10 Reasons To Motivate You To Eat More Strawberries

When I was a young girl, I absolutely refused to eat fruit or veg. My mom would often sneak greens onto my plate, and she tried convincing me to eat carrots by telling me they will help me see in the dark.

It didn’t work. To me, fruit and vegetables were bland, tasteless and no fun at all.

As I got a little bit older, I discovered the strawberry. Colourful, a little bit exotic and bursting with flavour, I fell in love with it.

These days, strawberries always remind me of summer as a child, when I would pick berries with my grandma in the sunshine. To this day, I eat strawberries each week and they’re a mainstay of my shopping list.

If you want to get healthier by adding fruit to your diet that tastes sweet, here are 10 reasons why you should be eating more strawberries.

They’re Rich In Flavour But Low In Calories

Strawberries taste amazing. They taste so amazing, in fact, that you could be forgiven for thinking they’re candy and that you should probably avoid them because calories and all that.

But despite their rich taste, a single cup of eight strawberries contains less than fifty calories.

Less than 50! This means you don’t need to worry about piling on the pounds as you replace your usual sugary snack with a bowl of strawberries. Mhmm.

Strawberries Promote Eye Health

Strawberries are packed with essential antioxidants that look after your eyes. They reduce your risk of developing cataracts, and subsequently lower your risk of going blind as you age.

The antioxidants found in strawberries play a key role in protecting your eyes against free radicals that are on a mission to worsen your sight. They also strengthen your eye’s retina and cornea.

Strawberries Make An Ace Dessert

The thing with fruit is that it doesn’t have to be eaten by itself.

You don’t have to peel a banana and munch on it, praying that the pain ends quickly. Instead, you can make a gorgeous banana split.

Similarly, you don’t have to just peel an orange and eat it by itself. Instead, you can make an orange cake.

Strawberries are the same. Rather than nibble on them by themselves, you could spice things up by pairing them up with cream to make one heck of an amazing dessert.

To really get the party started, why not add some chocolate dip in there, too?

Strawberries Lower Your Risk Of Cancer

We all fear cancer, but while some throw caution to the wind and decide that cancer is a random lotto that can affect anyone, others take safety measures that significantly reduce their risks.

If you want to go guard against certain cancers, eating more strawberries is a fab idea. Strawberries are rich in cancer-preventing properties that suppress cancer cell growth and promote healthier, normal cells.

Strawberries Are Hugely Versatile

As well as making for an excellent dessert, strawberries can be eaten at any time of the day.

You could for example, top your morning pancakes or waffles off with strawberries and chocolate sauce, or you could add them to your smoothie that you take to work with you.

You could also stuff them into your pre or post-workout shake, or even enjoy them as part of your evening cocktail with the girls.

Delicious, colourful and full of energy, strawberries put a smile on your day wherever you are.

They’re Loaded With Vitamin C

We all could do with more vitamin C, because most of us just don’t get enough. Vitamin C boss your immune system, improve’s the health of your heart, can reduce your risk of eye disease and it also slows down the ageing process.

With all those great health benefits, it makes perfect sense to consume more vitamin C.

Strawberries are so rich in vitamin C that eating just six large berries a day stocks you with your daily recommended amount of vitamin C. Cool, huh?

Strawberries Can Boost Your Memory

Isn’t it irritating when something slips your mind? Perhaps you really want to say something to prove your point to a friend, but you simply can’t recall it.

Nature is full of powerful memory boosters, and strawberries are just one of them. Rich in a flavonoid known as fisetin, strawberries stimulate signalling pathways, thereby boosting your memory.

Strawberries also help to strengthen and persevere your memory, reducing your risk of developing debilitating neurological diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

They Don’t Need Added Sugar

Fruit comes in a variety of tastes. Bananas are pretty bland, while kiwi fruit is really tangy. Strawberries are sweetness inside and out, and they don’t need any extra sugar.

This is great news because added sugar is really bad for you. If, however, you do feel as though your strawberries aren’t sweet enough for your taste buds, you can always dip them in chocolate as mentioned above. That will get your taste buds racing!

Strawberries Are Rich In Potassium

Potassium is so so SO important, but like all the other micronutrients, many of us simply don’t get enough of it. Sure, we double down on macronutrients, but we forget all about the nutrients that really matter.

Potassium has a wealth of health benefits. It reduces your risk of stroke, regulates your blood pressure, protects your heart and kidney, relives stress and anxiety, and it can also regulate your metabolism.

Everyone knows that bananas are rich in potassium, but so are strawberries. And the best thing? Strawberries taste better! Just a few berries is enough to get 7% of your daily recommended intake of potassium.

They Can Reduce The Risk Of You Having An Allergic Reaction

Allergic reactions are terrifying, and they can even prove fatal if left untreated. But did you know that there are ways to reduce the chances of you having an allergic reaction to something?

Strawberries contain phenolic acids, which have been research extensively. The conclusion? They contain anti-allergenic agents that minimise the biochemical process that causes an allergic reaction.

Ironically, you might be allergic to strawberries themselves. If you suspect an allergy, talk to a doctor first.

Stay happy and healthy!

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