10 Convincing Reasons To Drink Ginger Water Every Day

Everyone loves a good glass of water, right? And right now, ginger water is all the rage. Perhaps you’ve got a friend who’s told you that ginger water is a key part of her daily diet, or maybe your doctor recommended it to you. But what is it that makes ginger so darn amazing?

Ginger is a plant that originates from China, where the natives have been adding it to their teas, meals and glasses of water for centuries on end. Used as a spice to “spice” things up, it’s got many health benefits, thanks largely to the fact that it’s positively bursting with nutrients and minerals. Indeed, among its essential nutrients are the likes of magnesium, copper and potassium. It is also rich in vitamins, including A, E and C.

Ginger is traditionally consumed for its medicinal properties. For example, it can remedy a sore stomach. But it also tastes fab, and it adds a kick to your glass of water.

Here are 10 convincing reasons to drink ginger water each day:

Ginger Water Helps To Calm Your Stomach Down

As already mentioned, one of the main reasons why folk add ginger to their diet is because it’s fantastic at calming down an upset stomach. It can also soothe gastrointestinal muscles, thereby reducing bloating and gas.

Stomach disorders are common, and generally afflict most during over the course of the year. A stomach disorder could be a minor complaint, such as trapped wind, or it could be something a bit more major, such as stomach cramps and even diarrhoea and nausea.

Ginger water can help to alleviate all kinds of symptoms.

Ginger Water Can Reduce Muscle Soreness

If ginger water is not already part of your post-workout diet, you should consider adding it.

We all feel a bit achy after a workout, but if you feel as though your body is taking a lot longer than it really should be to recover, you might find that ginger water helps.

This is because of ginger’s anti-inflammatory properties, which get to work on your sore muscles after a bout of intensive activity – such as a workout.

Ginger Water Is Good For Your Brain

Ginger contains a compound called 6-shogaol, which protects your brain, keeping it healthy by inhibiting the release of rogue chemicals which damage neurones in either vivo or vitro models.

Ginger Water Can Prevent You Developing The Flu

Isn’t the flu just awful? I have a friend who says to me that the flu is not so bad because “at least you know what it is and it isn’t going to kill you.”

Well, of course the flu isn’t likely to kill us. But it still makes us feel icky and slows down our productivity. And if there is a chance to prevent it, we’re going to take it, right?

Drinking ginger water each day could prove to be your first line of defence against the flu. This is because ginger contains anti-fungal, anti-toxic and anti-viral agents that enhance your immune system.

And a strong immune system is exactly what you need if you’re going to ward off the flu.

Ginger Water Can Cure A Headache

Water by itself is effective at reducing a headache.

So is ginger.

Put them together and you’ve got a great way of soothing a sore head.

Ginger Water Can Reduce Your Risk Of Developing Heart Disease

Although the research on this one is still tentative, researchers have discovered a link between consuming more ginger and reducing one’s risk of developing heart disease. And because heart disease is now America’s biggest killer, this is good news.

Ginger Water Can Treat Morning Sickness

If you’re pregnant and suffer from morning sickness, you’ll probably admit that this is the worst part of being pregnant. Nobody likes to feel sick. Nausea is one the most unpleasant feelings a human can ever experience!

Fortunately, ginger water can help remedy morning sickness for pregnant women. Like vitamin B6, ginger works almost straight away, providing you with near instant relief from the nausea.

We suggest drinking it at night, as well as in the morning.

Ginger Water Reduces Arthritis Pain

One of the best properties that ginger water has is its anti-inflammatory properties. Because of these, ginger water can help to reduce the pain associated with gout, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Arthritis is more common than you might think, and it can affect younger women just as much as older women. Worse still, there is no known cure.

But although there is no known cure, there are ways to reduce your suffering. Drinking a glass of ginger water is one easy – and tasty – way of doing just this.

Ginger Water Can Prevent Cancer

Researchers say that 1 in 3 people will develop cancer at some point in their lives. So while you might be lucky to escape it, there is a very strong possibility that you will know someone who falls victim to it.

And while nothing you do will completely reduce your risk of developing cancer altogether, there are certain changes you can make to your diet which will significantly improve your chances of living a cancer-free life.

Drinking a glass of ginger water each day can certainly boost your chances. Studies have shown that ginger is effective when it comes to reducing the risk of a person developing certain types of cancer, including colon and ovarian.

It can also combat breast, skin, pancreatic and prostrate cancer.

Because Ginger + Water Is Just Awesome!

Your body is composed of so much water. You’re basically water. As such, it makes perfect sense that you need to feed it as much water as possible to keep you functioning at your best. Without enough water in your system, you will feel rundown and unproductive. In other words – yucky.

Plus, water is good for your skin and leaves you looking amazing. Combine these benefits with all the amazing benefits of ginger mentioned above, and there really is no reasons not to drink a glass of ginger water each day.

So what are you waiting for?

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