10 Of The Best Ways To Make Sure You Get Your 5 A Day

At first, it was just the advertisements on TV asking if we were getting our five a day. A woman would be drinking a smoothie, telling us it was part of her 5 a day. Were we getting ours?

Then, everyone caught on. Suddenly, you were catching your fruit-fearing friend eating a banana because it was “part of her five a day”.

Before you knew it, your mom was eating a full salad at night, telling you that she desperately needed to get her five a day before midnight.

Is the idea true that by eating five nutritious fruit, veg, grains seeds and otherwise each day we’ll get healthier? Yes! It’s totally true.

Why? Because there are huge health benefits that come from eating at least five portions of the good stuff each day. Your body gets as many essential vitamins an minerals as it needs to keep working at optimal level, while your risk of developing debilitating diseases (such as diabetes and cancer) is reduced.

The problem for many of us is how we get our five a day. It isn’t easy, especially if you don’t have many ideas. Before you know it, the day is almost over and you’re pretty sure you’ve only had one of your five a day.

Moreover, do we even know what constitutes part of our five a day?

If you’re unsure about the whole thing, here are 10 of the best ways to make sure you get your 5 a day.

Beans On Toast

This is a British classic, so if you don’t live in Britain you might not get it. But I was born here, and baked beans on toast is one of those super-easy-to-prepare meals that everyone enjoys, from children to old people.

There is something comforting about the way baked beans and toast just go together. But if you don’t like baked beans (and mostly everyone outside Britain doesn’t seem to!), you could try lentils on toast instead. It’s just as good, just as healthy, and a really easy way of getting one of your five a day. Both beans and lentils are rich in carbs, vitamins, protein and minerals.

It’s also perfect for anyone who is operating on a budget. Yummy for less money!

Avocado On Toast

You need to mix things up a bit so that you’re not always having the same thing on toast each day. Sometimes I’ll have baked beans on toast, but somedays I’ll go for avocados on toast. Both are winners.

Avocados are much more popular now than they have been for a long time. This is their renaissance period. It seems as though everyone is eating them, from your best friend to your grandmother.

Even just half an avocado is classed as one of your five a day, which means you don’t have to spread the whole lot on your toast. You can top it off with a tomato for more taste, as well as some salad leaves. Scrumptious!!

Cereal + Fruit

Lots of us probably don’t start our day with one of our five a day. Cereal is the most popular breakfast of choice, probably followed by toast with a cup of coffee. It’s tasty and easy, but not nutritious.

But rather than cram all your five portions into the remainder of the day, get an early start at breakfast time by adding fruit, seeds and berries to your cereal.

Oatmeal goes with so many fruits. For example, coconut shavings and mango is a popular and tasty choice which means you’ve already got two of your five a day.

Other ideas you could try are bananas in your cereal, blueberries and strawberries. In fact, top your cereal off with any fruit you love for a great way to kickstart your day.

Use Spreads

Adding a spread to your sandwich, such as hummus or pesto, is a fab way of sneaking in another of your five a day.

Add Vegetables To Your Rice

Rich is bland, you know that. But if you’re operating on a budget, it’s understandable if you can’t jazz it up too much. However, adding as many vegetables as you can to your rice dishes is well worth it because it’s an easy way to increase your intake of veggies while getting one (or maybe even two) of your five a day.

A Packet Of Raisins

Instead of snacking on candies and chips at work, try snacking on raisins instead.

Raisins, which are essentially dried fruit, are super nutritious. Just one tbsp equals one of your five a day. That’s pretty amazing.

Even better, raisins are cheap to buy and addictive. Once you start munching on them at work, you won’t be able to stop. So healthy!

Vegetable Crisps

Love your crisps but concerned that you’re not getting your five a day? Try vegetable crisps!

Gorgeous crisps can be made out of vegetables such as sweet potato and beetroot. You can make them at home, which means you can control how much fat and salt is in them.

A Smoothie

Any smoothie you make (or buy) of fruit and veg will count as one portion at least, but it’s possible that it will count as two.

It’s not easy to tell how many portions you’re getting from a smoothie, especially if you made it yourself. But if you buy a smoothie, you can check the label to be sure.

Smoothies are an excellent way of getting one or more of your five a day because they’re composed of whole fruits rich in vitamins. They’re also very tasty, though some can be expensive.

Lemon Slices In Drinks

Whether you’re drinking water or a gin and tonic, adding lemon slices is an easy-peasy way of getting another one of your five a day.

This five a day thing is a cinch, right?!

Canned Fruit Counts

Canned veg counts as well. People are never sure about canned fruit and veg because of the preservatives, but as long as you go for canned fruit that’s swimming in juice and canned veg that’s swimming in water, you’re getting one of your five a day.

Also, avoid canned veg with added salt and sugar.

Stay happy and healthy!

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