10 Healthy Eating Mistakes You Should Stop Making

You’re only as strong as your weakest link. In this article, Beauty and Tips takes a look at 10 healthy eating mistakes you should stop making.

Healthy eating is hard, and anyone who says that it’s easy aren’t telling the truth. They might think they are – but they aren’t. First of all, healthy eating involves spinach. It also involves broccoli. IKR? As kids, vegetables were things most of us just didn’t do!  However, as well as getting over your aversion to greens, healthy eating is full of lots of other obstacles. While you might think you’re doing all the right things, you might actually be making more mistakes than you realise. And it’s these mistakes that could be the reason you’re not seeing the progress you thought you’d have seen by now. Here are 10 healthy eating mistakes you should stop making.

You’re Still Eating Added Sugar

Sugar is so annoying. Not only can it make us fat, rot our teeth and cause diabetes, it also seems to get everywhere. It’s even in fresh fruit! How can we avoid it? You might think that you’re now on a no-added sugar free diet – but you might be wrong. Because while food manufacturers put “no added sugar” on the label, they’re often engaging in a bit of linguistic deception.

No added sugar certainly doesn’t mean a product is healthy, or that it contains no sugar. It just means there isn’t an absolute tonne of sugar in the product. In fact, we advise that you’re always suspicious of any product that feels the need to come with a “no added sugar label.” The chances are that it isn’t as healthy as you think it is. The best way to find out the exact sugar content of a product is to take a look at its 100g column on its label. Then, compare it with similar products. Whatever has a super low count of sugar is probably the product you should be choosing.

Cutting Out Fruit Because Of Sugar

Maybe you’re not eating added sugar anymore. Maybe you’ve gone the opposite way and decided to cut down on fruit because someone told you it contains sugar. Yes, fruit contains sugar. But it’s natural sugar rich in more glucose than fructose which won’t send your blood sugar levels through the roof like added sugar does. Moreover, the fructose it does contain is actually good for your liver.

Eating With A Movie

This is another one of common healthy eating mistakes. We get it. It’s Friday night, which means movie night with snacks. Awesome. Problem is, when we eat while watching TV, we indulge in uncontrolled eating. This means we’re out of control. And when we’re out of control, we overeat. If you must have snacks with a movie, make them healthy ones like nuts and berries.

Eating Too Much Protein

Of course you should eat protein. It’s essential to a healthy diet. But too much protein? That’s  a massive mistake. The thing with protein is that, if you go overboard and LITERALLY EAT IT ALL, it will store itself as excess fat. That’s bad news. Also, protein bars and shakes? They’re not really all that good, because they tend to be both fatty and sugary. We’d avoid.

Sticking Resolutely To Your Five A Day

Nutritionists around the world agreed that we should eat five portions of fruit and veg per day. Problem is that a lot of people take this without any flexibility and stick to just five portions. However, five portions is simply the minimum amount you should be eating. To really get all the health benefits from fruit and veg, you should be aiming for up to ten portions per day.

Skipping Breakfast

Think it’s perfectly fine to skip breakfast because you want to lose weight and cereal makes you fat? There are other cereals than Kap’n Krunch. Moreover, breakfast is actually the most important meal of the day. Rather than make you fatter, it actually helps you to lose weight. A hearty, nutritious breakfast rich in protein fuels you up, gets your metabolism moving, and can keep you satisfied until lunch. This means there is less risk of you raiding the snacks cupboard at work, a movie which WILL cause weight gain.

Choosing Low Fat Products All The Time

When we decide to start eating healthily, many of us declare that we’re going to cut out fats. But fats are complex and often misunderstood more than any other nutrient. First of all, you simply can’t survive without fat. Moreover, it doesn’t cause weight gain all by itself. Bad fats play a role, and it’s definitely more calorie-dense than protein and carbs. But your body needs the right amount of fats for a few good reasons. Fats give you energy, enhance cell growth and help to keep you warm (aww). So, yes, you need fats. And you don’t need to be in a mad rush to avoid as many of them as possible. That’s not being sensible – it’s being irrational. Cut down on fats by all means, but make sure that you get an adequate amount of good fats from the right sources, such as nuts, coconut, and avocados.

Not Sleeping Enough

“I only get five hours sleep per night. It’s all I need.”

“Sleep is for the weak.”


Ever said these lines? Stop. Sleep isn’t for the weak – it’s for the strong. Those who sleep tend to eat healthier than those who don’t. Why? Because a lack of sleep messes with your hormones – including insulin – and can cause you to overeat during the day.

Skipping Meals

Got the impression that if you skip meals, you’ll lose more weight? It makes sense, right? Actually, just like skipping breakfast, it has the opposite effect and it’s one of very common healthy eating mistakes. When you skip meals, you’re even more hungrier when meal time comes around. As a result? You eat EVEN MORE THAN USUAL. More pie, more fries – more desert. Don’t skip meals. Instead, do as the Japanese do – keep your metabolism moving by eating little and often.

What are your best healthy eating tips?

Stay happy and healthy!

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