10 Amazing mood boosting foods 

Now that summer is here, many of us want beach bodies to die for. The problem is that summer brings with it many delicious temptations that arrive in the form of ice cream, chocolate sundaes and beer.

Not only does this kind of diet helps us pile on the pounds, it also does nothing good for our mood.

One of the ways you can stay in shape during the summer is by eating more super-foods that not only boost your body, but which also boost your mood. Let’s take a look at 10 amazing mood boosting foods that will not only enhance your mood, but will also keep you happy and fit during the summer.

1. Swiss Chard

Swiss chard is rich in folic acid, an acid that has been found to be a strong mood enhancer. Scientists have indeed discovered a connection between low levels of folic acid and depression.

Swiss chard is also really versatile when it comes to cooking, and you can easily spice up a meal by scattering it over your meat. Lovely stuff.

2. Coconut

Another one of fabulous mood boosting foods is coconut. Whether you fancy coconut water, coconut meat, coconut oil or even coconut butter, you’re onto a winner. Coconut is a fabulous mood enhancer that also comes with a number of other great bonuses. Rich in protein, coconut meat supports your immune system. Coconut water, on the other hand, is full of potassium that has lots of antiviral properties and it can also very efficiently hydrate your system.

Not to mention coconut butter, which is one of the healthiest fats on the planet.

3. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is another one of great mood boosting foods. Many people have oatmeal for breakfast, and it’s been proven that oatmeal is a fantastic way of getting your day started in the right way. Rich in magnesium, a bowl of oatmeal can set the tone in the morning, as it combats feelings of anxiety and depression.

It’s also filled with soluble fibre that can help stabilise those pesky mood swings. Even better, you can enhance your breakfast by sprinkling some blueberries on your oatmeal. Win.

4. Almonds

Like oatmeal, almonds are rich in magnesium that ensures they are the perfect snack for maintaining brain health. Moreover, they also work at combating depression. And because they’re so convenient and inexpensive, they really should become a staple point in your diet.

All you need is a handful of almonds a day to see a bright change in your mood today.

5. Eggs

Anti-depressant pills help to relieve symptoms of depression by releasing higher levels of serotonin in our bodies. But if you would rather improve your mood naturally, why not rustle up some eggs?

Eggs also deserve their place in our list of mood boosting foods and they are packed in protein and, much like anti-depressants, they help your body to produce more serotonin. Naturally, eggs have also been linked to weight-gain and cholesterol, but if you stick to just 2-3 a day your weight will be just fine, whilst your mood will be given a positive boost. Lovely stuff!

6. Chocolate

This list of mood boosting foods wouldn’t be complete without mentioning chocolate. Okay, so earlier we said that chocolate sundaes are bad for you. Well, they kinda are. But chocolate on its own can actually be very good for you, especially very dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate in particular is known for being very good at reducing our stress hormones, which basically means that eating more of it will help you feel more relaxed and happier.

The downside to chocolate is that you can pile on the pounds if you eat too much of it. We recommend that you keep a lid on your calorie count, and only eat as much as you really need.

7. Tea

Whilst coffee itself can make you more alert and focused, drinking too much Joe isn’t altogether healthy for you and can lead to anxiety attacks. Caffeinated tea, on the other hand, is less addictive and still retains the magnificent mood-enhancing benefits of coffee.

We recommend a cup of caffeinated green, black or oolong tea in the morning to help kick start your day in a positive way. The reason why these teas play such an intrinsic role in shaping our moods is because of the amount of theanine contained within them.

8. Sardines

Scientists have found that if we’re low in omega 3’s, we’re more likely to get depressed. Thankfully, oily fish like sardines or salmon are rich in omega 3’s and are therefore able to give us a positive lift whenever we’re feeling blue.

Dr Eva Cyhlarova, head of research at the Mental Health Foundation, said: “About 60% of the dry weight of the brain is fat, with about 30% of that in the form of omega 3.”

You know what you need to do, right?

9. Honey

Honey is well known for its calming effects on anxious minds and it is also a part of our list of mood boosting foods. This is largely thanks to the fact that it contains an amino acid that creates the hormone serotonin. Serotonin helps to induce sleep and is fantastic at helping us relax.

Honey is really convenient and tasty too, and you can get your fix by simply dropping some in a cup of tea or a pot of yoghurt. Though we don’t recommend that you ingest any more than ten tablespoons a day. Enjoy!

10. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are actually fruits, so if you’re scared of veggies, you have no need to fear these loveable red balls anymore!

The great thing about tomatoes is that they not only help to rid our bodies of nasty free radicals that damage cells and cause cancer, but they also help to combat depression with their remarkably high levels of folic acid.

If you want to improve your mood with tomatoes, we recommend that you don’t eat more than 3 cups a day, but that you eat at least one.

Overall, improving your mood with super-foods is a totally natural way of brightening your day. The best thing is that all the foods in this list taste amazing, and many of them are so versatile that they can be used in a number of ways. Even better is the fact that many of them can even be combined to optimise your mood even more. For example, you could mix honey into your tea, whilst eating tomatoes and eggs on toast.

What are your favourite mood boosting foods?

Stay happy!

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