is. Instead of drinking prepared, bottled juice, eat a piece of whole fruit or make your own smoothies instead.

10. Use olive oil instead of salad dressing

Salad dressing, such as ranch dressing, can come with a ton of calories and additives, so ditch the dressing and pour some extra virgin olive over your salad. It’s a much healthier alternative and your salad will still taste great.

What are your favorite healthy foods to eat? Feel free to share your own healthy eating tips and healthy food swaps in the comment section.

Stay happy!

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