10 Health Benefits Of Oolong Tea You Need To Know About

Oolong tea. It has a funny name, has a funny look (it looks like dried raisins), and you’ve probably never heard of it in your life. But don’t let any of this put you off, because oolong tea has been around for centuries, with the ancient Chinese in particular singing its praises. And their singing its praises because oolong tea tastes delicious, is entirely naturally, and is one of the healthiest teas on the planet.

But just in case you need a bit more convincing to drink a tea that sounds more like an obscure Australian wood instrument, let’s take a look at the top 10 health benefits of oolong tea you need to know all about.

1. Oolong Tea Can Help You To Lose Weight

You can burn fat quicker with oolong tea, because oolong tea boosts your metabolism. Coupled with this is the fact that the tea is rich in polyphenols, which essentially block the enzymes that produce fat.

It’s worth pointing out, though, that whilst it’s perfectly possible to lose weight with oolong tea, it won’t be possible if you add sugar. So if you’re the sweet type who loves to drop a sugar or two into your brew, we recommend that you substitute sugar for raw honey or coconut sugar. It still tastes sweet but it comes without all those empty calories.

2. Oolong Tea Can Lower Cholesterol

Another one of great health benefits of oolong tea is that it can help lower cholesterol. In case you didn’t know, cholesterol is very bad and can lead to heart disease. The good news is that oolong tea is semi-oxidised and fights against body fat by producing a polyphenol molecule so perfectly sized that it triggers the enzyme lipase to spring into action. This enzyme is what combats fat, thereby lowering cholesterol. Magic!

3. Oolong Tea Prevents Tooth Decay

One of the reasons the Chinese drink so much oolong tea is because it helps to prevent tooth decay from acid. Along with the more-famous green tea, oolong tea stems both the production of acid, as well as the ability of bacteria to live long and prosper. This means that it should be an essential part of your diet, if you’re looking to prevent build-up plaque and tooth decay.

Again, though, this only really works out if you don’t drop a few sugars into your tea!

4. Oolong Tea Battles Free Radicals

One of health benefits of oolong tea is that it can help battle free radicals. Free radicals can lead to cancer, and they can also speed up the ageing process. In this way, oolong tea is excellent at both reducing the risk of cancer, as well as maintaining healthy looking skin.

See, free radicals are really detrimental to beauty. They turn our skin lipids into something called lipid peroxide, which causes dark spots on our skin. The polyphenols found in oolong tea, though, are free radicals’ nemesis and help to flush them out of our body. Therefore, we age better!

5. Oolong Tea Can Also Prevent Skin Cancer

It’s generally well known that obsessive tea drinkers are at lower risk of developing skin cancer than non-tea drinkers, but your chances are even more greatly reduced when you start drinking oolong tea.

This tea is rich in more polymeric polyphenols than any other tea, and it is these antioxidants that lower our chance of skin cancer by destroying the cells found in cancerous growths. Nice one.

6. Oolong Tea Can Control Diabetes

Another one of fabulous health benefits of oolong tea is that it can help control diabetes. In a 2003 study, a number of diabetes patients were asked to drink 1,500 ml of oolong tea each day for 30 days. The unanimous results were that the patients experienced a reduction in blood sugar levels.

And because unregulated blood sugar levels are highly dangerous to sufferers of type-2 diabetes, oolong tea is therefore suggested as a requisite of your diet. Water is okay – but oolong tea is even better!

7. Oolong Tea Strengthens Bones

Osteoporosis is becoming a very serious chronic ailment, with more and more people suffering from brittle bones. A handy way to combat osteoporosis is by drinking more oolong tea, because in much the same way that this tea helps to prevent tooth decay, another one of great health benefits of oolong tea is that it also strengthens our bones. Regular oolong tea drinks have been found to be less likely to lose their bone mineral density than those who don’t drink it, and the tea also has the ability to actually help your body retain minerals from other foods too. Awesome!

8. Oolong Tea Maintains A Healthy Immune System

Without a strong immune system, we would basically fall apart. Fortunately, a good, balanced diet is the ideal way to maintaining a healthy immune system, and by introducing oolong tea into your diet, you’ll be taking advantage of another one of powerful health benefits of oolong tea – strengthened immune system.

Oolong tea contains antioxidant flavonoids that stop cellular damage, with the upshot being that oolong tea drinkers have more anti-bacterial proteins than everyone else. This means they have a very strong immune system that can take on the world. Bring it!

9. Oolong Tea Gives You A Boost Of Energy

Oolong tea actually contains a small amount of caffeine, which is why we don’t recommend that you drink too much of it. You know, all good things in moderation and all that. We trust you!

But because oolong tea contains smidgens of caffeine, it is also able to give you a timely boost of energy. The great thing is that you won’t be over-energised in the way that you are with coffee, which means that there will be no crash afterwards. Instead, oolong tea is the perfect replacement to all those sugar-coated sports drinks that are probably doing more harm than good.

10. Oolong Tea Promotes Cardiovascular Health

Health benefits of oolong tea go even further…Concerned about the health of your heart? Many people in 2015 are. Oolong tea, which has been a lifestyle choice of health-conscious Chinese for centuries, is a perfect way to maintain tip-top cardiovascular health, as it reduces cholesterol levels. This, in turn, reduces your risk of a heart attack.

As mentioned, oolong tea does contain a small amount of caffeine, and for this reason we advise that you drink up to 7 cups a week. If you want it to, oolong tea can become a major part of your way of life. With a full-bodied aroma, a wealth of health benefits and a slightly sweet taste, oolong tea is very much the way forward.

Do you know other benefits of oolong tea?

Stay happy and healthy!

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