10 Scary facts about your diet cola and Aspartame

Many people still believe that diet soda is a healthy alternative to regular soda. We all know that regular soda contains way too much sugar, so a drink that has the word ‘diet’ in it, has to be the way to go, doesn’t it? Recent studies have shown that, while diet soda may well contain no, or very few calories, it contains a lot of other things that we should be concerned about and experts are now warning people of the real dangers that might exist, if you drink too much diet soda. One of the ingredients in diet soda, aspartame, has over 90 potentially harmful side effects on the human body. Here are ten frightening facts about what is in your diet cola and what ingredients like aspartame can do to your body.

1. Diet soda can make you gain weight

Diet cola, and other types of diet sodas, are marketed to those people who are conscious about their weight and the low, or no calories contained in the drinks are pushed hard. The truth is though, that although diet colas do not contain sugar, they do still cause weight gain. Surveys have found that people who drink two or more diet sodas a day have a waistline that is, on average, 500% larger, than those people who drink no soda at all.

2. It increases your craving for sugar

One of the reasons that people gain weight when they drink diet sodas is that the artificial sweeteners in the drinks create such a strong stimulation of the sweetness receptors, that it increases the desire for sugar. Drinking diet soda regularly can make a person feel the need to add even more sugar in food, to make it taste sweet to them at all.

3. Aspartame has many minor side effects

Aspartame has plenty of serious potential side effects, but there is also a whole range of minor side effects that you could be suffering from, but that you would never put down to your drinking diet soda. These side effects can include headaches, mood swings, memory loss and nausea. The fact that you feel generally unwell a lot of the time could be a result of your drinking diet soda.

4. Diet cola can cause osteoporosis

Phosphoric acid, which is added to diet cola to give it its acidic, tangy flavour, leaches calcium from the bones and people that consume a lot of phosphoric acid are likely to have a lower bone density than other people. Add to that the fact that the caffeine that is in diet cola restricts the ability of the bones to absorb calcium, and you get the perfect recipe for osteoporosis.

5. Aspartame alters your mood

Aspartame has been identified as a potentially dangerous chemical with mood alerting, neurotoxic side effects, which can cause mood swings and irritability. There is also evidence to suggest that aspartame can worsen the symptoms associated with mental health disorders including anxiety, depression and bi-polar disorder.

6. Aspartame creates carcinogens in the body

When aspartame breaks down in the body, it creates two known carcinogens: diketopiperazine and formaldehyde. Formaldehyde, as well as being carcinogenic, is also very poisonous and, over time, and regular drinking of diet soda, the levels of formaldehyde in the body could build up to dangerous levels.

7. Drinking diet soda increases the risk of heart attack and stroke

It has also been proved that there is a link between the consumption of diet soda and the risk of heart attack and stroke. In a study that was published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, researchers found that people who drank diet soda every day had a higher risk of developing cardiovascular issues.

8. Diet cola can wreck your complexion

All the acids that are in diet cola can have a major impact on the PH of your body, which will play havoc with your complexion and can cause acne. The body needs a high level of alkalinity to say healthy and, regular consumption of diet cola, can tip the PH balance of the body towards the acidic side of the scale.

9. It can become addictive

Another by-product that is formed when aspartame breaks down in the body is free methyl alcohol, which is not only poisonous, but it is also classed as a highly addictive narcotic. The free methyl alcohol that is created affects the dopamine system of the brain and some people have reported that an addition to diet cola is even harder to break, than an addiction to cocaine.

10. Diet soda may interfere with the functioning of the kidneys

There is also evidence that drinking diet soda could interfere with the proper functioning of the kidneys. The Harvard nurses study reported finding that there was a 30% decrease in the functioning of the kidneys after drinking two cans of diet soda a day.

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