10 Health Benefits Of Sprouted Grains

If you’ve recently made the switch to a raw diet or are thinking of adopting one, you’ve probably heard about sprouted grains. In this article, Beauty and Tips takes a look at 10 health benefits of sprouted grains.

First of all, what are sprouted grains? They’re whole grains that begin to grow into a brand new plant with just the perfect amount of moisture and warmth. This used to be an entirely natural process that happened all the time, but thanks to modern grain processing, the grain was able to sprout! Fortunately, we realised what was happening and sprouted grains are now well and truly back on the menu. Nature is so cool! Sprouted grains consist of three parts:

1) The bran, which is the outer, protective layer, or skin

2) The germ, which is the inner embryo

3) The endosperm, which is the middle bit that contains all the nutrients

When grains are soaked, the inner germ is able to sprout. Let’s take a look at 10 health benefits of sprouted grains:

Sprouted Grains Are Really Easy To Digest

Indigestion is one of the most common reason we see a doctor. Everyone at some point – including your fav celebrity – has suffered from indigestion. Symptoms range from the mild – gas, bloating – to the very severe – stomach cramps and diarrhoea. It’s not nice at all, but indigestion can easily be prevented by eating food that is less taxing on your digestive system. In other words, food that is easier to digest – such as sprouted grains! When food takes too long to digest, it can leave you feeling pretty tired and low on energy. Moreover, it can cause weight gain. Sprouted grains, on the other hand, are broken down into small components that makes them really easy to digest.

Sprouted Grains Contain A Better Concentration Of Nutrients

This is another one of fabulous health benefits of sprouted grains. Whole grains do contain plenty of key nutrients, but sprouted grains contain an even better concentration of nutrients. Among their essential nutrient are folate, vitamin C, B vitamins, antioxidants, fibre and protein. This means they contain a good mix of both macro and micro nutrients – which is cool!

Sprouted Grains Let Your Body Easily Absorb Nutrients

It’s one thing to eat foods that are rich in nutrients. But unless your body is able to absorb all those nutrients, most of them will go to waste. Your body has to be able to absorb and use nutrients for them to be of any, well, use. Sprouted grains contains nutrients that are more bio-accessible. In fact, studies have shown that iron found in sprouted grains is around 3 times more bio-accessible than iron in an un-sprouted grain.

Sprouted Grains Contain More Fibre

Whole grains are known for their fibre content – but sprouted grains contain even more. Fibre is important for a number of reasons. Not only does it help to keep you filled up for longer, therefore helping you lose weight, but it also normalises your bowel movements, helps to keep your gut nice and healthy, lowers bad cholesterol levels, and also helps to regulate your blood sugar levels. Speaking of which …

Sprouted Grains Help To Control Your Blood Sugar Levels

Raised blood sugar level can be dangerous, eventually leading to obesity and diabetes. They can also mess with your mood, make you hungry and deplete your energy levels. The aim is to keep them at a stable level. This becomes tricky when so much of what we eat causes blood sugar spikes. One of great health benefits of sprouted grains is that they are able to help maintain blood sugar levels.

Sprouted Grains Contain Less Gluten

Gluten is a really tricky customer that can cause all kinds of problems for those who are allergic to it. Folk who are sensitive to gluten have an immune system that attacks it. This is called celiac disease, and cases of it are on the rise. It’s painful, and anyone who has it should avoid gluten-based products. Gluten can cause other side effects, too, including irritable bowel syndrome, while a number of brain disorders have been linked to gluten. Patients who adopt a gluten-free diet often see an improvement in their condition. Worse still, gluten is thought to be addictive. The more you eat, the more you want – and this can increase your risk of developing celiac disease. Finally, gluten is also linked to autoimmune diseases – diseases which are caused by our immune system attacking us! In short, a diet that contains too much gluten is pretty bad. Fortunately, it’s possible to adopt a gluten-free diet that is healthy, varied and tasty – and sprouted grains should be on the menu!

Sprouted Grains Have A Lower Glycemic Index

This is great news for people suffering from diabetes, as bread that has a high glycemic index can trigger symptoms and make them feel pretty lousy. The next time you buy bread that has a lower GI, remember that you’ve got the good old sprouted grains to thank!

Sprouted Grains Don’t Usually Contain Preservatives

Not all preservatives in food are bad, but there is evidence that links a number of them to a wealth of health conditions. Certain preservatives can cause asthma, others contain cancer-causing carcinogens, while some preservatives are used to treat AIDS. And it’s kinda weird to be eating an AIDS treatment, no? Either way, preservatives are definitely questionable, which is why it’s awesome that sprouted grains don’t typically contain ‘em.

Sprouted Grains Contain Lots Of Protein

This is another one of fabulous health benefits of sprouted grains. Looking to bulk up or lose weight? Then you need more protein – and sprouted grains are an excellent source. Sprouted grains contain more protein than whole grains, which makes them a go-to food source if you need more protein in your diet.

Sprouted Grains Also Contain Less Fat

As well as containing more protein than whole grains, sprouted grains contains just 40% of the fat you’ll find in a whole grain. This is pretty good news if you’re looking to tone up, or otherwise shift some pounds. Moreover, sprouted grains contain less carbs than whole grains, too.

What do you think about health benefits of sprouted grains?

Stay happy!

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