10 Ideas of delicious, healthy snacks on the go

Science has proven that there is nothing at all wrong with snacking, so long as you eat the right kind of snacks. A between-meals snack will boost your energy levels and you will probably eat less when you do eat your main meal. So, whether you are looking for a snack to provide fuel for a workout, or just looking something to get through the mid-afternoon slump, here are ten healthy snacks on the go that will see you through to your next meal, and that taste delicious too.

1. Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds will provide you with lots of protein for energy, plenty of fibre to fill you up, and they also contain zinc, which will help keep your immune system working at its optimum levels. If you want to roast your own pumpkin seeds, try coating them in some curry powder and adding a pinch of salt to make them extra delicious.

2. Tuna and crackers

For the perfect mix of slow energy release carbohydrates and protein, you can’t get much better than tuna and crackers. This really simple snack is low in calories, but it will provide you some Vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids. Whole wheat crackers and tuna make a great snack that is satisfying and so simple to make when you are in a rush.

3. Greek yoghurt and granola

Another one of healthy snacks on the go is greek yoghurt and granola. Greek yoghurt has much more protein in it than regular yoghurt, plenty of bone strengthening calcium, and probiotics to keep your digestive system in good working order. If you add a couple of tablespoons of granola to it, it will be much more satisfying and you’ll get plenty of fibre too.

4. Celery and nut butter

Nut butter is great with anything, but have you tried it with celery? It’s one of the simple and satisfying healthy snacks on the go. It tastes great if you use almond, cashew or walnut butter. Scoop it into the centre of a celery stick and then sprinkle a few raisins over the top. The combination of the crisp, crunchy celery and the smooth, tasty nut butter is wonderful and it will provide you with plenty of protein too.

5. Kale chips

Not all chips are the unhealthy kind, especially if you make your own out of kale. To make them, just roast some kale with a little olive oil and a very light sprinkling of spices of your choice. They will come out of the oven, lovely and crunchy, and the chips will provide you with plenty of fibre and lots of Vitamin K. It’s the perfect light snack for any time of the day.

 6. Roasted chickpeas

You can buy chickpeas already roasted but the chances are that they will be smothered in salt and unhealthy fats. Roast them yourself at home and just add a little sprinkling of cumin or cardamom, and you will have a really tasty, crunchy snack you can carry around with you. It’ll be much better for you than grabbing a bag of salty potato chips from a store.

7. Trail mix

Trial mix is one of the best healthy snacks on the go. It’s always best if you make your own snacks and then you know exactly what is in them and trail mix is a good example of that. Store bought trail mix often contains added salt and oil, so buy in some raw walnuts, almonds, dries fruit and seeds and make up your own trail mix. It will be a lot healthier than the ones you can buy in the stores and you won’t have to pick out the bits you don’t like!

8. Protein balls

Granola bars may look healthy, but they are often loaded with sugar and you can make your own homemade alternative. Take some almond butter and then stir in ingredients like ground flax, oats, and chia seeds. Then, roll the mixture into balls and you have a really delicious and satisfying snack. You could also add some dark chocolate chips to the mix to make it taste like a cookie.

9. Smoothies

Smoothies are one of our favourite healthy snacks on the go. You can always make up a smoothie and take with you for later. You can now get travel smoothie cups that have a little ball inside to keep the ingredients nicely mixed up. The choice of ingredients is all yours, but try some green smoothies with chia seeds for a really nutritious on the go snack.

10. Hummus and carrot sticks

Hummus, which is made with chickpeas, is a wonderful source of protein and fibre and it also contains iron. You can eat hummus with many different things, but raw carrots seem to go especially well with it. Carrot sticks, or raw baby carrots, will add a nice crunch to your humus snack and it will also provide you with a good supply of carotene and Vitamin A.

What are your favourite healthy snacks on the go?

Stay happy and healthy!

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