10 Useful Food Combining Tips

We all consume food and drink in order to stay alive. As well as tasting nice, food and drink is medicine; it can help us function better, starve off diseases, as well as help our bodies to heal.

The problem is that different types of foods and drink are diametrically opposed to one another. When you aren’t aware of the various natures of each substance, you may end up consuming the wrong types of food or drink, which throw your vital organs out of synch.

The science of food combining is known as Trophology, and it allows for better digestion, as well as enhanced absorption of nutrients and proper elimination of waste. Food combining, then, allows us to make better choices about the foods and drinks we consume together. When we get it right, our body functions optimally. When we get it wrong, however, we can develop various problems, such as illness, food allergies, chronic conditions and bloating.

Separate Your Proteins And Starches

This is one of the most basic food combining tips. You might not have realised it, but the worst possible food combination you could ever try is bringing together proteins and starches. When you eat a starch, the body produces an alkaline known as enzyme ptyalin. This nicely breaks down the starch. But when proteins then tumble down to your stomach, this alkaline inhibits their proper digestion in the stomach.

What happens is the meat is left to putrefy in your gut and is consequently exposed to attacks from bacteria. You feel bloated and gassy, and all kinds of toxins are let loose into your blood stream. To prevent this, always separate your proteins (meat, eggs, fish, etc) from your starches (bread, rice and potatoes).

Be Mindful of Different Proteins

There are different kinds of proteins in food, which means that there are different digestion processes for each kind. When you eat meat, the most emphatic enzymatic reaction happens within the first hour. But when you eat dairy, such as eggs or milk, the digestive process takes longer to commence.

While it’s perfectly okay to combine certain meats, we warn against complex protein combinations, such as meat and milk. Such a combination can throw your digestive process out of its natural rhythm.

Separate Your Starches and Acids

Another one of good food combining tips is to separate your starches and acids.

Ever found yourself combining starches and acids, such as cereal and a glass of OJ at breakfast, or a plate of rice with vinegar at dinner? It’s time to stop.

When you combine an acidic food with a starchy food, your natural secretion of ptyalin in your mouth is knocked out of harmony. The alkaline enzyme that you need to break down the starch then goes missing once your food reaches your stomach. Acidic fruits, such as oranges and lemons, wreak havoc with your body’s ability to digest starches.

Separate Your Sugars and Starches

Sugars and starches should be seen together as often as the colours green and red. In other words, they should never be used together. Not unless you want to cause bodily troubles!

When you combine sugars and starches, your secretion of ptyalin is disturbed – stopped. What happens then is that your starches don’t have any chance of digestion. They flounder. This is because of the sugar fermentation in your gut that is creating a hostile land for your starches. Keep these foods away from each other and you’ll feel much better.

Eat Fruit First – And On Its Own

Fruit is a food that needs to be digested on its own. It leaves the stomach quicker than anything else, and therefore you should always try to eat it on its own – or first before anything else. If you happen to be concerned about your blood sugar, eating fruit alone or with leafy greens will ensure that your blood sugar levels remain stable.

Fruit is a fantastic snack that is rich in nutrients, water and antioxidants. Eat it first!

Eat Melons On Their Own

Another one of good food combining tips is to eat melon on its own. Melon is a weird one. If you’ve ever eaten melon after, for example, a barbecue, you most likely would have experienced the usual symptoms that come from combining melon with other foods. You may have felt gassy, experienced a blood sugar drop, and you may even have felt queasy.

Melons are a type of fruit and, as suggested above, should be eaten alone. Not only that, but the way they digest is very different from all other sweet treats. For better digestion today, start eating melons on their own and preferably on an empty stomach.

Leafy Greens Are Excellent When Combined

Leafy greens are pretty exceptional when it comes to food combining. So far, we have covered types of food that you really shouldn’t combine. Leafy greens are here to upset the status quo, as they’re a type of food that can and should be combined with many different foods. Yay for leafy greens!

Leafy greens are rich in amino acids, as well as essential nutrients, minerals and fibre. They combine well with all kinds of foods and you should therefore consider putting them on your plate more often. Moreover, a salad will help your other foods to digest a whole lot better.

Eat Mono Meals

Mono meals are pretty much a fad – but they’re a great fad that actually WORKS.

Basically, a mono meal is self-explanatory: it means eating one type of food for each meal.

So, for example, you could eat stewed apples and roasted pumpkins.

We recommend that you eat a mono meal a few times a week to give your body a bit of a rest from all that lovely grub you’re shovelling down there!

Consume The Easiest To Digest First

Here is one of the most fundamental food combining tips: if you’re to be eating soups, salads, starches and proteins today, eat them in that order and that order only. You’ll be doing your body a huge favour. You can thank us later.

Try Oatmeal And Berries

Particularly if you’re trying to lose weight, eating your oatmeal at breakfast with berries dropped on top is a fantastic food combination. Why? Because they both contain insoluble fibre, which essentially means that you’re doubling down on hunger. And that’s a mighty fine way to kickstart your day the right way.

Do you know other food combining tips? Feel free to share them in the comment section below.

Stay healthy!

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