10 Tips on how to stop sugar cravings

When we get cravings, it’s our body telling us that it needs something, but it is possible to upset the natural balance of your body, so that you start to get cravings for things that you don’t need and constant craving for sugary, sweet things can be one of those confused cravings that we can get. Sugar contains simple carbohydrates, which give you an instant boost of energy and a feeling of satisfaction, but those feelings are only short lived, so it’s not long before the craving returns. We get a taste for sugar right from birth and sweet things become a firm favourite for most people. That is because eating sugar makes the body release a feel good hormone called serotonin and that is why you can get a ‘sugar high’. If you find yourself reaching for a sweet snack too often, then read these ten tips on how to stop sugar cravings.

1. Understand what sugar does to you

If you think that the only thing that sugar will potentially do to you, is make you put on weight, then think again. If you need some incentive to cut down on sugar, then remember that sugar is highly addictive and that is why are getting the cravings. Eating too much sugar will impact negatively on your immune system, it will rot your teeth, increase inflammation and increase the chances of you getting cancer, diabetes and of your becoming obese.

2. Allow yourself the occasional treat

Another tip on how to stop sugar cravings is to allow yourself the occasional treat. Controlling your intake of sugar will be far easier, than quitting all the sweet food that you love overnight. Allowing yourself the occasional candy bar or cookie, will stop you feeling like you are denying yourself something completely and it will make it easier to hold off until the next treat.

3. Try chewing gum

You can stave off a sugar craving moment by chewing gum. Research has proven that chewing gum fools your body into thinking that it is eating something and it can reduce the urge that you feel to eat something sweet.

4. Eat foods that are high in chromium

Chromium is a mineral that helps to control blood sugar levels and that will help to control your sugar cravings. Eat more foods that have high chromium content, such as sweet potatoes, eggs, whole grains and broccoli, and that should help reduce your need for sweet foods.

5. Cut back on alcohol and caffeine

Next useful tip on how to stop sugar cravings is to cut back on alcohol and caffeine. Drinking too much caffeine and too much alcohol can have the effect of making your sugar cravings worse. Both are stimulants that will dehydrate you and cause mineral deficiencies in your body (if you over-indulge in them), which will lead to sugar cravings. Cut down on both of these types of drinks, and it will reduce your sugar cravings.

6. Eat regularly

Another good tip on how to stop sugar cravings is simple: don’t leave too long a gap between meals, because that will increase your craving for sweet food too. Eat something healthy, every three hours or so, and then you won’t feel so hungry and you will be less tempted to reach for a sweet treat as a quick fix for the hunger pangs.

7. Inhale vanilla scent

Another great tip on how to stop sugar cravings is to inhale vanilla scent. The scent of vanilla has been found to reduce sugar cravings very effectively. In a study conducted by St George’s hospital, London, researchers found that when vanilla scented patches were given to people with a sweet tooth, the participant’s cravings for sweet foods was greatly reduced. Try lighting a vanilla scented candle at home, or spraying a little vanilla scented perfume on the backs of your hands.

8. Eat more healthy fat, fibre and protein

When you do cut down on sugar, you will need to replace it with something healthier that will keep your blood sugar levels stable. Eat food that contains plenty of healthy fats, fibre and protein and that will help to stop you getting peaks and troughs in your blood sugar levels.

9. Don’t get bored in the afternoons

Apparently, the most common time of day that people’s resolve over a diet fails them is mid-afternoon, at around three thirty and the most common reason for breaking diet was simply boredom or frustration. The best advice is to get all the boring and tedious jobs out of the way in the morning and keep yourself occupied in the afternoon, so you don’t eat sweet things, just to break the boredom.

10. Chew food slowly

When you digest food, starches are broken down into sugar by the digestive enzymes. That digestive process begins when you are chewing your food, so take your time with your meals, chew your food thoroughly, and you will satisfy your craving for sugar without eating unhealthy sugary foods.

How to stop sugar cravings? Do you have other tips?

Stay happy and healthy!

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