10 Reasons To Stop Eating Refined Sugar

“Unfortunately, it’s too late to save myself. I’ve been eating sugar since I was a kid. I’m doomed. Why stop now?”

The old argument “why stop now?” is often trotted out by people who are unwilling to quit something they know is bad for them.

Smokers in their forties suggest, well, they may as well keep smoking because it’s too late to stop.

But the truth is that it’s a good time to stop eating sugar anytime.

Sugar is super harmful, and it’s also addictive. Too much sugar over time can lead to gum disease, diabetes, brain fog, and obesity.

Unfortunately, avoiding sugar is not easy because it’s literally everywhere. It’s in soda, candy bars, breakfast cereals, coffee, and so on. Having consumed so much of it since we were kids, we’ve become used to it.

But if you can summon the willpower and the effort to cut down on your sugar in take, here are 10 reasons why you should:

Sugar Contain Zero Nutrients

Despite the fact that we eat so much sugar, it doesn’t actually add any value to our lives.


Nope. None. Zero. Nada.

So why do we consume so much of it?

Because it tastes good!

Unfortunately, this isn’t a good enough reason anymore, not when you consider that there are so many tasty and healthier alternatives out there – such as honey.

Lots of us rely on sodas and pastries to get filled up during the day, but because they’re stuffed with empty calories and no nutrients, it’s a good idea to try alternatives.

Sugar Makes You Unproductive

One of harmful effects of sugar is that it makes you unproductive.

When I started my first job as a teenager, I wasn’t exactly eager. I was listless, lazy and serially unproductive. I’d yawn as soon as I started typing at my desk, and I’d get through at least five cups of coffee each day.

I was more of a hindrance than a benefit to the company, and I knew it. I just felt foggy all the time.

My diet back then was rich in sugar, and I have no doubt at all that it affected my performance. Your diet can make you more energetic and alert, and it can also slow you down.

And if you’re eating too much sugar, this could be the prime reason you feel sluggish at work and can’t seem to get as much done as you really need.

Sugar Makes Your Liver Fat

Liver disease sounds really scary.

But what’s even scarier is that it isn’t just alcohol that causes a fatty liver. One of harmful effects of sugar is that it makes your liver fat, too.

Sugar is composed of two simple sugars, and fructose is the one that heads straight to your liver. If you consume fructose after a brutal workout, it’s fine. If you consume it while watching Netflix, it isn’t so fine because your liver won’t have use for it.

So your liver turns this fructose into fat.

Some of the fat is transferred elsewhere – but some of it is not.

Over time, this can cause fatty liver disease. If left untreated, it can turn into full-on liver disease.

Sugar Can Damage Your Mental Activity

One of harmful effects of sugar is that it can damage your mental activity.

Once I cut right down on refined sugar, my performance at work was much improved. My blood-sugar levels remained stable all day, and I was energetic and productive.

When you eat too much sugar, your blood-sugar levels are inconsistent, and this can overwork your brain, leaving you sleepy and foggy. When your brain works harder, mental clarity is harder to come by.

Sugar Can Cause Insulin Resistance

If you know someone who has diabetes, you’ll no doubt have heard them talking about insulin resistance. But you might be wondering what it means.

Insulin is tasked with driving glucose from your bloodstream into your cells.

But when you eat too much sugar, your cells become resistant to insulin.

Your pancreas then becomes overworked and has to secrete lots and lots of insulin to help it remove sugar from your bloodstream.

In time, this can lead to diabetes.

Sugar Causes Obesity

Another one of well-known harmful effects of sugar is that it can cause obesity. You’ll have heard all about how sugar makes people fat. Maybe you’ve looked at your own body in the mirror and thought you could do with trimming a few pounds.

Cutting out sugar will help you to lose weight. How? It’s all to do with insulin again.

Insulin helps to remove fat from your bloodstream so that you stay nice and slim. But when your body become resistant to insulin, fat cells no longer listen to it and they instead remain in your bloodstream.

Over time, this is how obesity happens.

Sugar Costs A Lot Of Money!

When I was a young girl, I was often begging my mom to borrow me few pennies so that I could nip to the general store and buy some soda, crisps and candy bars. My friends are the same.

We must have cost our parents a small fortune.

It’s not a surprise. The products that are rich in sugar cost a lot of money, and because they’re addictive they can easily cost you more than you really should be spending on food.

Cutting sugary items off your shopping list will save you a heck of a lot of money in the long run.

You’ll Smile More

Studies have found that eating too much sugar can cause stress, anxiety and even depression.

Cut back on the white stuff, and you’ll start smiling more.

Sugar Raises Your Risk Of Disease

Another one of harmful effects of sugar, especially of too much sugar consumption, is linked with numerous Western diseases, such as diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

Indeed, sugar might just be the single biggest contributory factor to dire health in many of the world’s most prosperous nations.

The U.S., for example, prides itself on its wealth and glamour, yet it is home to much obese people than anywhere else in the world. Moreover, over 30 million American adults have type 2 diabetes.

Is becoming sick because you’re eating too much sugar worth it? Not really.

Sugar Can Cause Acne

And finally, one of commonly known harmful effects of sugar is that it can cause acne. Nobody wants to wake up in the morning with a face full of zits, especially, when you’ve got something important coming up, such as a job interview or even a date.

But too much sugar in your system can be inflammatory, and systemic inflammation is a well known acne trigger.

Giving up your sugary treats can improve your skin so that it looks youthful, healthy and glowing once again.

Stay happy and healthy!

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