10 Foods That Cause Acne

There was a time when we used to say that an acne breakout is a student’s worst nightmare. But the unfortunate truth is that acne breakouts can happen at any time – and they can affect anyone.

Strangely enough, though, acne only seems to breakout on your face when you really, REALLY don’t want it to. For example, it might breakout the night before your prom, the morning of a first date, or during a job interview!

It very rarely breaks out when you’re planning to stay indoors all week. Hmm.

There is a reason for this: Stress can cause acne breakouts. Ergo, when you’re worrying about an upcoming event – such as your prom – acne you can manifest itself on your face, due to a build up of toxins in your system.

But as well as stress, food is also a contributory factor. If your diet is poor, it could be the reason behind your acne.

If you’re looking to minimise the damage and look your best at all times, let’s take a look at the top 10 foods that cause acne. Avoid at all costs! (especially before prom)


Chocolate has a few health benefits. Loaded with antioxidants, it’s good for your heart – in moderation, of course.

But chocolate is not so great for your skin, especially if you eat a lot of it and if it’s less than 70% cocoa. Although a simple bar of chocolate in and of itself is not going to cause acne to breakout on your face, a diet that is high in chocolate over a long period of time can cause acne.

It’s all about not over-indulging. A chocolate bar once a week will be fine, but if you consume more than your fair share, you’re heading down a slippery slope.


Okay, so you’ve now gotta cut back on chocolate. But you can also tell your mom, boyfriend or whoever that you’ve also gotta cut back on tasteless spinach because this, too, can cause acne.

Spinach is okay in moderation. But before your mom puts too much on your plate, kindly inform her that “too much spinach leads to acne breakouts.”

She literally won’t have a retort.

The old “but greens are good for you!” line won’t even cut it.

Spicy Foods

Lots of people tend to blame spicy foods for a lot of things. They tend to take the rap!

Spicy foods can be blamed for indigestion, heartburn, acid reflux, a sore throat … lots of things!

But can spicy foods really be the cause of acne? Or is that taking things a bit too far?

The answer is YES.

Although studies into the link between hot foods and acne breakouts is still tentative, there has been evidence to suggest that eating spicy stuff can damage your skin. While doctors would lay the blame for your acne at the door of cosmetics, hormones and stress, dieticians might point in the direction of a flaming curry.


One type of foods that cause acne are salty foods. Salt got a really bad reputation in the nineties when it was discovered that it’s really bad for our health. But it’s since been overtaken by sugar as the real arch-villain on the dinner table.

But salt is still as bad for you as it’s ever been, and one of the problems it can cause is water retention in the body, as well as acne.

Yup, just a few liberal sprinklings of table salt might add taste to your fat, but it can also add craters to your face. Not cool.


There are so many different kinds of cheese out there, from feta to mozzarella. Anyone who loves cheese and tries different kinds each week might not be too happy to read that cheese is also included in the list of foods that cause acne.

The reason for this is because cheeses can trigger more insulin in your body – and ,more insulin has been linked to a breakout in acne.

It’s not just cheese that is at the sticky end of things; dairy products in general can wreak havoc with the amount of insulin that is in your bloodstream, causing spots to appear on your face. Not cool.


One of the reasons we think we can get away with munching on candy now and then is because we can clean our teeth lately and wash away all the sugar. Right?

Although candy damages your teeth and gums, it doesn’t stop there. It also damages your face, causing acne to breakout.


Okay, here is the deal: Nuts are really healthy and good for you, and we at Beauty And Tips are often advising our readers to snack on them throughout the day because they’re a much healthier alternative to chocolates and sweets.

However, there is one teeny tiny caveat: Nuts are also included in this list of foods that cause acne.

Yup, these guys can be a major acne-triggering food in some people. Scientists have found that a high-glycemic diet – which includes nuts – can lead to spots and pimples.

Diet Soda

Everyone drinks diet soda these days because we’re told that it’s supposed to be much better for us than full-fat soda. It contains less sugar, and anyone who is trying to lose some weight can still enjoy the sweet taste of soda.

The only problem is that diet soda can actually cause acne.

How? Diet soda is rich in inflammatory agents that can cause all kinds of inflammatory flare-ups – such as acne.

Diet soda can also reduce your levels of pH, which can also lead to acne.

Best stick to to green smoothies from now …


Yup, green smoothies – as opposed to coffee.

Caffeine is in a lot or products, including soda, energy drinks, coffee and tea. But too much can overly stimulate your adrenaline glands to the point where your body releases way too many stress hormones.

This in turn can cause acne.

Rice Cakes

Women everywhere started eating rice cakes after skinny supermodels lauded them as their favourite snack. If the key to looking that gorgeous and slim was rice cakes, we all wanted in.

Until it was discovered that rice cakes can actually cause acne. Oh dear.

This is because rice cakes raise your blood sugar levels. How? Your body converts the simple carbs found in these cakes into glucose real quick, and once they’ve been transformed they prevent your proteins from looking after your skin. Which is really mean.

Do you know other foods that cause acne?

Stay happy and healthy!

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  1. AmeriBev
    May 19, 2016 at 1:19 pm

    Hydration is key to staying in good health, and fluids from beverages help on many levels, from controlling body temperature to transporting oxygen and other essential nutrients to our lives. Regarding skin complexion issues, myriad factors contribute to acne, not uniquely beverage consumption. In fact, hydration is good for the skin, and the beverage industry provides myriad beverage options to help fulfill hydration needs, including 100 percent juice, sports drinks, ready-to-drink teas and soft drinks. Readers may also be interested to know that water is the predominant ingredient in carbonated soft drinks. In fact, regular soft drinks are made up of 90 percent water, and diet soft drinks with zero calories are 99 percent water. So let’s stay hydrated and healthy, and consider the many diverse factors that can contribute to acne, rather than erroneously pointing the finger at beverages.

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