10 Amazing health benefits of avocado

Everyone is eating avocados these days, from your hipster friends to your health-obsessed best friend to your grandma. But why should YOU be eating avocados? In this article, Beauty and Tips finds out.

Avocados are easily the food of the year. Five years ago, few people would have been able to tell the difference between an avocado and an aubergine, whereas nowadays it seems that not a day goes by where someone tell us they’ve just had avocado on toast.

But the best proof that the world is going gaga for avocados? Knife injuries resulting from trying to cut an avocado are on the rise, with one media outlet now calling the fruit a “health hazard.”

Why do we love avocados so much? Here are 10 reasons why you should include avocados in your diet or 10 health benefits of avocado.

Avocados Are Rich In Potassium

We all thought bananas were rich in potassium. And they are. But they don’t contain as much potassium as avocados. Yup, the humble avocado is the true queen of this particular mineral. This is good news, because potassium is actually one of the micronutrients that too few of us are getting enough of. Why is potassium even important? Potassium is key because it helps to keep your cells functioning at their best. This means you don’t lose energy, and are able to stay feeling great throughout the day. A single serving of avocado contains as much as 14% of the average daily amount. Compare that to bananas, which contain just 10%. We’re not saying that you should swap avocados for bananas – we’re saying that you should double down on both!

Avocados Can Treat Arthritis

One of the most painful ailments there is, arthritis is a terrible thin that affects millions of us around the world. But while some foods – milk, sugar and wheat – can increase the pain, avocados have the opposite effect.

Avocados Are Rich In Fibre

Fibre is an important nutrient for a few reasons. For those of you who are looking to lose weight, eating fibre-rich food helps you to stay full for longer, which has obvious advantages. For everyone else, soluble fibre (the type found in avocados) prevents nasty blood sugar spikes, and it also helps to feed the healthy bacteria that lives inside your intestine. This is key, because healthy gut bacteria is essential if we’re to feel at our best. A single serving of avocados contains as much as seven grams of fibre – over a quarter of the daily recommended amount.

Avocados Can Protect Your Eyes

If you ask people what they fear the most, going blind will probably be one of the answers they give. But while many of us are terrified by the idea of one day going blind, how many of us are taking the right steps to reduce the risk? Your diet has a massive role to play when it comes to protecting your eyes. Carrots are well-known for their eyesight-preserving qualities, but avocados can help, too. They’re rich in antioxidants such as lutein which promote eye health, reducing the risk of macular degeneration and cataracts.

Avocados Can Lower Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a massive risk factor for heart disease, and heart disease is now the biggest killer of American adults. In fact, it’s the most common killer in the whole world. High cholesterol is as dangerous as your doctor told you it was. Combined with high blood press and triglycerides, it basically puts together a ticking time-bomb next to your heart. Not cool.

Avocados have been found to dramatically drop cholesterol levels, as well as lower blood triglycerides. At the same time, avocados can increase the amount of “good” cholesterol in your system.

Avocados Are Good For Pregnant Women

When pregnant, it’s important that you get as much folate as possible, as it reduces the chances of birth defects. Avocados are rich in this B vitamin. Add it to your grocery list.

Avocados Contain Good Fats

Yup, there are bad fats and there are good fats. Fats are important to anyones diet, but anyone who makes the switch to vegan may at first find it difficult to get an adequate amount of fats into their system. Avocados can help. Well over 70% of its calories are actually from fat, which means that you’ll be hard pushed to find a fattier plant. The healthy fat it contains is also known as mono-unsaturated, and you’ll also find it in olive oil. It reduces inflammation, which can in turn reduce your risk of developing heart disease.

Here’s Another Good Thing About The Fats In Avocados

The thing with nutrients is that they’re only effective when your body is able to absorb them into your system. If your body can’t absorb them very well? They become totally redundant. All that spinach and broccoli you forced yourself to eat will all be for nothing. Oh no!

But it’s okay because Team Avocado is here to save the day. Avocados contain good fats, and it is these good fats that a number of nutrients need if they’re to be absorbed into your system. Think of these fats as gate-keepers that welcome visitors to a castle. The gate-keeper has the keys, and without them visitors won’t have access to the castle.

Avocados Stabilise Blood Sugar Levels

You need your blood sugar levels to be stable if you’re to avoid diabetes, and avocados can help with that. The more avocados you eat, the easier it is to keep your blood sugar levels stable. How many do you need to eat? We’d recommend eating one per day.

Avocados Are Good For Your Skin

Because avocados fight inflammation, they can improve the look of your skin, restoring its shine and vitality. Avocados are also rich in vitamin E, which plays a key role in slowing down the ageing process.

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