10 Tips For Clean Eating

Clean eating sounds amazing. But how do we eat cleaner? In this article, Beauty and Tips give you 10 top tips for cleaner eating.

Anybody who cares about their health will surely love the idea of eating clean.

It sounds a whole lot better than eating dirty, right?

“But who really eats dirty? Come on!”

Well, each time you eat junk food, you’re pretty much eating dirty. All those toxins and preservatives? Yup, they sound dirty to us!

Cleaning up your diet isn’t exactly easy if you’re new to the concept. In essence, it means cutting out junk and processed food, and eating more fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes. In other words, it means eating more plant-based produce that was grown from the earth.

Cleaner eating leads to a cleaner body and a cleaner mind. If you’re not sure where to start, let’s take a look at 10 tips for clean eating.

Stock Up On Fruit

Maybe when you were a kid you weren’t a massive fan of fruit. What kid was?! But if you want to eat cleaner, eating more fruit is essential.

Fruit is wonderful. There are so many different types of fruit that come in all kinds of colours, from brilliant yellow to dark purple. There are so many different flavours, too, while each piece of fruit offers different benefits.

All fruits are rich in micronutrients, vitamins and minerals. They are ALL good for you. If you’re not sure which ones you like, do some experimenting. Try lemons, kiwi, mangoes, oranges, apples, pears, dragon fruit, plums … be adventurous and see what’s out there!

Forget All About Cheat Day

Lots of people who decide that they’re going to eat healthier keep a so-called cheat day in reserve at the end of the week.

The idea behind a cheat day is that you eat healthily during the week, and treat yourself to something tasty and bad at the weekend. It’s designed to give people motivation to stick to a healthy diet.

The problem with this is that cheat day becomes something we look forward to, while our healthy diet during the week is something we must endure.

It doesn’t exactly make clean eating sound attractive!

Instead, you should focus on making eating clean as fun and exciting as possible so that there is no need to cheat!

Cut Down On Alcohol

A lot of people have two major stumbling blocks when it comes to eating cleaner: Alcohol and bacon.

“But bacon tastes good and I like having a few drinks with the girls at the weekend.”

Whenever we want to make a positive change in life there will be sacrifices. And right now, one of the sacrifices you may have to make is cutting down on alcohol.

You might even need to cut it out altogether.

Alcohol is generally the antithesis of clean. Some alcohol does have redeeming qualities (wine, for example, contains heart-boosting resveratrol), but on the whole alcohol is fattening and fills your body with nasty toxins that, as you know, cause you to feel pretty lousy the next day!

Worse still, too much alcohol consumption can cause all kinds of chronic diseases. And anything that can do that is not clean!

Don’t Rush

You don’t have to go full-pelt and give up all your favourite foods just yet. Take your time and feel your way into clean eating. Understand what you like and don’t like, and remember that some of your favourite guilty pleasures can actually be made from cleaner ingredients!

Avoid Sugar

As well as alcohol and bacon, there is a third thing that can trip us up as we bid to eat cleaner – sugar.

Sure enough, the white stuff is something many of us find hard to avoid. But it’s not all sugar that you need to avoid – it’s just added sugar.

Fruit, for example, contains sugar – but not added sugar.

Avoid sweetening your foods and beverages with sugar as much as possible.

Eat With Other People

It can be hard to stick to clean eating if we live on our own. It’s just so easy to get home from work and warm up a readymade meal in the microwave, or order a takeaway.

In this case, it’s a good idea to eat with friends more often. Offer to cook for them. You’ll want to impress them with your healthy meals, and it will help to make you more accountable to your new diet.

Eat out at healthy places with your friends, too.

Drink More Water

Water is the cleanest liquid you can drink. It hydrates you better than anything else, and flushes toxins out of your body with efficiency.

We recommend that you drink up to six glasses a day, starting as soon as you wake up.

Water isn’t just good at hydrating you. It can also suppress hunger for a while, thereby making you less inclined to snack throughout the day.

Avoid Unpronounceable Ingredients

The food industry doesn’t necessary have your health as its number one interest.

In fact, it definitely doesn’t. And once you start eating clean, you’ll soon realise this.

Just take a look at the ingredients listed on the packaging of processed food or a pack of cookies. There will be ingredients you haven’t heard of, and which you can’t pronounce. These are not clean ingredients, and many sound like chemicals. Avoid them.

Buy Frozen Vegetables

When you buy frozen vegetables, you can store them away in your freezer until you need them. You can’t keep fresh vegetables in your house for long, but you can keep frozen ones. This means that you’ll never be caught short for vegetables, and won’t have to eat an unhealthier alternative.

Focus On Your Nutrients

Whenever someone says they’re going vegetarian, the first question they always get asked is “where will you get your protein from?”

No one seems concerned about where any of us have been getting our zinc, magnesium, potassium and so on from all this time. Nobody cares about micronutrients! But micronutrients are essential to clean eating, and from now on you need to shift focus from calories to nutrients.

Stay happy and healthy!

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