10 Health Benefits Of Teff

On beauty and tips, we like to talk about grains because they’re super healthy, and very easy to introduce into your diet. Teff is another super grain with a mighty lot of power – and a mighty lot of taste. No bigger than a poppy seed, it comes in a wide range of colours, including white and red. Grown in Ethiopia, it is used there to make a form of nutty flatbread that gives your diet a nutritional punch.

But there are a variety of ways you can eat it. You can substitute it for cereal at breakfast, rice at lunch, or even pasta at dinner. It’s super easy to cook, and you can even cook it with flour to make a load of bread.

Let’s take a look at 10 health benefits of Teff.

1. Teff Is Packed With Protein

We all need to eat more protein, and one way you can get your protein fix easily and tastily is via Teff.

Unlike quinoa, Teff is not a complete protein. But a single 2-ounce serving of this grain still contains as much as 7 grams of protein, which equates to a single extra large egg!

Fantastic. Moreover, it is also a great source of 8 essential amino acids too. Essential amino acids are what your body doesn’t produce, and as such you need to find them in your diet.

2. Teff Is Loaded With Calcium

More and more of us are taking annual trips to the dentist. And we say annual, we mean once every six months. And all too often the dentist tells us there is something wrong and they’ll have to give us a filling – or even a root canal!

Not only is such news disturbing, it’s also expensive. If you want to look after your teeth a bit more, you need to consume more calcium. You can do this via Teff, which contains 180mg of calcium per 100 grams. Essentially, a single cup contains as much as a half cooked cup of spinach. Brill!

3. Teff Is Gluten-Free

Being gluten-sensitive can get really frustrating. You have to be really selective about what you eat, and really careful when it comes to dining out. One wrong move could spell disaster and ruin your day.

Mercifully, Teff is full of healthy goodness – and it’s also gluten free. This means we can pretty much all enjoy the stuff!

Gluten is a protein that is normally found in wheats and grains – such as rye – and it can cause bloating, gas and constipation in certain people. Teff is anti-inflammatory and very easy to digest, which makes it a great alternative to the more highly refined grains.

4. Teff Can Regulate Your Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetic sufferers will know only too well that managing your blood sugar levels can be hard work. You have to be very selective when it comes to your diet, and avoid eating certain foods. This sometimes means that you miss out on super foods, such as grains, that would otherwise give your body a great boost.

You don’t have to miss out on Teff, though. Teff helps to regulate your blood sugar levels, keeping them low. It contains up to 40% resistant starches and has a low glycemic index, which is essential when it comes to lowering blood sugar levels. Lovely.

5. Teff Is Low In Fat

You know how it is when you’re trying to lose a bit of weight. You want to eat foods that are low in fats, but you sometimes find it hard to make a well-rounded, wholesome meal that tastes good, and which will fill you up nicely.

As well as all its nutritional benefits, Teff is fantastic for helping you shed a few pounds. It’s incredibly low in saturated fat, which means you can pile as much onto your plate as you want to improve taste and texture to your meals.

6. Teff Gives Your Longer Lasting Energy

Most of us would probably admit that we’d like a bit more energy, and many of us rely on coffee in the morning to give us that instant kick that will get us through those first few laborious hours at work.

But how about introducing Teff into your breakfast? Teff is very high in amino acids, and has more than most other grains. And it is these amino acids that support energy levels, giving you a boost that helps you stay on your toes even longer than coffee. Moreover, it also doesn’t bring with it the nasty crashes or fuzziness that we associate with caffeine.

7. Teff Keeps You Regular

Everyone wants to be regular. If you’re not regular, your colon fills up with toxins and waste that can make you an uncomfortable experience.

Teff contains about five grams of fibre per single ounce of serving. This is in stark comparison to the all-purpose wheat flours, which contain just a single gram per one ounce of serving.

Essentially, the more high-fibre grains you eat, the more regular you will become.

Even better, the more fibre you consume, the less you’ll feel like snacking between meals. Bonus.

8. Teff Is Stuffed With Vitamins and Minerals

A lot of grains contain a number of vitamins and minerals, but few contain as many as the mighty Teff. This veritable powerhouse of the grain world contains more nutrients than your average grain, which is why it is termed a super grain. It’s actually more expensive than quinoa, but its nutritional value is immense.

Not only is it rich in magnesium, iron, fibre, Vitamin B6, calcium, and protein, but it’s also the only ancient seed to contain vitamin C! And vitamin C is one of the most effective nutrients there is, and can help protect your immune system against deficiencies, lower your risk of heart disease, and can even prevent premature ageing.

9. Teff Is Great For Vegans

If you’re a vegan and you’re on the lookout for new ways of incorporating more protein into your diet, you could do a lot worse than turn to Teff. It’s rich in amino acids, and it’s also more nutrient dense than most other proteins.

10. Teff Is Rich In Copper

Teff also contains copper, which itself comes with numerous health benefits. It has anti-inflammatory properties, and can protect your nervous and cardiovascular system against deficiencies. Copper also slows down the ageing process, ensuring that your hair retains its vibrant colour for longer. It also promotes brain health and skin elasticity. Awesome!

Do you know other health benefits of teff?

Stay healthy!

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