10 Healthy Road Trip Snacks That Fit Girls Pack

What’s the worst thing that could happen on a road trip? Driver’s fatigue? Nope. A bulging bladder? Hmmmmmm … nope!

The absolute worst thing that can happen to you on a road trip is hunger. 

We’re talking about the kind of hunger that a good snack attack can cure in minutes. But when you’re out on the open road and short of snacks and civilisation, what are you going to do when hunger attacks? You’re going to be pretty miserable, and you’re probably going to collapse at the wheel.

To remedy the pangs of starvation when you’re out on the open road, all you need to do is plan ahead and tuck a few essential snacks into your girls’ pack that will give you a boost of energy whilst filling you right on up. So let’s take a look at the 10 essential road trip snacks. Yee-ha!

Go Nuts

We here at beauty and tips can’t get enough of nuts when we head out on a road trip. Way better than chops for energy, fats and protein, nuts are convenient, easy to get hold of, and they take absolutely no space up at all.

The best nuts to gather together for a road trip include peanuts, almonds, walnuts and pistachios. They’ll hit the sweet spot, though we do recommend that you exercise a bit of caution and go for the ones with lower levels of salt.


There are fewer better on-the-go snacks than fruit, but if you are going to take some with you on a road trip you will need to store them in a lidded fruit container to make sure they stay cool and fresh.

Some of our favourites include dried fruits, such as apricots, raisins and cranberries. It’s also advised that you avoid fruits which could leave a lot litter behind, such as bananas and oranges!

Bulgogi Jerky

Bulgogi jerky is particularly ideal if you’re traveling with lots of friends who will no doubt feel the pangs of hunger sooner or later. To keep them happy, bulgogi jerky is a healthier alternative to beef jerky. It’s still just as chewy and peppery, but this Korean favourite is packed with more energy – and it isn’t processed.

The slight problem with bulgogi jerky is that it can be difficult to get hold of. If you choose to make your own, you will need to purchase something called soy curls, which are not necessarily all that easy to get hold of.

Hard-boiled Eggs

Boiled eggs are the best eggs to take with you on a road trip. They’re ready to eat, they’re not messy, and they’re stuffed with enough protein to keep you going for the whole day.

You can, of course, boil them during a quick break (as long as you remember to pack a stove), but you can also pre-boil them at home and eat them cold. They can be eaten either on their own, or with a slice of bread. Lovely!


Popcorn is really versatile, and you and your friends can easily munch on it as you sail along. If you’d prefer a healthier alternative to the usual buttery stuff, why not try black sesame and mustard popcorn? The flavour is Asian-inspired and it’s just delicious.

Sliced Vegetables

Convenient, simple and totally non-messy, sliced vegetables are also healthy and tasty. Whether you pack carrot sticks, bell peppers, celery sticks or sliced cucumber pieces, sliced veggies should probably be an essential part of your road trip kit.

Again, like fruit, sliced veggies should be kept in a cool container so that they stay fresh and edible. To enhance their taste, why not take along a few dips? Celery and mayonnaise, anyone? Yes, please!

Banana, Coconut, Chocolate Chip Snack Cake

There is only really one proven way of keeping the whiners and the complainers at bay when you’re on a long road trip – give them cake!

This particularly divine snack cake is basically banana bread, coconut cake and chocolate chip all rolled into one. This basically makes it more awesome than anything else, and the best thing? It doesn’t need to be refrigerated and it also leaves no crumbs!

String Cheese

Lots of trippers have traditionally packed cheese-flavoured snacks, such as cheese puffs. But cheese puffs are messy, and they’re also littered with artificial flavourings that are very bad for you.

String cheese, on the other hand, means you still get your cheese fix, but it also means you’re getting your protein and calcium fix too. Double win! We suggest pairing them with some baby carrots of a fresh cup of fruit. Gorgeous.

Dark Chocolate Coconut Protein Balls

We know what you want. You want us to recommend chocolate. Go on, you say. A bit of chocolate never harmed no one!

True, chocolate is healthy and makes for a good snack. But when you take some chocolate on a road trip, you run the risk of a sticky, melting mess. Instead, we recommend dark chocolate coconut protein balls. They don’t melt, and the dark chocolate is packed with enough cocoa and flavorins to keep you healthy and chugging along.

Plus, it’s just a great treat!

Energy Bars

Many of us prefer to take candy bars on the open road with us because they’re tasty, and they make for a pleasant treat. But candy bars are often not very healthy, and they certainly don’t help give us a boost of energy.

Instead, why not swap your candy bars for energy bars? Yup, it’s high time to swap those calorie-busting candy bars and replace those 30 grams of sugar with a granola bar to enhance your protein and fibre intake whilst avoiding a sugary nightmare.

It’s not always easy to find energy bars that are right for you, so we suggest checking out the ingredients before buying. What you’re ideally looking for are bars that contain at least 5 grams of protein, 3 grams of fibre and less than around 35% of sugar.

Stay happy!

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