10 Potassium Rich Foods To Include In Your Diet

You’ve been told to get more potassium. Your friend is eating potassium all the time. Even your mom has just texted to say she’s had her potassium fix for the day. Hey, even grandma is “thinking about getting into potassium.” But what is potassium, why do you need it, and which are 10 awesome potassium rich foods that you can include in your diet?

Potassium is a micronutrient – a mineral that performs a number of key functions in your body. It regulates the rhythm of your heart, your muscle and nerve function, as well as your fluid levels.

If you could take a cell out of your body and open it up, you’d find potassium inside it. It’s in all your cells, and the amount in each cell is regulated by your kidneys. It teams up with sodium to make sure that your blood pressure is normal.

Potassium deficiency is not something commonly heard of, but that’s often because people who experience it don’t get diagnosed. Symptoms include feeling faint, feeling fatigued, and being constipated.

Let’s take a look at 10 potassium-rich foods that you can include in your diet.


The avocado is experiencing a bit of a renaissance right now. It seems that everyone is eating it, including your weight-conscious best friend, your vegan roommate, and grandma (but only because someone told her it tastes like chicken).

The avocado looks like a vegetable but it’s actually a fruit. It’s easy to peel and chop into chunks that you can then mush up and add to guacamole or mix with scrambled eggs. You can also add it to a variety of salads and sandwiches, where it will add colour and taste.

Bananas are often heralded as the Kings of Potassium, but avocados are actually a better source of this super cool mineral. Indeed, one whole avocado contains a whopping 1,068 mg of potassium. That’s seriously good!

Orange Juice

Is orange juice a cornerstone of your breakfast? It should be!

OJ is rich in vitamin C – but you already know this.

As well as vitamin C, orange juice is also loaded with another essential nutrient – potassium.

A glass of orange juice in the morning is a quite frankly stupendously easy way of getting a potassium fix that it seems almost too good to be true. It’s also refreshing and tastes like heaven.

Tomato Sauce

Tomatoes by themselves are super healthy, but tomato sauce is super super duper healthy and provide you with more potassium.

Indeed, just a quarter cup of tomato sauce can contain around 650 mg of potassium.

You could also drink a glass of tomato juice for 400 mg extra potassium.

Tomato sauce can be added to a variety of dishes, but especially pasta ones, such as spaghetti bolognese or spaghetti with meat balls. It’s rich, tasty and easy to prepare.

Sweet Potato

The sweet potato is the sweetest of all the potatoes. In fact, it’s probably the sweetest vegetable. End of story. It gets its vibrant orange hue from its beta carotene content, which is also the reason why carrots and squash look so tanned.

Beta cartons is very healthy and you should try to squeeze more of it into your diet. But so is potassium, and a single cup of sweet potato contains around 952 mg of the stuff. That’s almost 1,000.

Sweet potatoes can replace white potatoes in a number of dishes, but they’re a little bit cooler than their paler brethren. As such, they look great when chopped and turned into fries that are added to the side of your burgers.

You could also mash sweet potato and turn it into sweet potato mash. Yummy!


Dates could be your new favourite snack. Just a half cup contains almost 600 mg of potassium, which makes this middle easter fav the ideal way of getting more potassium into your body whenever you just need something to munch on during the afternoon.


Combine dates with raisins to really double down on potassium. A half cup of raisins contains 545 mg of potassium.


White beans are packed with more potassium than any other bean, but the truth is that all beans are good sources of potassium. From a half cup of white beans, you can get almost 600 mg of potassium. Impressive!

Lentils, kidney beans and also split peas rich in potassium too, and they all come with other benefits as well. For example, beans protect your heart and are stuffed with fibre.

Beans are versatile and can be added to any number of dishes. But when you don’t have much time, beans on toast always works, while a can of lentil soup is another easy to prepare winner!


Popeye used to eat spinach by the gallon because it was rich in iron. But each time he chugged a whole can of spinach in one go, he also got a massive potassium fix. No doubt, it helped to strengthen his quite amazing muscles!

Spinach is a dark leafy green that contains around 840 mg of potassium for each cup. That’s very good. Spinach can be boiled, fried or eaten raw, and complements any number of dishes. It even makes for a healthy pizza topping!

Dried Apricot

Like apricot in your oatmeal? LOVE apricot jam? It’s time to start loving it even more because apricots contain well over 1,000 mg of potassium!

They’re also rich in fibre and vitamin A.


Here at Beauty and Tips, we’re promoters of yogurt because we know just how beneficial it is.

An eight ounce serving of non-fat yogurt delivers almost 600 mg of potassium. If you prefer full-fat yogurt, you can still get your potassium fix (though full-fat yogurt doesn’t contain as much potassium as non-fat).

Yogurt can be eaten by itself, or it can be added to your morning granola. You can enjoy it with fruit for more taste and a bigger health boost, or drop some on your salad or sandwiches.

Do you know other potassium rich foods?

Stay happy and healthy!

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