10 Amazing health benefits of ginseng that you need to know about

The health benefits of ginseng are almost legendary and the herbal root has been used in Chinese medicine for over 5,000 years. The herb comes in a number of different varieties and is grown primarily in the USA and eastern Asia. Ginseng is said by many to be one of the best supplements that you can buy and you can find it in heath stores in powder form, dried, or in tablets, and you can make ginseng tea, or you can simply chew on the root, or add it to food. Can a cup of ginseng tea really be that good for you? Here are ten of the amazing health benefits of ginseng to help you decide for yourself.

1. It can help you lose weight

Taken regularly, ginseng is a very good way to control your appetite, which can help you to maintain a healthy weight or shed pounds. Half the battle, when you are trying to lose weight, is to be able to resist the temptation to eat too much, or eat the wrong kinds of food, and the natural appetite suppressing properties of ginseng could be a valuable aid in this respect.

2. It can help those who have Type 2 diabetes

Although ginseng cannot cure Type 2 Diabetes, it has been proven that the root has the power to help to control the condition.  Regular consumption of ginseng helps to stabilise blood sugar levels and control the peaks and troughs that can occur right after eating, and during periods of fasting.

3 It has anti-ageing properties

Another one of great health benefits of ginseng is that it can help slow down the process of ageing through its ability to detox the system and the potent antioxidants that ginseng contains, which help to fight the damage that can be accrued by free-radicals that cause aging of the skin. Ginseng also helps to keep the skin hydrated and it promotes a healthy blood circulation.

4. It improves mental clarity

If you find it difficult to concentrate sometimes, especially towards the end of the day, then a daily dose of ginseng could hold the answer for you. Ginseng is said to stimulate the brain cells and so make it easier to focus and to perform complex mental tasks. Studies have found that, when people take a ginseng supplement, they experience a noticeable improvement in their mental ability and alertness.

5. It helps regulate hormones

Ginseng can also be useful in controlling and balancing hormones during the menstrual cycle. It is believed that ginseng has the ability to regulate the hormones, which can help keep the cycle regular, ease cramps and promote a healthy flow.

6. It gives you more energy

This is another one of popular health benefits of ginseng. It is used in many pick-me-up tonics because of its ability to improve mental alertness, and for the energy boost that it can provide. Scientists now believe that ginseng helps to regulate the metabolism and improves the body’s absorption of oxygen. This helps you get more energy out of the food that you eat.

7. Helps with erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can be a caused by a number of different things and, if a man does experience it they should consult with a doctor. However, ginseng is an aphrodisiac that has an effect on both men and women. Ginseng enhances sexual arousal and increases blood flow, and it is often used in Chinese medicine for just this purpose.

8. It has anti-cancer properties

Ginseng contains compounds called ginsenosides, which can help stop the formation of certain types of cancer. Ginsenosides helps to stop abnormal cells developing in the body and they are also believed to be able to stop tumours developing. Whilst ginseng is not a cure for cancer, it is believed that it can be useful in preventing and controlling it.

9. It can reduce anxiety

One of fabulous health benefits of ginseng is that it has a calming effect on the mind which can be of great benefit to those who suffer from anxiety. Whether a person suffers with general nervousness, or more severe anxiety problems, ginseng helps to clear the mind and allow people to get on better with their day to day lives.

10. It lowers bad cholesterol

To lower cholesterol in the body, you need to eat a healthy diet with more of the healthy fats and less of the unhealthy ones. Some foods, though, have been proven to be an aid in this process by reducing the amount of unhealthy cholesterol in the body and ginseng is one of those foods. Regular consumption of ginseng can also help keep your cardiovascular system in good health and reduce the risk of blood clots forming.

Do you know other health benefits of ginseng?

Stay healthy and happy!

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