10 Most common myths about vegan diets

Even though veganism and vegetarianism is far from uncommon, the myths about the people and the effect that their choice of diet will have on them persist. Vegans, though, do all the things that meat eaters do, and you can find vegetarians in all walks of life, so it’s rather odd that there is so much mis-information about the diet. To put the record straight, here are ten of the most common myths about vegans, and the diet that they choose, debunked.

1. All vegans are hippies

This is probably one of the silliest of all the vegan myths. Vegans are doctors, teachers, police officers and, any other profession that you care to mention. It’s true that veganism was associated with the hippy culture of the seventies, but it is now a mainstream diet and even big brand foods have started labelling food as vegan, where appropriate.

2. All vegans are pale, weak and sickly individuals

Like any diet choices, you need a varied diet to make sure that you get all the protein, vitamins, nutrients and minerals that your body needs. That doesn’t have to come from animal protein, and a vegan who eats well, will be no less healthy than a meat eater.

3. There is no protein in plants

Of course there is! Nearly all food contains some protein and a cup of beans contains nearly the same amount of protein, as an ounce of meat.

4. A vegan diet is expensive

It is true that some dairy alternatives can be expensive, but this is more than offset by the fact that many of the vegetarian staples, such as beans, rice, tofu and pasta, are a lot cheaper than meat.

5. The food is boring

Any food can be boring; it’s all down to how you cook it. There is a huge range of vegetarian recipes, from all around the world, including the many Indian vegetarian dishes and Mediterranean vegetable dishes. A diet of just unseasoned and unimaginatively prepared meat would be boring too!

6. Plants feel pain as well

This is the rather cynical comment that meat eaters will often direct at vegans. Actually, plants have no nervous system, no brains and no nerve endings. Come on, can’t you come up with something a bit more original than that!

7. Vegans get more gas

Everyone’s digestive system is susceptible to gas, especially if you eat something that you don’t usually or if you overeat. Vegans don’t break wind any more often than meat eaters and anyway, have you ever slept in the same bed with someone who has just eaten a garlic chicken vindaloo?!

8. Vegans have less energy

Most people find that when they cut out all the processed food and witch to a vegan diet, that they have more energy than they used to. If a vegan does suffer from a lack of energy, then it might be because they are not getting enough iron or Vitamin B12. In that case, all they need to do is eat more iron rich foods like spinach, beans and broccoli and, possibly, increase their intake of Vitamin C.

9. It is too difficult to be a vegan

This may have been true in the past, but it’s certainly not the case today. OK, so some restaurants may still not be as creative as they could be with their vegetarian options, but most do cater for vegans and vegetarians.

10. Vegans are always hungry

You simply won’t feel constantly hungry on a vegan diet, if you eat enough of the right kinds of foods. If you eat enough fibre and protein you will feel full. If anything, high fibre diets will keep you feeling fuller, for longer.

Whatever diet, or better to say lifestyle, you chose, as long as you feel comfortable, happy and healthy with it, is great!

Are there some other common myths about vegan diets that we didn’t mention?

Stay happy and healthy!

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