10 Great Benefits Of Wheatgrass Smoothies

Smoothies are awesome – but wheatgrass smoothies are double the awesomeness. In this article, Beauty and Tips takes a look at 10 great benefits of wheatgrass smoothies.

Wheatgrass is a green, so it’s probably not something you ate as a kid (as most of us struggled to keep spinach down, much to our moms dismay!). As you’ve got older and more interested in nutrition, wheatgrass has suddenly made its way onto your radar. And for good reason.

Wheatgrass is something people either absolutely love or absolutely hate. The ones who love it? They get to enjoy its amazing health benefits. Smoothies, too, are awesome. When you blend fruit and veg together, you’re essentially getting more bang for your buck. Moreover, you’re releasing sugar into your bloodstream with greater efficiency, which means more energy. Yay! Let’s take a look at 10 great benefits of wheatgrass smoothies.

Wheatgrass Smoothies Boost Circulation

Poor circulation is bad news because it can cause tiredness and fatigue. It can leave you feeling drained. Why? Because your energy levels depend on good circulation. If your body is able to transport blood and oxygen around your system with greater efficiency, you reap the rewards. Wheatgrass smoothies boost circulation because they’re rich in iron, a key nutrient that promotes more red blood cells in your body. The more you have of these bad boys, the more nutrients and oxygen are able to be carried through your system with urgency. The better your circulation is, the better you feel.

Wheatgrass Itself Is A Superfood

What is a superfood exactly? It’s mother nature’s equivalent to Wonder Woman! A superfood is a highly nutritious food that has numerous health benefits – and wheatgrass is one of them. These guys might not be trying to save the world from our mortal enemies like Wonder Woman, but they are trying to save your body from your own mortal enemies – free radicals that are intent on causing as much damage to your system as possible. Wheatgrass packs a huge nutritional arsenal, and is stuffed with the likes of vitamins A, B, C and E. In addition, it contains lots of antioxidants, chlorophyll, and amino acids.

Wheatgrass Smoothies Eliminate Fatigue

Feeling low on energy? Avoid coffee and try a wheatgrass smoothie in the morning instead. Wheatgrass is rich in chlorophyll, which aids your immune system and also boosts the speed at which oxygen is able to get to your cells.

Wheatgrass Smoothies Clean Your Liver

Your liver is probably your most overworked organ, yet it’s not an organ many of us think about. We worry about our heart health, and we think about our brain. But our liver? We don’t notice it until things go wrong. Your liver does all the dirty work. It absorbs nasty toxins and flushes them out of your system. But if you don’t help it out via your diet, your liver won’t be able to do its job properly. Overworked and overstressed, a poorly functioning liver will leave you feeling pretty lousy. Because wheatgrass smoothies are rich in fibre, it literally forces your body to eliminate toxins before they’ve even gotten the chance to be absorbed into your system. If you want to keep your liver feeling fresh and clean, drink wheatgrass smoothies.

Wheatgrass Smoothies Boost Your Immune System

Our immune system is one of those things we tend not to notice until it starts to break down. Then, full of a cold and feeling pretty lousy, we get annoyed with it. The thing is, though, that your immune system needs some help from you. If you keep eating the wrong things while avoiding exercise and daylight, your immune system will eventually break down. It needs you to give it some help, and you can do this by drinking wheatgrass smoothies. Wheatgrass smoothies contain more vitamin C than even oranges, as well as more vitamin A than carrots – twice as much, in fact. As such, it provides a super helping hand in your time of need (when you’re literally dying of a cold in the winter).

Wheatgrass Smoothies Speed Up The Healing Process

Ever cut yourself and wished your body would heal already? A slow-healing body can be really annoying, especially when we’ve got an injury that’s stopping us from playing sports, working out or even completing the simplest of tasks, such as walking the stairs. Fortunately, wheatgrass smoothies can help. Rich in iron, they help to produce more red blood cells in your system. More red blood cells means that nutrients are able to do their job faster – including healing wounds.

Wheatgrass Smoothies Can Improve Digestion

So many people around the world have digestive issues, and the culprit is almost always a poor diet. Adding wheatgrass smoothies – with its B complex vitamins and fibre content – can help your muscles do a better job “down there”, ensuring that things get moving with more haste.

Wheatgrass Smoothies Promote Oral Health

Worried about the state of your teeth? Sounds like someone needs a wheatgrass smoothie! Thanks to their anti-microbial and antibacterial properties, wheatgrass smoothies are able to promote better mouth health which reducing gum inflammation.

Wheatgrass Benefits Are Still Being Discovered

Are you now thinking that wheatgrass has lots of really awesome and cool benefits? Excellent. The thing is, it’s only just getting started. Indeed, research is being carried out into the health benefits of wheatgrass as we speak, with researchers trying to confirm a link between its ability to stop certain types of cancer from developing.

Wheatgrass Smoothies Are Easy To Drink

Most people are a bit tentative when they first try a glass of wheatgrass smoothie.

“Can I not just drink tea instead?”


“Oh, you know what? I’m actually not all that thirsty. Knew I shouldn’t have had that coffee earlier. Oh well!”

But a wheatgrass smoothie makes drinking it a lot more palatable because you get to mix it with other fruits and veg. You can make a wheatgrass smoothie in just fifteen minutes, and if you get the ingredients right, it will taste amazing.

Do you want to share other benefits of wheatgrass smoothies?

Stay happy and healthy!

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