10 Reasons Why We Should Buy Organic Food

We’re in 2015 now, and that can only mean one thing – organic food is taking over the planet. Well, okay, it’s not literally taking over the planet, and if you’re now picturing a giant tomato attacking a health spa, we’re very sorry.

But the chances are that you already know someone who eats a lot of organic food, and despite being curious as to why they eat organic food, and what organic food is all about, you’ve so far been a little bit too shy to ask.

After all, nobody wants to be the person who doesn’t know why they should be buying organic food, do they? You don’t want to be tagged with the label “Junk Food Addict” by all the organic food lovers, do you? So to help you get yourself clued up on why you should eat more organic food, take a look at our helpful list of 10 reasons why we should buy organic food.

1. Organic Food Tastes Great

You might not realise it, but organic food probably tastes better than everything else you’ve eaten so far in your life. You might like to believe that the stuff you’re currently munching is tastier than organic food, but you’d be wrong. Organic food comes from healthy soil and plants, it’s free from pesticides and other harmful chemicals, and it is this pureness that ensures that the food tastes better. There have been a number of studies carried out where people did taste tests – and they always chose the taste of organic food over non organic or processed food.

2. Organic Food Protects Future Generations

Perhaps one of the main reasons your friend eats organically is because they want the future to be bright for their offspring. Harmful pesticides are literally swarming around everywhere, and because of this the toxic risk to newborns is so high that children can be swamped by pesticides before they have even been kissed by their mother. It sounds a tad dramatic, but it’s the total truth, and the only way to preserve a healthier atmosphere for future generations is by eating organically.

3. Organic Foods Have To Meet High Standards

Food can only be termed organic once it has met rigorous standards. This is the main reason why most foods that you eat are not organic. See, many companies are driven by profits and would prefer to ignore the strict processes that take up a lot of time before declaring food to be organic. To be organic, food has to be grown, processed and handled in the proper way. If you eat organic food, you can be sure that it is a product of the highest standards.

4. Organic Food Promotes A Community Vibe

When you opt for big brands like Mars, Pepsi, Dominos, and Kellogg’s, you certainly don’t feel any reverence of the people who cultivated it. Instead, you know that that the food on your table has come pre-packaged from a massive warehouse, boxed together by programmed machines. It’s all a bit impersonal, isn’t it? Organic food, on the other hand, is lovingly cultivated by local farmers, which creates a real sense of place and community.

5. There Is A Lot Of Variety

A few years ago, there wasn’t a lot of food in the organic food sector. It was a new thing, and choice was limited. These days, though, because organic food has been around for some time, and because more and more of us realise the harm that non-organic food can have on our health, there is an abundance of choice when it comes to organic food. There is lots on offer, with farmers containing to innovate and serve up something fresh and different. The aim is to have an organic alternative for every food you can think.

6. Organic Food Reduces Farm Pollution

There are a number of reasons to rally against industrial agriculture and promote organic food instead, not least of which is the fact that industrial agriculture damages farmland, farmers, as well as our entire environments once it makes its merry way downstream. And we’re pretty sure you don’t want that to happen, right? You see, once synthetic fertiliser enters the ocean, it creates ‘dead zones’ which are really not good the environment. Organic food, by contrast, protects our lovely environments for us and for future generations.

7. Organic Food Strengthens Species Of Food

According to food scientists, we are actually losing species of food. Many of us are aware that species of animals are dying out, but in a similar way we are losing entire species of food. Many of us aren’t even aware this is happening, largely because the media chooses not to tell us, but farming communities around the world are gravely concerned about this issue.

8. Organic Foods Are The Product Of Innovation

Organic farmers are the true innovators in the world of food science, as they are on a quest produce better foods without the need for harmful chemicals that not only harm us, but which also harm our planet. By using innovative techniques, farmers have been able to displace the harmful chemicals, and they have done so via dedicated research and testing.

9. Organic Food Supports The Wildlife

If you care about wildlife, you might want to seriously consider going organic. Organic farms care about the ecosystem, and they understand that humans are not the only living things on this earth that benefit from soil and water. There are insects and animals too, and organic farmers use specific crops that protects wildlife, keeping everybody happy.

10. Organic Foods Supports Your Local Farm

Industrial agriculture is a serious harm to the local farming community, and the only realistic support that the local farmer has is organic foods, as well as people who are committed to buying them. Most of the food that you consumed is actually produced by a handful of massive plants, and most of these mega-plants don’t look anything like a farm. So if you want to make sure that your local farming community can continue to thrive, and can continue to bring you healthy food that isn’t harmful, you might want to think about going organic.

Stay happy and healthy!

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