10 Wonderful Benefits Of Being A Vegetarian

Thinking of becoming a vegetarian but just not sure what’s really in it for you? Frightened that giving up meat means giving up your favourite foods? Terrified that becoming a vegetarian, whilst ethical, will mean that you’ll become pale, gaunt and a shadow of your former self?

Many of us have apprehensions about becoming a vegetarian. But more specifically, we’re not aware of all the numerous benefits that are in it for us, and so we um and ah about converting for ages. So to help you get clued-up, and to give you that final push you’ve been waiting for, let’s take a closer look at 10 wonderful benefits of being a vegetarian.

1. Being A Vegetarian Reduces Your Risk Of Chronic Diseases

The scaremongers love nothing more than to tell you what could go wrong if you become a vegetarian.

‘You’ll lose too much weight’, they say.

‘You’ll lose your memory, oh my goodness’, they say.

‘You’ll get WORMS!’

All of these are untrue, but what is true is that being a veggie reduces your risk of chronic diseases. This includes heart failure, stroke, cancer, arthritis, osteoporosis and diabetes. Basically, all the horrible, nasty stuff.

2. Being A Vegetarian Means You Often Don’t Have To Share

You know how it is: you’re sat around a table with a bunch of meat eaters with your veggie meal. When you was a meat eater yourself, you’d get annoyed when everyone wanted a nibble of what you were eating. When you’re a veggie, though, you don’t have this same problem, and this is another one of wonderful benefits of being a vegetarian.

Indeed, the meat eaters sarcastically say: “Eew! I don’t want what you’ve got. It might have cooties!

That’s cool, it means more for you!

3. Being A Vegetarian Means You Have Some Awesome Comebacks

“You do know that the animals are still going to die right?”

“No kidding? Guess I should eat all the hamburgers until I explode.”

“Where the hell do you get your protein from then?”

“Where do you get your magnesium from?”

“People ate meat a million years ago!”

“They also pillaged and smelled bad then, too.”

4. Being A Vegetarian Means You’ll Have A Healthy Body Weight

Whilst it’s not for definite that you’ll become a vegetarian and lose all that weight you’ve been meaning to shed, being a vegetarian does mean that you’ll have a better chance of maintaining a much healthier body weight.

After all, you’ll be cutting out all the processed junk food, such as hamburgers and bacon, and you’ll be greater encouraged to eat your greens and fruits. Being a vegetarian is a lifestyle choice, and among the requisites is a healthier body weight. Think about it: how many overweight vegetarians do you really see?

5. Being A Vegetarian Saves You Money

Many of us are always looking at ways to save a bit of cash, particularly in these post-recession days, when the world’s economic crash still impinges on our lives, but perhaps one of the most surprising ways you can save a bit of money is by becoming a vegetarian.

Greens cost far less dollars than meat and poultry, and as such being a vegetarian means that you spend less money on your groceries in the long run. Even better, when you go out to dine, you’ll no longer be tempted by that $20 steak, but will instead opt for the far cheaper (but equally scrumptious) veggie option. Winner!

6. Being A Vegetarian Means You’ll Feel More Ethical

Lots of people are vegetarians because they can no longer agree with the unnecessary cruelty suffered by animals, although this is certainly not the unanimous reason for us all being veggies.

But whether you become a veggie for the sake of the animals or for a different reason entirely, you can eat your dinners knowing fully well that you’re not participating in the cruel butchering of animals anymore. In a way, this will boost your spirits and make you feel better about yourself. You’ll be a hero! (to yourself anyway).

7. Being A Vegetarian Can Make You More Beautiful And Will Help You Stay Younger For Longer

Looking for a way to nurture your skin and remain perennially beautiful? You could perhaps consider becoming a vegetarian, because another one of fabulous health benefits of being a vegetarian is beauty and younger looks for longer.

Vegetarians don’t eat nasty processed foods that damage their skin, and instead subsist on healthier nutrients that ensure they glow with health. Think about it: the healthier your diet, the healthier you’ll look! So to slow down the ageing process, you could consider stacking up on the greens.

8. Being A Vegetarian Can Help You Live Longer

Health benefits of being a vegetarian also include longer life. Whilst we’re not promising you eternal life, what we can say is that vegetarians do tend to outlive their meat-eating buddies by at least six years.

This is according to several studies that have been undertaken in recent times. Basically, the better your diet is, the better your chances of extending your stay on this lovely planet. You can thank us when you get to 125. Drinks are on you, though!

9. Being A Vegetarian Means You’re Fighting The Crusade Against Water Shortage

Cooking a piece of meat takes up around 133 gallons of water, whilst eating a serving of plant food means you’re taking up just 5 gallons at the most. You might be inclined to think that this is no big deal, because water is everywhere.

But this is definitely not true. Water levels as a collective have never been as low around the world as they are today, and by educating yourself about this, you are really becoming more aware of how your food intake affects others. Humanity is, after all, about thinking of our brothers and sisters around the world, and by consuming zero meat you could be helping others out.

10. Being A Vegetarian Means You’ll Be More Creative In The Kitchen

Lots of folk think being a vegetarian spells boredom in the kitchen. They picture vegetarians sitting at the table picking at a leaf before biting on an apple. And they picture veggies looking thoroughly depressed, pale and skinny as they do this.

But this the wrong picture completely. Vegetarian food is so much more than spinach, apples and water. There is a vast array of quality world foods out there that are just waiting to be discovered. Flavoursome, colourful and full of texture and a variety of taste, vegetarian diets are perhaps the most creatives ones out there. Once you start experimenting, you won’t want to stop.

Do you know other benefits of being a vegetarian?

Stay happy and healthy!

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