10 Signs That Your Body Needs A Detox

If your body is in need of a full detox, you can be sure that it will tell you. And if your body is really in need of a full detox, you can be sure as heck fire that it will positively SCREAM at you.

See, there are signs that your body gives off that tell you it’s wilting here. It needs a bit of tender love and care here, and it needs you to pay some attention to it.

The signs are really all about the frequency. After all, we all get fatigued now and then, and some of us even get constipated now and then. But your body is in need of a detox when these things keep on happening over and over and over again. This is because you’re experiencing a buildup of toxic waste that needs flushing on out of there. Let’s take a look at these 10 signs.

1. You’ve Got Food Allergies

Contrary to popular belief, we aren’t born with food allergies. Instead, food allergies develop as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle and are largely down to poor diets that damage our ability to absorb nutrients from our food.

What happens is toxins are allowed to have a party in our bellies, and they’re so hellbent on having a good time that they basically trash the place, leaving behind a leaking gut. By having a detox, you can actually reverse food allergies.

2. You’re Fatigued

Many of us fail to feel overly fatigued too often, because we solve the problem of tiredness with a short-term fix. For example, we rely on caffeine and energy drinks to give us a boost of energy.

But these short-term fixes are simply masking a problem that is just building and building, until eventually you’ll crash. And a cup of Joe in the morning won’t be able to save you. Instead, if you find that you actually can’t get through the day without feeling like you’re going to collapse, it’s probably time for a detox.

3. You’re Often Constipated

Frequent constipation is your body’s rather ungraceful way of telling you that your digestive system is out of whack. No amount of fibre or adjusted diet will cure it – instead, what you need is a full on detox.

A colon cleanse will help to clear out your system that is suffering from years and years of waste in your bowels. Alongside a colon cleanse, you should also look to incorporate healthier foods into your diet, especially raw fruits and veggies.

4. You Can’t Sleep

When we go to bed at night, our body keeps on working. What happens is that, whilst we’re snoozing, our body carries out some well-needed maintenance. It essentially cleans us up, eliminating toxins, healing wounds and strengthening our cognitive functions.

But if you’ve got insomnia and find that sleep is suddenly really hard to come by, it’s often a sign that your body simply cannot cope with the amount of work it has to do. You’re basically asking it to do too much. Unable to cope with the workload, it has a freakout and keeps you awake at night with it. So detox!

5. You’re Covered In Rashes

Rashes really don’t look cool at all, and they can get so bad that we’re afraid to leave the house in a t-shirt and a skirt. One of the reasons we break out in seemingly random rashes is because our body cannot cope with all the toxins.

For this reason, if you suddenly break out in a bright red rash and can’t get it to go away, it’s your body’s way of telling you that it’s time to purify it with a detox.

6. You Can’t Focus

Got important exams coming up but can’t focus on your revision? Perhaps you’ve got a lot of paperwork to get through at work but it’s taking you three times as long as usual? Or maybe you’re finding it really hard to concentrate on reading recently?

A sudden lack of focus can often be down to a buildup of toxins in your body. These toxins, when given the chance to run riot, basically cause a brain fog, thereby limiting your cognitive ability.

7. You’re Depressed

Few people realise that fatty junk foods are not only bad for our weight, but that they’re also bad for our minds. Indeed, fatty junk foods are intrinsically linked to depression, and this is because once the bad fats make their way into our brains, they inhibit the brain’s ability to function properly. Instead, our brain is swamped by fats. How uncool does that sound?!

So if you’re experiencing a bad case of the blues and a fatty brain, it might be your body’s way of telling you that you really need to detox.

8. You’ve Got A Low Libido

If you’ve not been feeling in the mood for a bit of amore with your partner lately, it could be because you’re in need of a detox.

When our body is overloaded with toxic waste, we feel sluggish and our libido suffers as a result. To get yourself back in the mood for a bit of fun underneath the sheets, a detox is often enough to give you that injection of energy in all the right places.

9. You Can’t Lose Those Headaches

Headaches and migraines are annoying at the best of times, but when they come and simply won’t go, it’s often a surefire sign that you really need a detox.

Just like many of us rely on caffeine to energise us in the morning, many of us rely on pills to eliminate a headache. But this is just a short-term fix to a long-term problem. To banish the headache blues for good, it’s probably time for a full-body cleanse.

10. You’ve Got Cravings

It seems that everyone is craving sugar in 2015, and indeed the biggest problem with cravings is that we crave the wrong things. 

One of the chief reasons for cravings is the fact that our bodies are so overloaded with processed grub that they artificially stimulate the happy hormone dopamine, which is a key factor behind addiction. So what happens is we feel good and want more of food that is making us feel good.

Stay healthy!

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