10 Natural Sugar Alternatives

For some of us, sugar was our best friend for so long. We grew up with it, and it comforted us during times when we needed a candy bar to lean on. Whether we dumped a few scoops in our coffee or scoffed cakes after lunch, sugar was always there for us.

And now, in this dystopian, brave new world, we’re being told to severe ties with it. We’re told to say goodbye to our treats and comforts.

Our world is falling apart.

“Goodbye, old friend!”

This is because sugar is actually really harmful.

Like, it causes obesity, heart disease, diabetes and gum disease.

Some friend, huh?

But I know I know. We spend so much time telling people to cut down on their sugar intake (or eliminate it altogether) but we don’t provide any alternatives.

The good news, though, is that cutting out sugar isn’t going to turn you into a raving maniac who emails dieticians demanding to know “WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO [email protected]@!3”

The even better news is that there are healthier and delicious alternatives available – and we’re going to divulge them right now so that your tea, coffee, cakes and biscuits stay as sweet and as cheerful as ever. But with the added bonus of being healthier! Yay!

Let’s take a look at 10 natural sugar alternatives you need in your life right now.

Coconut Sugar

If you’ve read about coconut oil, you’ll know that it can pretty much do anything.

But it’s high time that you learned about coconut sugar.

Taken from the coconut palm, the sugar is heated until its water content evaporates and it’s reduced to mere granules.

The sugar extract is wholly nutritious and good for you, and has a really low glycemic index. This means that you don’t get a buzz followed by a horrendous crash after consuming it.

Taste wise, it’s similar to brown sugar but even richer. Mhmm.


Whichever entrepreneur first had the idea of sticking his hand in a bee hive and stealing their honey gets kudos from us. What an amazing person because honey is a fantastic natural alternative to sugar.

Honey is actually sweeter than sugar – but healthier.

It’s stuffed with vitamins, as well as lots of important anti-microbial agents.

There is a caveat: Honey does actually come with more calories than refined sugar. BUT you’re inclined to use a lot less of it because it’s so much sweeter than sugar. Amazing, huh?

Banana Puree

Bananas are a powerful, tasty fruit that aren’t too sweet. They’re loaded with potassium, fibre, as well as lots of vitamins.

Making banana puree is simple. All you need to do is add a few bananas to a food processor, add in a tbsp of water – and blend.

Maple Syrup

If you’ve watched the Christmas movie Elf you’ll know that American’s love their syrup.

But isn’t this the reasons have such a huge obesity problem?

Well, yes and no.

Maple syrup is a better, more natural alternative to sugar because it comes in liquid form. This means that, like honey, you’ll be inclined to use less of it, and you’ll also reduce the other liquids you use (such as when you’re baking cakes).

Syrup has a very distinct taste and works a charm on waffles and pancakes. You can also slip it into your tea and coffee for something super delicious.



Okay, so you’re not going to slip an apple in your morning cup of coffee. In this way, fruit doesn’t work as a sugar alternative.

But if you’re trying to ween yourself off a sugar-rich diet and need some alternative foods, fruit is a great place to start.

Fruit’s are loaded with natural sugars. Some contain more than others, and some taste sweeter than others. If you say you dislike fruit, it might be that you haven’t found the sweet spot yet. Experiment, try a few different ones and see which works for you.

Date Sugar

Date sugar is produced from dried-out, ground figs. The process is minimal, and it tastes a little bit sweeter than refined sugar. For this reason, like honey, you don’t need to use too much of it.

Stuffed with vitamins, fibre and lots of energy-boosting agents, it can also be added to thicks thanks to its thicker consistency. It doesn’t melt, so you can also stir it into your coffee or tea. Lovely.


Unlike refine white sugar, Stevia contains zero calories – yet it around a hundred times sweeter than sugar. Incredible.

Stevia is naturally derived from South America, and is in fact the only calorie-free sweetener that is safe to eat.

This means that it represents a great alternative to artificial sweetener.


For the ultimate natural sugar kick, juicing your fruits is a fab idea.

When you eat whole fruit, it takes a lot longer for the sugars to be released into your bloodstream.

Especially if you eat fruit on a full stomach, it takes so long for these sugars to be released that you don’t feel their effect at all.

Drinking fruit juices and smoothies is a great way of releasing lots of sugar into your bloodstream super quickly. It’s basically energy on tap, giving you such a kick that you’re ready to seize the day.


You might know molasses by its nickname black treacle. But whether you’ve had it before or not, it might be time to substitute it for refined sugar.

Molasses is a thick, black syrup that is used in baking biscuit,s cakes and breads, and it is also used to create sauces and even chutney.

Unlike refined white sugar, molasses actually has a few health benefits. It can reduce your risk of obesity, acne and even diabetes.

Basically, it rights sugars’ wrongs.

Balsamic Graze

Balsamic glaze is a massively healthier alternative to refined sugar. Whereas sugar contains zero nutrients, balsamic glaze is loaded with antioxidants that eliminate nasty disease-causing free radicals from your body.

What are your favorite natural sugar alternatives?

Stay happy and healthy!

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