10 Healthy Eating Habits That Will Make A Big Difference In Your Wellbeing

What are ten healthy eating habits you can adopt that will make a big difference in how you feel?

It was only a couple of years back when a significant number of the population assumed that chronic disease just happen. Diabetes “just happens.” Heart disease “just happens.”

As well as patients falsely believing that diseases just happen, so too do a number of doctors. As such, they focused on treating the disease without stopping to focus on the cause.

Nowadays, we’re more tuned into the fact that a poor diet is one of the chief causes of chronic disease. A poor diet can cause cancers, heart disease, diabetes, and so on.

Healthy eating habits improve all aspect of your life. They can increase your longevity, give you a much-needed boost in energy, and they also make a huge difference in your wellbeing.

In this article, we’re focusing on eating habits that will make a big difference in your wellbeing. But the truth is that these eating habits will also improve your health in general. Let’s take a look!

Drink Less Alcohol

This one is obvious. But if it’s so obvious, have you taken it on board yet?

Lots of us love to drink socially with our friends, especially at the weekend. Some of us enjoy a glass of wine when we return home from work in the evening, too. It helps us to calm down and unwind after a long day.

We know we should probably drink less – or even not at all – but for many of us, it often takes a significant event for us to start associating alcohol with pain instead of pleasure, such as a health scare.

However, health scares can be waiting for anyone down the line who drinks. And because alcohol can affect your wellbeing (especially during a nasty hangover!), it’s sensible to cut down on the amount you drink.

Avoid Processed Food

So many of us eat processed food. According to the book Fast Food Nation, around 90% of the money U.S. citizens spend on food goes on processed food.

That’s pretty unhealthy when you consider that processed food is rich in preservatives, sugars and bad fats.

The alternative to processed food? Fresh food!

Eat Your Five A Day

The concept of “five a day” was not a marketing gimmick designed to get us all buying more fruit so that companies could make a bigger profit. It was simply a cool-sounding way to help us improve our health.

The “five a day” concept was introduced because people in the western world just weren’t getting enough nutrients into their diet. If you eat your five a day – which includes fruit, vegetables, legumes and grains – you’re consuming enough nutrients to keep your health on track.

Cut Out Soda

An easy way to ruin your wellbeing is to consume lots of soda. Even diet soda is bad for you – artificial sweetener is in no way better than sugar!

Soda can cause all kinds of problems, such as rotting teeth, and it can also mess with your mental health if you drink too much of it.

Eat A Healthy Breakfast

Do you skip breakfast? You probably shouldn’t. When you skip breakfast, it can often leave you craving food once you arrive at work or college. And once there, there really is only thing you’re going to do – head to the vending machine for a sugary treat.

Not healthy at all!

To improve your wellbeing, rustle yourself up a high-protein breakfast before you leave the house. It will leave you feeling fuller for longer, and will prevent your mind from wandering to the sugary treat you’ll be enjoying soon!

Get Your Omega-3’s

To improve your wellbeing, it’s important that you get your omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are good for brain health, and you can find them most predominantly in the likes of salmon and walnuts.

Eat From A Smaller Plate

A funny thing happened in America in the 1960’s. Bigger plates were introduced. Why? Presumably because either people were complaining that their current plates weren’t big enough, or because food companies wanted their loyal costumers to eat more.

There is no need to eat from a big plate. When we do, we have the tendency to fill the big plate to the brim with food, so much so that we feel obliged to eat every last morsel.

Remember when your mom would tell you off for not finishing the whole plate?

A healthier eating hack is to eat from a smaller plate. You’ll still feel just as full (trust us, you will), but you won’t feel obliged to eat as much. Win.

Drink Lots of Water

Ever felt unbelievable fatigued throughout the day? Maybe you’ve suffered from “brain fog” and just don’t really feel at it?

It could be that you need more water.

Water is the best way to stay hydrated. It’s the elixir of life. It also flushes toxins from your body that were building up during the night, ensuing that you start your day feeling refreshed and mentally revitalised.

Throw Away The Table Salt

“But salt makes food taste good,” you might argue.

Salt makes bland – often junk – food taste good. However, healthy food can be super delicious without the need to sprinkle salt over the top once you get it onto your plate.

Too much salt in our diet has been linked to a number of chronic diseases, including stroke and heart disease. Yes, your body needs salt to survive – but it doesn’t need added salt.

Most of us consume too much salt on a daily basis. Season your foods properly beforehand for great taste and you won’t need it. Cook with garlic and ginger, spice things up with paprika. Just avoid salt.

Eat Healthy Snacks

If you must snack (and who doesn’t snack?), it’s important that you snack healthily. This means swapping your usual sugar snacks for things like nuts, seeds, a piece of fruit, or even yogurt.

Blueberries are an awesome snack. They taste oh so good, and they come with a healthy punch.

Stay happy and healthy!

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