10 Super Healthy Alkalising Foods To Include In Your Diet

For your body to function at its optimum, you need to feed it alkalising foods. In this article, Beauty and Tips takes a look at what alkaline foods are, and which ones you need to include in your diet.

There are two types of food:

  • Acid
  • Alkaline

In 2017, lots of people in the western world eat plenty of acidic foods. Somewhere along the line, we’ve been taught that this is normal. Our parents – who often don’t know any better – fed us on acidic diets when were kids, and we enjoyed it.

All hail acidic food!

However, it’s not always been like this. Before the age of consumerism, people ate more alkalising foods than acidic ones. It was only once ready-meals started to hit the shelves that our diets became more acidic.

Alkalised foods are necessary if your body is to stay functioning at a high level. If your blood contains too much acid and not enough alkaline, you’ll feel fatigued and achy. You may also develop skin conditions, such as eczema and acne.

Once you start adding the alkaline foods that your body craves, you’ll start to see major improvements. You’ll feel fitter, and more refreshed than ever before.

Let’s take a look at 10 super healthy alkalising foods to include in your diet.

Leafy Greens

All mom’s tried to feed their kids more leafy greens. Perhaps you’ve even become that mom who sneaks a few leafy greens on your kids’ plate in the hope they don’t spot it before it’s too late.

“Mom, what’s this leafy green thing doing inside my burger?”

“Oh! Now, how did THAT get there? These pesky leafy greens! They get everywhere don’t they?”

Kids don’t really like leafy greens. In fact, plenty of adult don’t like them, too. But this is usually because we’ve been conditioned to see leafy greens as boring and something we have to eat, rather than something we want to eat.

Sure, you really should try to eat more leafy greens, but you should also learn to want them.

Leafy greens, such as swiss chard, spinach and kale, can be flavoured so that they’re just as delicious as anything else. And when you know that these alkalising foods are doing great things for your body, you’ll surely want to eat more of them.


If you can’t win your kids over with leafy greens, you probably won’t win them over with asparagus. But you could try.

Asparagus is famous for making our urine smell funny, but it should be just as famous for being so rich in asparagine. This is an amino acid which is HUGELY beneficial to your nervous system.


Plenty of nutritionists, health experts and dieticians agree that we should try to eat garlic every day. Why? Because garlic cloves are awesome, alkalising super foods that have many benefits.

Plus, they add a kick to your meals and are easy to cook with!

Garlic is a bit of a miracle. It protects your heart, lowers your blood pressure, cleans your liver, and looks after your immune system. It’s a miracle!


Easily one of the most popular foods on the planet right now, you probably already eat avocado. But it’s worth knowing that it’s SO alkalising!

Eat more of it!


People often get the wrong impression about lemons, falsely believing that they’re acidic instead of alkalising. But the truth is that they’re probably the most alkalising of all!

Yep, lemons have so many benefits that it’s almost unreal. They’re a natural disinfectant, which means they heal cuts, provide near-instant relief from awful coughs and colds, and they also help to detoxify your body.

Lemons are super cheap to buy, too. You can probably pick up three for a dollar from your local grocery store. That’s three lemons you could squeeze three days a week into you morning glass of water to kick-start your day in the right way, cleaning out your system. Amazing.


Watercress often gets overlooked. But we can think of lots of reasons to add watercress to your salads and sandwiches! It’s heavily alkalising and also contains lots of calcium and iron.

You eat it raw, too, which means no cooking involved! Yay!


Like lemons, a lot of people are under the impression that grapes are acidic. It’s probably because they taste kinda acidic. But grapes are alkalising, and they’re great at restoring the balance of the acid/alkaline ratio in your system.

Like lemons, grapes are super cheap. You can probably pick up a box of 60-70 of them for $3! They’re great to snack on or two add to sandwiches and salads, and they taste amazing. Yummy!


Broccoli is another of those vegetables that mom’s (god bless ‘em!) sneak onto their children’s plates in a bid to get them to eat more veggies. But do mom’s even eat broccoli themselves? They sure do!

“If I gotta eat broccoli, we all gotta broccoli!” they say haughtily, their faces cringing as they bite into the steamed cruciferous vegetable.

But we’re really doing broccoli a massive disservice, because this is a supremely alkalising vegetable that you should start adding to your weekly shopping.

In fact, any cruciferous vegetable will do. Cabbage, sprouts and cauliflower are all good choices.


If we were to create a league table for the most alkalising foods, watermelon would probably come out on top. It’s got a really high score. It’s also rich in water and fibre, and in many ways is the perfect fruit.

It’s so refreshing, too. Imagine biting into a gorgeous piece of watermelon on a cool spring morning? Life is good when you’re getting alkalised! (It really is!)


You’ve no doubt heard of quinoa. Perhaps your hipster, dieting friends keep talking about it. Maybe they’ve told you that they add it to their salads, their curries, and even their bowls of oatmeal.

Is there anything this South American grain can’t do?

Not really!

And because it’s so alkalising, it’s time for you to add this complete protein to your diet.

Stay happy!

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