10 Health benefits of beets you probably didn’t know about

Some people are put off eating beet by the very, almost blood red, color. But don’t let that deep color deter you from trying them, because beets have so much goodness in them, you can’t really afford to exclude beets from your diet. You can use beets in your salad, baked in the oven or blitzed in the blender to make a juice. So, if you’re not keen trying beets, here are ten of the very good reasons that you might want to try:

1. Beets can help prevent cardiovascular problems

Research has shown that the drinking of beet juice or eating the vegetable can help to prevent cardiovascular disease and lower blood pressure. Beets contain phytonutrients, vitamin C and manganese, all of which help to promote a healthy cardiovascular system.

2. Beets help with your mental wellbeing

Health benefits of beets include your mental wellbeing. Beets contain some of the very same ingredients that are used in anti-depression medication. Eat this healthy vegetable and you will get a natural supply of betaine, a component of some antidepressant drugs and tryptophan, a substance that creates a sense of well being and relaxes your mind.

3. Increases endurance

In a study carried out in England, scientists found that people who eat foods that are high in healthy nitrates, like beets, have a higher level of endurance when exercising. The natural nitrates contained in the vegetable act to widen the blood vessels, which allows more oxygen to reach the muscles. In trials, people, who had drunk beet juice were able to exercise for over 15% longer, than those who had not drunk the juice.

4. Beets provide a good source of energy

Beets are low in calories, but they do contain a source of sugar, which is released slowly into the body. This makes them a great source of long term energy that will keep you going throughout the day. There are, in fact, very few other foods that will provide the same level of slow release energy as beets.

5. Rich in antioxidants, beets can help prevent cancer

Eating beet has been proven in studies to be a good way to prevent cancer. The pigment that gives beet their deep red color is called betacyanin and it’s one of the strongest known natural aids in preventing cancers.

6. Beets are scientifically proven to boost stamina

The stamina boosting properties of beets are far more, than just a myth. They contain a compound called boron, which increases the production of human ‘physical intimacy related’ hormones in the body. It’s the Romans, who apparently discovered this surprising natural ability of beets and they used the vegetable in medicines for this purpose.

7. Beets can control inflammation

Chronic inflammation is not only painful, it can also lead to other complications, like heart disease and cancer. Beets contain a number of compounds that can reduce inflammation, including carotenoid phytonutrients and choline.

8. Beets can reduce the risk of birth defects

It is well proven that women who consume the B-complex vitamin, folate, during pregnancy are helping to protect their unborn child from developing birth defects and beets have one of the highest concentrations of folate that you can get from a vegetable.

9. Beets can help treat anaemia

Health benefits of beets also include anaemia relief. You don’t need to take iron supplements, when you have plenty of beets in your diet, because beets are an excellent natural source of iron, which is quickly and easily absorbed into the body, which increase your blood count and improve your blood circulation.

10. Beets detoxify your system

One of the popular health benefits of beets is that beets help detoxify your body. The red betalain pigments found in beets are an important part of what your body needs to assist with the detoxification process. Eating beets can help the body to remove unwanted toxins from the blood stream and allow them to pass harmlessly away in the urine.

What are other health benefits of beets? Feel free to share your thoughts and healthy eating tips in the comment section below.

Stay happy and healthy!

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